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Why Do People Put Weed In The Freezer?

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So, you have grown a whole lot of marijuana, harvested, dried, and cured it all. Or who knows, maybe you just stocked up and bought a whole bunch of it to save money. Either way, now you need to store it in such a way that keeps it fresh and stops it from getting moldy. Lots of people choose to put their weed in the freezer, but is this a good idea?

So, Why do people put weed in the freezer? Well, people will put their weed in the freezer because they assume that it will keep the weed fresh, stop the weed from getting old, and will keep it from getting moldy. However, this is not really the case, and if you have ever put your weed in the freezer, you might have noticed that the end results are not great at all. Let’s talk about this freezing marijuana issue right now.

Why People Put Weed In the Freezer

There are a few different reasons why people will put their weed in the freezer, and quite honestly, if you give it some good thought, none of these reasons really make any sense.

First off, when weed gets old, it can lose potency, so people assume that by putting their marijuana in the freezer, it will slow down this aging process and keep it as potent as can be. It sounds like a good idea, but as you will see in our next section, well, not so much.

Second, some people also assume that putting their Mary Jane in the freezer will prevent mold from occurring. Of course, when it comes to your weed, it can get moldy if it is not stored properly, especially as it gets older and older.

Freezing it might seem like a good solution, but in fact, it might actually have the opposite effects.

Finally, some folks think that freezing their weed will keep it dry and preserve that strong taste of it, yet another false assumption that we are here to bust.

Is It Good To Put Weed In The Freezer?

The bottom line is that it is actually bad to put your weed in the freezer, and this is true for several reasons. In terms of proper weed storage, freezing it is actually one of the worst things that you can do.

So, why is it bad to put weed in the freezer?

It Affects Potency

For one, it is false that putting your weed in the freezer will preserve the potency and flavor of it. When you buy your weed, or have grown it, if it has been properly dried and cured, it should be good to go.

When you cure weed, and when you store it properly, over time, to a certain degree, the decarboxylation process will occur, which is when the inactive THCA is converted into THC, the stuff that makes you feel good after smoking a J or eating a brownie.

Well, freezing your weed actually puts a halt to this decarboxylation phenomenon altogether, and therefore stops it from getting stronger and better with time. Yes, good weed is a like a fine wine that can get more potent over time, but not if you freeze it.

Moreover, it can actually cause it to get less potent and tasty. A lot of the THC in your marijuana is contained in the trichomes or crystals. If you use a good weed grinder (here is our top 11 picks), these are the crystals, that fine powder, which builds up in the kief catcher.

This is the kief, the really strong stuff. However, when you freeze your weed, these crystals, especially the ones on the outside of the buds, will freeze and fall off, therefore negatively affecting the potency of your product.

It Might Get Moldy

Another reason why you really do not want to freeze your marijuana is because it can get moldy. Yes, weed can get moldy if you do not store it properly and just leave it laying around in a humid environment.

The assumption here is that putting weed in the freezer will keep it away from moisture and humidity, and therefore prevent mold from growing. This would be a good thing, because after all, you definitely do not want to be smoking moldy weed.

The interesting part here is that yes, putting your weed in the freezer will prevent mold from growing while it is in the freezer. However, it is when you take the marijuana out of the freezer when mold can occur, and quite easily at that. When you defrost your weed, there will be condensation that forms in the container and on the buds.

This condensation then provides a great breeding ground for mold spores. So, at the end of the day, if you freeze your weed, when you take it out of the freezer, it actually greatly increases the chances of mold growing than if you had never frozen it in the first place.

Proper Marijuana Storage Tips

There is a proper way to store your marijuana to ensure that it stays as fresh, tasty, and potent for as long as possible.

Let’s go over the most important marijuana storage tips right now;

1. Do Not Use Plastic

One thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to use plastic for any kind of weed storage. For one, the plastic an negatively affect the taste of your weed over time, as the chemicals and compounds in the plastic can be absorbed by the weed, or at the very least, mess with the weed itself.

It does you no favors in terms of taste. Moreover, the plastic can and does cause the trichomes of the weed to fall off and stick to it, thus decreasing the overall potency of your marijuana.

2. Use Glass For Weed Storage

Hands down, the best way to store your marijuana is with glass containers or airtight glass mason jars. Glass is totally inactive and it does not affect the chemical makeup of the weed, nor is there any kind of chemical or compound in the glass that is absorbed into the weed.

Second, a glass jar will stop your weed from getting crushed, plus those THC crystals won’t stick to it either. The fact that glass jars are airtight also helps because it prevents air, moisture, and mold spores from getting to your weed.

3. The Right Size Of Glass Container

You also want to keep the size of your glass jar in mind. You never want a jar or container that is way too big or small for the quantity of pot you are looking to store. If the jar is too small, you will crush the nugs and cause trichomes to fall off.

However, if your jar is way too large for the quantity of weed you want to store, there is too much room for oxygen. The more oxygen is present, the faster the weed will get old, and the higher the chances of mold developing.

Always choose the right size of container for this.

4. Keep It In A Dark Place

Now, one issue with clear glass is that it will let light through it and to the weed. This is not good, because to keep weed fresh and crisp for as long as possible, it should not be kept in the light, especially sunlight.

Direct sunlight will degrade your weed and negatively affect its potency. Also, light is heat, and if your jars of weed heat up too much, they will sweat and cause condensation to form.

This will make your marijuana wet and can cause mold to grow, so always keep it in a dark place.

5. The Proper Temperature & Humidity

In terms of temperature, around 70 degrees Fahrenheit or a little cooler, so around 16 or 17 degrees Celsius is best. A moderate-low temperature like this is best for preserving the quality of your weed buds.

When it comes to humidity, which can be hard to control, but not impossible, you should aim for 60% humidity or less. Generally speaking, the lower the humidity level where you store your weed, the better, especially when it comes to preventing the growth of mold.

How Long Does Weed Stay Good For?

Well, if you store your weed properly, it should stay in mint smoking condition for anywhere between 6 months and 1 year. Remember folks, even when properly cured and dried, this is still a plant, and plants get old, they can rot, and it will go bad.

Now, smoking old weed is not going to kill you, at least not if it hasn’t developed some super mold. However, it is not great either. The THC in your cannabis will stay in prime condition for about 6 months after it has been cured.

After that, the THC will begin to lessen and degrade, which is of course not ideal. Keeping weed at room temperature, even when properly stored, after 12 months, can cause the THC percentage to decrease by as much as 17%, with a 27% loss in overall potency after 2 years, and closer to 40% after 3 years.

Therefore, when it comes to how long you should store your weed before you smoke it or use it for other purposes, 6 months is about as long as we would recommend.


The bottom line is that freezing your weed is a bad idea, and this is true for a number of reasons, so just don’t do it. To keep your marijuana as strong, tasty, and fresh as possible, and to prevent mold, keep it in an adequately sized glass mason jar or other form of glass container.

Make sure to keep it in a cool, dark, and dry place, but not in the freezer. If you follow these tips, your weed should stay as fresh as can be for as long as possible. Also, remember that you really do not want to store any weed for more than 6 months, or else it will start to lose potency.

We are here to debunk a few myths about why people put weed in the freezer, whether you should do it and what the best and proper methods for storing are.

Cannabis Pro-Tips: 8 ways to properly store marijuana for freshness

Rule No. 1: Get rid of that plastic bag.

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    Article content

    When it comes to how you store marijuana, the do’s and don’ts are pretty basic. But the guidelines can vary depending on your living arrangements, budget, aesthetic style, and geography.

    There is no such thing as an expiration date for marijuana. It is a dried herb and can last a long time if aged correctly and stored properly. Here are some important tips to keep your bud fresh and tasty.

    Cannabis Pro-Tips: 8 ways to properly store marijuana for freshness Back to video

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    No Plastic Baggies, Please

    If you have a few nugs in a plastic baggie, you’re doing it wrong. First of all, you risk crushing your buds, removing the potent trichomes from the bud and rendering your herb as less potent.

    Plastic is also an ineffective medium in which to hold herbs. Over time, the plastic will affect the taste of the herb. These cheap baggies also do not hold in the odor, so it is not a discrete storing method. And lastly, it is just aesthetically ugly.


    Article content continued

    Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

    A no-brainer, but this tip should not be omitted. If you have children living with you or you have children in your home from time to time, store your weed in a place out of reach. If you are unable to follow this rule, one wonders if you really should be consuming cannabis. Be smart and outsmart the kids. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

    Glass Is King

    Airtight glass jars are your best bet. My favorite containers are Mason jars because they can be found just about anywhere. With glass, your marijuana stays consistent … nothing gets in or out of the jar until you open it and allow oxygen to enter.

    When you store things in glass, nothing goes in and nothing goes out. What you put inside a glass jar stays just as good as the day you put it in until you expose it to oxygen again. Also, glass does not produce a scent so you will not be introducing different odors to your herb. What you bought will taste like what you bought.

    Keep In A Cool Dark Place

    The only downside to clear glass is that it allows in light, which could damage your herb. So find a cupboard (again, think child safety) or a drawer or location in your home that remains dark throughout the day. If your glass jar gets too warm from sunlight, the jar may “sweat” from the inside, which could put your stash at risk for mold.

    Temperature And Humidity

    Ideally, store your herb in a cool, dark place. How cool? Try to keep it under 70 degrees. If it gets in the upper 70s or above. mold could become an issue. Humidity is also a factor, but a little harder to control. A rule of thumb is to keep marijuana stored at about 60 percent humidity. Above 65 percent may present a problem with mold.

    Rule No. 1: Get rid of that plastic bag. ]]>