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Hemp Oil and Medical Marijuana Laws in Georgia

Posted by Richard Lawson | Aug 06, 2017 | 0 Comments

With the legalization of marijuana in some states and the rise of the cannabis oil industry, it is important to know what you are allowed to do in Georgia. Illegal substance use is a serious crime and could have significant consequences to you if convicted. Therefore, it is vital that you understand Georgia Hemp Oil Laws and how they apply to you.

Hemp Oils and Their Legality in Georgia:

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating compound that is used in both marijuana and hemp. It is known for its health benefits, but people use it for other reasons as well. Most CBD products are either oil-based or topically applied to the skin.

The problem with CBD products arises when they have tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in them. THC is the chemical compound that is responsible for creating the feeling of being high.

CBD oil that is derived from hemp is legal in all 50 states. CBD hemp oil contains little to no THC. It is available to everyone in Georgia without a prescription.

In sum, CBD/hemp oil products are legal in Georgia. The products become illegal once they contain more than 5% THC. As we all know, possession of marijuana is illegal in Georgia.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Georgia?

While some states have legalized medical marijuana, Georgia’s statute is limited. In 2015, Georgia implemented a medical marijuana law called “Haleigh’s Hope Act” that allows people with serious conditions to possess up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil. However, it cannot contain more than 5% THC.

Georgia considers Cancer, Crohn’s disease, Mitochondrial disease, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Seizure disorders and Sickle cell disease to be serious conditions.

In 2017 the Georgia General Assembly added AIDS, Alzheimer’s diseases, Autism, Epidermolysis, Bullosa, Peripheral neuropathy and Tourette’s syndrome to the list of conditions where people are allowed Cannabis oil.

There are roughly 1700 patients that are registered for medical cannabis in Georgia. People must register with the Georgia Department of Health to legally obtain marijuana.

How Can This Affect You?

Even if you are legally taking medical marijuana or other substances that does not mean it could not pose a problem in certain circumstances. The reason it can be a problem is that you may test positive to what appears to be marijuana on a drug test.

As a result, a positive screen may affect employment. Drug testing is a routine part of job applications and is mandatory for federal employees.

Additionally, a positive drug test may result in a probation violation for those who are being tested for alcohol or drug usage.

Remember, reliable CBD hemp oil products contain much less THC than marijuana. However, regular use of CBD could result in a positive drug test.

If you are taking medical marijuana or using CBD oil that has resulted in you testing positive for a drug test, contact the Law Office of Richard Lawson immediately. Our attorneys have over 50 combined years of criminal defense experience. Remember a charge is not the same as a conviction! Call us today.

Hemp Oil and Medical Marijuana Laws in Georgia Posted by Richard Lawson | Aug 06, 2017 | 0 Comments With the legalization of marijuana in some states and the rise of the cannabis oil industry,

Marijuana Dispensaries and Delivery in Cobb County


You can enjoy medical marijuana legally in this County!

Mama’s Ganja will have licensed dispensaries listed soon!

Cities near Cobb County

  • Acworth
  • Austell
  • Fair Oaks
  • Kennesaw
  • Mableton
  • Marietta
  • Powder Springs
  • Smyrna
  • Vinings

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Cobb County Legal Marijuana Information and Delivery Safety

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana in any City in Cobb County?

As with most legal questions related to cannabis, the answer is complex. State, counties, and cities are all different organizations or corporations and leaders can make their own rules related to issues like marijuana. Unlike public resident voting on issues at the State level, a city or county’s leaders may vote to ban marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis related businesses. Some counties ban delivery of cannabis products thinking they will keep marijuana out. Unfortunately, all this does is fuel a local black market and hurt the legal market efforts. Cobb County is not unique and these types of issues are present. Even though a County may allow marijuana because it has been voted legal at the State level, individual cities may have banned it. Some cities will allow marijuana delivery but not permit dispensaries to operate a storefront in a community. Other cities may only allow marijuana production or lab-testing businesses. Since marijuana is new in terms of legalization, the different county and city scenarios are many. The best way to know if it is legal to purchase marijuana in Cobb County or any city within, is to check Mama’s Ganja’s website business listings. If the business is listed there, then it is legal and operating with a valid State license. If you see an advertisement or weed map business listing for a Cobb County marijuana dispensary that is not listed on Mama’s Ganja, then assume that business is operating illegally in black market territory and any business activity or purchase is a crime.

Is it Safe to Get Cobb County Marijuana Delivery?

It is safe to get marijuana delivered to a home when using a licensed marijuana business operating legally. The most important thing a marijuana consumer can do first is ensure that marijuana for purchase is legal in GA. Next, find out if Cobb County marijuana dispensaries and delivery is also legal. Finally, ensure that Cobb County marijuana delivery is legal in the intended delivery city of that County. Ironically, the marijuana delivery experience is lot like the weed black market most have experienced. Meaning, a person with marijuana comes to a home and marijuana is provided for a cash payment. In areas where marijuana is legal, this same process is followed with some differences. First, a menu of marijuana is found on the Internet and selections are made. Then, a call or online order is made, and a delivery time is set. When the marijuana delivery time arrives, a person with the marijuana ordered visits a home. The marijuana delivery person checks valid identification, takes a payment in cash or in some cases a bank card, and the marijuana order is complete. Although marijuana brings with it a host of emotions and opinions due to many years of negative propaganda and reefer madness, ordering and having marijuana delivered legally from a licensed business is very similar to ordering pizza, or any other home delivery service product. If the Cobb County cannabis business has a valid State issued cannabis license and marijuana is not banned in the delivery city, then it is safe.

Cobb County Marijuana Facts and Information

Cobb County Marijuana Consumers and Usage Information

Cobb County Marijuana, also known as Cannabis among other names and slangs, like “weed”, has never really been that hard to find for medical or recreational use. Any plant that produces a pleasant psychoactive drug called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from its over four hundred fifty compounds, including over sixty other cannabinoids is a true present that will be with us forever and one hundred percent legal. With a GA state population of 38,654,206, there is a high likelihood you will find Cobb County marijuana from a close friend, or a person in your legal cannabis social network. Most likely, of all the 13,911,737 households in GA, there is bound to be a Cobb County marijuana grow room or garden very near being managed by one of the 3.04 average people in a Cobb County home. With 38.4% of Cobb County residents owning a college degree, and 0% owning an advanced degree, there are surely people taking advantage of their education by becoming Cobb County licensed cultivators, Cobb County licensed cannabis producers, Cobb County licensed distribution specialists, Cobb County licensed lab testing facilities, or legal marijuana retail dispensaries and delivery businesses. It’s tough to say if the Cobb County median household income of $78,145.00 is being driven by any this potential cannabis income from legal marijuana or the ever-thriving black market. Nonetheless, you can trust that Mama’s Ganja will only promote legal Cobb County marijuana shops with valid licenses from which to choose where you purchase marijuana.

Who are the Cobb County Marijuana Users?

Marijuana has been around a very long time with recorded uses of marijuana dating back to the third millennium BC. Marijuana is most used for its mental and physical effects, like a high feeling, a noticeable change in perception, euphoria, happiness, and an increase in appetite. Consumers using marijuana have continued for centuries, even in the United States until prohibition slowed things down in the 1960’s. Prohibition of marijuana has been a debatable issue for over half a century. Cobb County marijuana is not immune to these concerns, but cannabis user numbers continue to accelerate with more people trying marijuana every day. Today, marijuana can be used by smoking, vaporizing, eating, topically, or as an extract with many applications. Prohibition did not have any effect on the 473,452 people who have tried marijuana; that’s 65% of the Cobb County general population. What’s even more interesting is that 233,084 people currently partake, and a healthy 24% say they regularly use Cobb County marijuana. Hate getting baked all alone? Have no concern, there are 174,813 Cobb County marijuana consumers to toke up with today after visiting legal Cobb County Marijuana dispensaries! Although it appears a very social drug with 66% of Cobb County residents expressing that it is socially acceptable, many users are very private about their use and most legalization laws dictate that Cobb County marijuana be consumed in private. This is the likely reason that only 21% of Cobb County marijuana consumers declare they use marijuana just for fun. Most consumers, 79% in fact, declare the consumer marijuana with a goal in mind. Generally, the most frequent purpose is medical for pain, anxiety, stress or other ailments that may require over the counter or prescription medication. Socialites can relax, users for fun number 152,961, so there is plenty of people with which to enjoy marijuana with no other purpose than having fun. One group that may be looking for fun is parents of kids. There are 429,749 users of Cobb County marijuana that have children. With the demands and expectations placed on parents today, how can you blame them for choosing marijuana as a safe alternative to alcohol or other prescription drugs that alter mood. Cobb County marijuana users will continue to grow and be here a long time as many millennials also enjoy cannabis. In fact, 57% of Cobb County users are millennials. These 415,181 millennial marijuana consumers will ensure the plants support and growing legal usage for years to come.

How Many People Support Cobb County Marijuana?

Support for legalization of marijuana is at its highest point ever. Many say full Federal legalization is imminent and support for legalization cannot be stopped. It’s not a matter of if marijuana will be legalized for all State and the Federal government, it’s a matter of when. For Cobb County, 91% of residents support medical marijuana, and 59% support full legalization of the plant and its products. That’s a lot of Cobb County marijuana consumers! Specifically, 662,833 supporting medical decriminalization, and 429,749 supporting full legalization of marijuana. What’s interesting, but not really shocking, is of all the Cobb County supporters of full legalization, users who have tried marijuana, 473,452 people, have the highest support rate. However, there are people in Cobb County who have never tried marijuana, 254,936 people, and still support legalizing marijuana. As of 2019, 59% of users who’ve tried marijuana support legalization and 35% support legalization. When will marijuana be legalized across the country is hard to pin down, but with support numbers like these it is sure to happen soon. The final step to truly feel confident you are buying marijuana legally in Cobb County, requires you to see proof of a business license, or visit the GA marijuana license database, or see if this Cobb County marijuana dispensary is listed on the Mama’s Ganja website. Mama’s Ganja only provides business information for legal Cobb County marijuana dispensaries and delivery services with valid licenses so it’s the easiest way to know if a business is legal and you are not actually supporting the local black market.

Find Cobb County dispensaries licensed to sell marijuana legally. Support legal Cobb County, GA marijuana dispensaries and delivery by purchasing from licensed Georgia marijuana stores.