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Learn about CBD Shatter & how to liven up your Dabs

Learn CBD Shatter, What is CBD Shatter?

CBD Shatter is a great new way for you to get hemp-derived CBD with strain specific terpenes like Pineapple Express

Are you trying to learn CBD Shatter, or other CBD concentrates like CBD isolate? or wax? Maybe you were spontaneous enough to try some over priced CBD wax or crumble and didn’t have a good experience because it either didn’t do the trick or it tasted bad and/or both! If you are new or experienced in CBD concentrates, I recommend you keep reading.

Dabbing CBD concentrates has become popular in the past year for multiple reasons being:

  1. It is a great additive to use with your existing extracts to add additional flavor and additional health benefits.
  2. To vape alone for a non-psycoactive relaxing feeling.
  3. People on probation that can’t test positive for THC.
  4. Cannabis connoisseurs that want great flavor.

Again, CBD concentrates are really ideal for ‘dabbers’ on oil rigs or with an electronic dab pen. You can be creative and eat CBD Shatter as an edible but you will feel the effects quicker if inhaled.


Question: What is CBD Shatter exactly?

Answer: Look at it as CBD isolate but with strain specific terpenes added to give it a different consistency as isolate that is easier to add to your extracts. That has increased aromas and taste.

Question: What is a terpene?

Answer: Terpenes are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. They’re what give Blueberry its signature berry smell, Sour Diesel its funky fuel flavor, and Lavender its sweet floral aroma. These oils are secreted in the flower’s sticky resin glands, the same ones that produce THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. Terpenes are by no means unique to cannabis; they can be found in many other herbs, fruits, and plants as well. –

Combining Pure CBD isolate and strain specific terpenes together create a 95% concentrated CBD that offer immense aromas of the strain that was added. It will liven up your dabbing experience with new flavors to try!

At we focus on offering high quality CBD products that are affordable for everyone. We currently have the following flavors:

Learn CBD Shatter from the CBD Shatter Shop

  1. CBD Pineapple Express – $25-$250
  2. CBD Watermelon OG – $25-$250
  3. CBD Blueberry OG – $25-$250
  4. CBD Terpin Gorilla – $25-$250

We offer deal packs too:

  1. $50 try all 4 deal pack
  2. $100 double down deal pack
  3. Buy all 4 grams

Learn about CBD Shatter and how you can benefit from adding additional cannabinoids into your CBD dabs, to add a better experience and offer you more of a body high. Click here to learn more. ]]>