skywalker weed review

Skywalker weed review

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One of my favorites. Smooth on the intake. Nice body high leaving me happy and relaxed. No anxiety!

nice clear headed uplifted mental high combined with a nice relaxed body buzz. amazing taste of sweet spicy floral berries

Absolutely taste amazing with combinations of berry and floral flavor and smells. Also great for pain and relieving anxiety.

Love this strain for its care free feeling high, no anxiety, but not a fan of the taste. It us growing on me 🙂 and my mind gets too wired to sleep, although by body feels heavy

Just acquired 2 OZ’s of Skywalker. My 3rd time sampling this strain and for my issues, one of my favorites. Dealing w/the neurological disorder “Dystonia” for over a half century now, MMJ was my last choice for benefit from the movements and chronic pain associated. Although I’m no “newbie” to smoking herb. Started back in 1973.. I also keep spreadsheets on every strain I’ve tried & how I rate it for the benefit it claims. I use ALLBUD exclusively as reference for that.

Skywalker is a popular strain across the United States, a hybrid with an even 50:50 sativa/indica ratio. Its THC levels top off at about 15 percent, making this an average to below-average strain in terms of potency. But it makes up for that with its mellow body high and mental clarity, plus a pl… ]]>