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Cannabis Starter Packs

Starter Packs are, unsurprisingly, packs to get you started on your first grow if you’re still a novice, providing you with all of the necessary nutrients that your plants are going to need. Almost every pack has more or less the same components; a product for the veg period and product for flowering, depending on the brand. You can find various stimulants that, depending on the way you want to grow, can be extremely useful for your grow.

In this article we’re going to analyze the most sold starter packs that we have available on our page.

Starting with Hesi, one of our best sold starter packs due to the optimal results it gives in as far as yield. It’s a very complete pack, with many unique products. You can purchase it in various formats; for coco coir, hydroponics or soil. Those growing in soil will be able to use the amazing growth product, TNT. It also includes a Root Complex, which is a mineral root stimulant, and Supervit which is a mix of vitamins and amino acids that ensure a safe, healthy and vigorous growth. When it comes to flowering, this pack contains a Flowering Complex which is a flowering base, phosphorus plus which has a PK of 7-5 and Powerzyme enzymes, which are used to decompose vegetal residues and transform them into absorbable food for the plants.

In the hydroponic version three of the products are different; TNT is switched out for a hydro growing product, and the flowering product will be a chelate composition perfect for hydroponic grows, and the PK will be higher, 13-14.

In coco coir there’s a coco version of TNT. For flowering, there’s a special coco coir flowering product which, alongside the PK 13-14, will reward growers with abundant, top-quality yields.

For those looking for a stronger PK, with fewer vitamins, you can purchase an Atami starter pack. The Dutch company offers two grow methods; mineral and organic. For those that love growing with mineral products, Atami offers a complete pack with a product for growth, one for flowering, enzymes that come with almost every respectable starter pack, a root stimulant that supplies the plants with phosphorus and their star product; Bloombastic, a 20-21 PK that will make your buds grow like never before and stimulate a ridiculous resin yield. This product makes any plant into a bud churning machine! You can also purchase this pack for coco coir grows, with specific products made for being used with that specific medium.

If you prefer organic growing, you can cover your plants’ needs with a growth product called Growth-C, along with a flowering product with some extra PK called Bloom-C. Thanks to these flowering and root stimulants your plants will rapidly colonize the growth medium with strong and healthy roots. The equivalent of Bloombastic in this pack is Flavor, a product made from rhubarb treacle that only has potassium in it (NPK 0-0-9) that intensifies flavors.

For those growing in hydroponics looking for a professional growing kit, Advanced Hydroponics of Holland has the perfect kit for you. Just like the others, it contains a growth and flowering product, both accompanied by a product that gives your plants all the micro-nutrients that the other two products are missing. This pack also has a root stimulant, enzymes, Final Solution and phyto-hormones. These last ones accelerate the growth process and reinforce your plants during the flowering period.

Grotek offers one of the most complete packs on the market, offering two different sized packs for bigger or smaller set ups. Their six pack offers six products specifically designed for flowering; Heavy Bloom, Solo Tek Bloom, Bloom Fuel, Blossom Blaster and Monster Bloom, alongside Vitamax which is a mix of vitamins and hormones that stimulate both root growth and branch growth, increasing the final yield. Thanks to monster Bloom and Heavy Bloom, both size and weight of the yield will increase considerably. This pack comes in 250ml, but if you’re going big then you can get Grotek’s Megapack which are 1L bottles and includes growth products such as; Solo Tek grow, Vegetative Growth Booster etc. This last one stimulates the growth of side branches which, for those that take clones, is highly appreciated. These products are also extremely useful for those that want to grow in SCRoG.

For the most delicate and exquisite of palates, there are packs that have 100% biological and organic products; BioBizz is your best bet. BioBizz has various packs for various grow methods; their tri-pack line has various versions for growing in hydroponics, indoors or outdoors. Depending on the pack that you want, there will be different products included. For indoor packs, Bio Bloom, Top Max and Bio Grow for the growth phase. For outdoors Bio Grow is substituted for Fish Mix which is rich in phosphorus, giving your plants all they need for a healthy and complete growth. They also sell a complete pack with liter bottles for growth and flowering, and their stimulants, Top Max for flowering and Bio heaven and Root Juice are available in a quarter liter.

These are the most sold fertilizer packs that can be used in many different grow methods and mediums, and they’re also available in a wide range of prices, making it perfect for those that ware working on a budget.

Author: Fabio Inga
Translation: Ciara Murphy

Cannabis starter packs are the best way to get your foot in the door of cannabis growing; they inclkude everything you'll need for your first grow.