socal cannabis cup 2020

Socal cannabis cup 2020

As cannabis legalization expands amid widespread public support, so does the High Times Live & Legal Cannabis Experience Tour. Following the successful Cannabis Cup in New England, High Times is proud to announce several additions to the tour, including a return to two all-time fan favorites: Amsterdam and Jamaica.

First up, from November 19 through November 22, the tour will stop in Amsterdam, the European capital of legalized cannabis, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Cannabis Cup Crawl, where participants can go from cafe to cafe to sample and choose the world’s best strains and products. Making this event more special: any attendee has the opportunity to judge the competitors.

And March 1 through March 4, 2018, Live & Legal goes to Grizzlys Cove Plantation in Jamaica for a long weekend of music, competitions, exhibitions, demos and more, with a full festival site and campsite for those wanting an al fresco experience with their Cup adventures.

“Amsterdam and Jamaica are iconic locations in the history of legalized cannabis consumption, and we’re so happy to return to both with the Cannabis Cup Live & Legal Tour,” said Adam Levin, chief executive officer of High Times. “These are special places, and we’re doing everything to ensure those who join us at these destinations will have truly special experiences they’ll remember forever.”

High Times also returns to Southern California with the first Harvest Cup, to be held at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino on November 11 and November 12. The Harvest Cup is an extension of the Cannabis Cup brand and will focus on celebrating the season’s harvest of green. It is the second High Times event this year at the fairgrounds there.

The Harvest Cup will feature High Times’ biggest musical roster yet, with performances by top stars such as Flo Rida, Yo Gotti, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil’ Dicky, DMX and Wyclef Jean. It will also offer many much-loved High Times activities, such as a competition for cannabis-infused edibles, a topical massage spa, a vape lounge, a live-art experience and a non-alcoholic infused canna-beer garden.

The Cannabis Cup is the first and highest honor for creators of cannabis products, featuring independently lab-tested and judged products. Winners represent the best in California and the United States, Jamaica and Amsterdam.

Since 1987, High Times has hosted Cannabis Cups around the world with music, speakers, vendors and interactive cannabis “experiences.” Attendees come together as a community, with the opportunity to learn hands-on about cultivation, legalization and connoisseurship at the world’s premiere cannabis competition.

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People’s Choice: Oregon

Digital Award Show: Sunday, December 6
Livestream Broadcast @ 4:20 (PST)

People’s Choice: SoCal

Digital Award Show: Sunday, January 24
Livestream Broadcast @ 4:20 (PST)

People’s Choice: Arizona

Digital Award Show: Sunday, February 7
Livestream Broadcast @ 4:20 (PST)

Cannabis Cup
People’s Choice Edition

In the face of COVID-19 with events being forced to shutter across the globe, High Times once again proved it’s resilience despite state-wide lockdowns across the country, and has reinvented it’s renowned competition to let all those at home get in on the fun and crown the region’s best.

For the first time ever, High Times is opening up it’s judging process to members of the public via exclusive kit drops in participating retailers. While normally 28-35 expert judges would alone determine the rankings, the competition has pivoted into crowdsourced rankings, offering 224 kits per category to consumers in state-wide competitions across the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Choice?

The People’s Choice Editions are a new model that will continue High Times’ trend of bringing its signature series of cannabis product competitions online in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, without any live events or gatherings. These Cups will be the first-ever Cannabis Cups that are open to the public in each state that the competition is executed, and will see the largest pool of judges in history. For licensed brands, this is a sampling dream to get your products into the hands of hundreds of new customers who will provide feedback on your entries from home, plus thousands of impressions. May the best products win!

When is the High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Choice?

The People’s Choice Cups are featured all over the country in states where cannabis is recreationally or medicinally legal. If we haven’t announced one in your state yet, we’re working on it! All Cups will be listed on Dates and locations will be provided for both licensed brands to drop product off for Intake, and for consumers to pick up judge kits at dispensaries to become a Judge. As a reminder, there is no live event, vendor booths, or tickets.

What are the categories for the People’s Choice Cups?

The categories for each Cup may differ, but they typically include some of the following:
1. Indica Flower
2. Hybrid Flower
3. Sativa Flower
4. Sungrown Flower
5. Pre-Rolls (Infused and Non-Infused)
6. Solvent Concentrates
7. Non-Solvent Concentrates
8. Vape Pens and Cartridges
9. Edibles
10. Ingestibles
11. Topicals

How do I become a participant in the Cup?

You may participate by either being a licensed cultivator or processor and enter product, or you may be a judge and purchase a kit of product to judge. Please send us a note at

How much product does it take to enter the Cup?

Each Cup is different and may require different types and quantities of product per category. Please reach out to to request a list of guidelines for each active Cup.

What does it mean to be a judge?

We want great judges who will take the time to fully score all products by the deadline of each competition and give detailed comments on Aesthetics, Aroma, Taste, Effects and other qualities of each product. The growers put their hearts and souls into making these products and we expect the same from our judges. Upon purchasing a Judge Kit, inside of the backpack is a scorecard with a link and access code to the High Times Judging Portal. You will record all scores into the portal for each sample entry. You may post content of judging to your social handles for a chance to be featured and reposted by High Times! We will also pick out great comments from great judges and read them off during the Award Show. Please keep your scoring confidential until the results are announced.

How do I know if I’m chosen to be a judge?

You do not need a confirmation email or an invitation! People’s Choice is open to everyone who can legally purchase cannabis in their state and is sold on a first-come first-serve basis. We will reach out to you if there is a reason we cannot allow you to judge. Otherwise, set a reminder to head to your nearest participating dispensary upon the on-sale date!

How much does a judge kit cost?

For People’s Choice Editions, Judge kits will be priced based on the quantity of product that is entered into each category and may range in price per kit from $100-$300 depending on category and how many items are in that category-specific bag, plus the High Times Cannabis Cup Judge Backpack. For example, if Indica Flower gets 14 entries, the kit will cost about $140 for a High Times curated assortment of (14) 1g samples from the top growers in the state. We strive for below-market pricing so you always get a deal. We will know the amount of product and pricing per kit once Intake is over for each Cup.

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