weed formula

Tequiponch Weed Formula 750ml

Brand: Don Ramon

Tequiponch Weed Formula RTD

Tequiponch Weed Formula RTD (Ready To Drink) Let the games begin! An herbal melody creates a party on the taste buds in the first sip of the Tequiponch Weed Formula.

It’s not a wine and it’s not a cooler, but the perfect party cocktail, a unique blend in a class of its own, made with pure white tequila, Spanish brandy, and Tequiponch herb blend of gentian, several mint varieties, and cinnamon.

Its bright green color is a real attention-grabber and the crisp flavor is a refreshing twist on the traditional summer beverage. It is great standing alone or on the rocks and brings life to any gathering.

Tequiponch Weed Formula Ready To Drink, this awesome Pre Mixed with Don Ramon Tequila, has an herbal relaxing flavor. ]]>