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Positive JMHDVM1989 Maple Hill, NC (1 review) November 10, 2013 What a great experience for my first time ordering from MyPetChicken. When I got to the post office to pick them up, I could hear them protesting as soon as I opened the door. I steeled myself while opening the box just in case as their instructions warned that one or more may not have made the trip.

Not only were they all fine, they were feisty and had lots to say. As soon as I put them in the brooder they started eating the starter and without even having to be shown one after another started using the nipple water bottles. I am so thankful for their wonderful online instructions, I was prepared for their arrival and was able to assess each chick's health and provide the best possible care for them. I am so thankful that I chose to use MyPetChicken at // for my new babies. Positive drappazz Cohoes, NY (1 review) June 8, 2013 I received my first chicks on 4/9/13. The first night one appeared to be getting weak, falling over not doing well. I immediately contacted my pet chicken they gave me advise she survived and all 10 are still alive and well at 8 weeks old. I had contacted my pet chicken several times before they arrived with questions on shipping, substitutions and they always responded promptly.

Positive liessapp1 Carrboro, NC (1 review) May 24, 2013 I am brand new to the chicken raising business and I rarely write reviews or follow up emails to businesses but I am having so much fun at this that I sent an unusual (for me) thank you email to mypetchicken and am writing this. Read up on pretty much everything I needed to know about the enterprise; 2. I am highly organized so the coop was built and the brooder and all ancillary materials were on hand and ready to go long before my chicks arrived peeping in their package at the post office. All 4 were hale and hearty and the right breed (whether they are the right gender remains to be seen, but I am optimistic) and took to eating and drinking within the first hour. They’ve been happily cheeping and thriving since—no special care needed. Mypetchicken sent a number of informational emails, both at the time of purchase and subsequent to the chicks’ arrival. They made the whole seemingly daunting process extremely easy. I have so many friends now who swear they are going to start their own urban egg productions after seeing mine. Positive drdd Henrico, VA (1 review) May 22, 2013 My daughter and I are first time backyard chicken enthusiasts and have read and talked to folks who have gone before us. We decided to order from you because of the details of how you care and package the day old chicks to ensure, to the best of your ability, their comfort and survival during the shipping process. I also called your 1-800 number when my chicks did not arrive the next morning. The person I spoke with was personable and obviously involved with chickens, not someone randomly hired. She explained that the chicks weren't due until the next morning; how the shipping process worked for live mail compared to regular express mail and then said she didn't want me to be a "worried moma" but was so reassured that their chicks were going to a home that was so concerned about their welfare. I was reassured and so happy even though 5 minutes before I was sure this was going to be a disaster. Three little chicks arrived, as she said, the next morning, warm and well and it's been love ever since. Thank you so much for helping us start our mini flock of pets that will give us eggs so we can stop supporting the inhumane chicken/egg farming business in this country. Positive diinman Farmington, IL (1 review) May 21, 2013 Very pleasant to talk to and easy to order from. 10 are doing fine, 1 (cuckoo maran) died, and 1 orphington is hanging on. 10 out of 12 is good, even though I hate to lose any. The chicks were shipped yesterday and arrived the next day. The post office called me early this morning to let me know they were there. Very happy with My Pet Chicken's chicks and service. (2 buff silkies, 2 buff orpington, 2 columbian wyandotte, 2 cuckoo marans, 1 easter egger, 2 speckled sussex, and 1 welsummer were delivered today as ordered). Negative Tbobb2 Gerald, MO (1 review) May 17, 2013 I ordered 15 dorkings in Decmeber. The day they were to ship, I got a call saying they didn't have my order ready.

So after some run around I find out that 2 hens and 4 roosters are available. The woman tells me that there is no waiting list, so if the ones that were slated for my shipment do not hatch, but the batch the next day do, I am just out of luck, those go to the next person. So I ask that what they have be sent and I substitute the rest with 6 other layers. The woman on the phone says certain subs are available, even though the website says something else. She calls the hatchery and finds out that yes, the ones I want are available. The chicks arrive and the Dorkings are weak, small, and can hardly stand.

As I always do, I give them sugar water and check on them every 30 minutes.


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