rhode island medical marijuana reciprocity

Out of State Medical Marijuana Patients

Updated: February 8th 2020

Greenleaf currently supports full reciprocity for out-of-state Medical Cannabis cardholders

What does this mean? If you are a patient with a valid out of state MMJ card you can stop by our facility to purchase medicine. New out-of-state patients will be required to complete a Greenleaf new patient form to be entered into our system. Under the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulations (RI DBR), an out of state patient is allowed the following limt:

  • Out of State Patient Purchase Limit: 2.5 oz of usable cannabis or its equivalent, converted usable weight for edibles and concentrates as set by the RI DBR during a 15-day period. This conversion for usable weight can be found in our FAQ’s Page.

What do I need to bring? You must bring your state-issued photo ID or Passport as well as your current state-issued MMJ card. If you are visiting Greenleaf for the first time you will also be required to fill out our new patient form along with our Indemnification and HIPAA form.

Please note that we cannot make exceptions for patients who do not have the required documents. In the event of expired or missing documents, we are prohibited from granting access to the dispensary. First-time patients are welcome to visit anytime during store hours, but we recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before close on your first visit to the compassion center.

Greenleaf currently accepts out of state medical cannabis patients with a valid MMJ card. Rhode Island law allowes for full reciprocity. ]]>