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Zilis UltraCell CBD Topical Cream

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Ease your occasional discomfort from the outside in. Our blend of full spectrum hemp oil is combined in our Topical with essential oils for a clean luxurious feel and leaves your skin feeling good without being greasy. Full spectrum hemp extract combined is with aloe and other oils and has up to 94% bioavailability. I tried it on my sore neck and a little bit made a big difference.

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Ease your occasional discomfort from the outside in. Our blend of full spectrum hemp oil is combined in our Topical with essential oils for a clean luxurious feel and leaves your skin feeling good without being greasy. Full spectrum hemp extract combined is with aloe and other oils and has up to 94% bioavailability. I

Zilis Ultra Cell Topical CBD Review

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Zilis Ultra Cell Topical CBD Cream


UltraCell full-spectrum hemp CBD topical cream is the next product in Zilis’ line of CBD products. Zilis Ultra Cell topical is specifically designed to deliver the active cannabinoid ingredients into the body as quickly and effectively as possible. CBD creams are perfect for aching muscles that are sore from the gym or overexertion at work, and there are also benefits to the skin from the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD topical cream. UltraCell topical CBD also works with several other carefully chosen ingredients to maximize its effects.


This is a plant-based ingredient that is commonly used in creams and gels. It comes from the aloe plant, which has a gel-like water inside of its leaves. This thick water is filled with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. These have been shown to help stop bacteria that are harmful to humans from growing as well as being a common treatment for burns. This makes it a great ingredient in the UltraCell topical formula.


Often found in tea as well as other oils and creams. Chamomile is used for it’s relaxing and calming properties. Chamomile has been shown to relax the nerves in the body, making it ideal to use just before bed to help you sleep. It also has some pain-relieving effects, helping with things like aches and muscle pain as well as having anti-inflammatory effects.


This essential oil can help to provide additional relaxation benefits and is also great for colds and congestion. Menthol can clear up a stuffy nose quickly but is also great for headaches when rubbed on the temples, leaving a cool soothing sensation on your head. Peppermint essential oil is also very relaxing, especially when combined with a warm bath and the other ingredients in the UltraCell topical cream.

Black Pepper

When delivered in an oil or paste, black pepper oil has anti-viral effects, which means that it can remove and help protect from harmful bacteria. Along with this, black pepper oil is also used to help reduce some of the feelings of stress. There are also some that use black pepper oil to help boost circulation and remove toxins from the body.

Full-spectrum Hemp Extract

As the core ingredient of the product, this cream uses the unique water-soluble CBD that has been designed by Zilis experts that provides relaxation, reduces muscle soreness and can assist in a good night’s sleep.

How Does It Work?

Zilis UltraCell CBD topical cream works by delivering cannabinoids to the endocannabinoid (ECS) system. The ECS, which comes from the two words ‘cannabis’ and ‘endo,’ which means “produced inside of the body”, is a system of receptors and enzymes that work inside the body to help it remain in homeostasis.

Homeostasis is a word to describe the body’s natural ability to bring itself back into balance. This means that if there is too much of one hormone, for example, it will make changes to bring it back to normal. A clear example of this is regulating the body’s temperature; as you get too hot, you will begin to sweat, and when you get too cold, you will start to shiver. These are both attempts to keep the body at the temperature it needs to be to function.

The ECS is used to help regulate a lot of the functions in the body and helps them to remain in homeostasis. This includes your appetite, mood, sleep, adjusting your temperature, digestion, memory, and inflammation. Endocannabinoids are released when something is not in balance and work to bring this balance back into place.

The issue arises when the body’s natural ability to release endocannabinoids is limited somehow. If this happens, then symptoms related to having an internal imbalance arise, such as digestion issues or mood swings and an inability to experience good sleep. Luckily, phytocannabinoids, which are external versions of the same enzyme, bond to the receptors in the same way as those created within the body naturally. This means that by using a topical product such as Zilis UltraCell CBD, you can reintroduce these into the body and support the internal system to maintain balance.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Technology

Many CBD oils and topical treatments already exist, so what makes Zilis Ultra Cell topical cream worth putting in your shopping cart? One of the key differences is that Zilis has created a unique technology that allows for CBD to be transmitted into the body far more effectively than traditional methods. The key challenge is when you combine oil and water-based compounds. If you have ever tried to mix the two, you will see that they separate, with the water floating on top of the oil. This is because oil molecules are denser than water molecules, meaning that they cannot mix. This is an issue when using oil as the primary method of delivering an active ingredient into the human body, and oil-based products are generally not very bioavailable. Zilis has designed a proprietary technology that makes oil-based compounds into water-soluble ones. This means that absorption of oils and creams containing an active ingredient into the body happens at a far more effective and efficient rate.

If you weren’t already thinking about adding this product to your cart, there is also a unique technology that Zilis products offer to help the active ingredients absorb more readily into the body. Zilis also ensures a full spectrum of hemp extract across all products. Many CBD products offer a limited spectrum hemp product, which does not provide the full positive effects that an UltraCell full-spectrum hemp product can. This is known as the ‘entourage effect’ and describes the nature and synergistic benefits of having all compounds that makeup CBD present. Many people say that they prefer CBD in its full form over just a segment of the compound.

Topical Benefits

Hemp has been used for centuries for its physical and mental effects. Full-spectrum hemp CBD topical cream contains fatty acids that have been shown to help give your skin moist and glowing look, and in addition, the cannabinoids that are in the hemp plant can also help with skin health.

While Zilis products have many benefits, they are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any serious diseases. Please seek professional advice before using a product.

Zilis UltraCell topical cream formula can benefit your skin using Hemp oil. When compressed, it can be up to 80% fat, all of which are good fatty acids in a perfect ratio of omega 3 and omega 6. This makeup is very similar to the fat lipids in our skin, meaning that hemp oil can easily make its way into the skin. These fatty acids are then able to moisturize the skin, which helps to prevent wrinkles and the effects of aging. The ingredients in the Zilis UltraCell formula have been carefully chosen to include essential oils that can help with overall skin health. Hemp plant oil is also unique in that it is the only vegetable-based oil that has vitamin D, which is one of the most important vitamins that the body needs.

What are the advantages of using Zilis UltraCell Topical CBD cream for your skin?

The key thing to look for when using any hemp-based product is to focus on finding a full-spectrum hemp oil. Compared to partial spectrum products, full-spectrum hemp CBD topical creams have a greater amount of phytocannabinoids, amino acids, and vitamins that will be beneficial for your skin after absorption. Cannabidiol has a high amount of antioxidants and is also anti-inflammatory. This means that when used as a cream, it can stop dry areas and can help reduce inflammation. Zilis UltraCell has both full-spectrum hemp as well as ingredients like aloe and chamomile that have all been shown to help with skin issues.

Why add a topical CBD product into your shopping cart over an oil?

Unlike hemp oils that are designed to be taken sublingually or digested, Zilis creams and balms are ideal for getting the active ingredients into or onto a specific part of the body. By adding cannabidiol into something like shea butter or cream you are able to apply to your face or parts of your body liable to become dry, such as your elbows.

How Does Topical Work?

One of the main advantages of using Zilis UltraCell topical cream is that they are designed not to enter your bloodstream. You are able to take the cream and apply it to a particular area to make sure that the effects are localized to this part of your body. The cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin, then react with the receptors (that are a part of the ECS in that area.) In general, this skin is very good at stopping substances from entering the body through the skin. This is why you usually need to apply creams that contain CBD directly to your skin to work effectively. Zilis’ unique technology makes its products water-soluble, which makes them far more bioavailable than traditional creams and balms.


The key ingredient of Zilis UltraCell products is the full spectrum hemp extract. This contains many antioxidants and key amino acids that are able to stop your skin from drying out and can help your skin heal faster. As stated, while Zilis products are formulated to have many advantages, they are not designed to prevent any disease or intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything that you may have. A medical professional should be contacted if you are trying to treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease.

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Zilis UltraCell topical CBD cream is designed to deliver the active cannabinoid ingredients into the body fast and effectively. Read our in-depth guide now.