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Why Project CBD Loses Motion to Dismiss $100 Million Lawsuit

MJNA Defeats Project CBD’s Motions – Moves Forward $100 Million False Claims Lawsuit

Months ago, Cashinbis broke a story that Project CBD’s industry damning ‘special report’ had been confirmed false by the original testing facility in addition to third party contributions. The news release systematically broke down the inaccuracies and false propagandas that littered Project CBD’s ‘report’ and led to the biggest lawsuit in the history of the cannabis industry. Now, justice seems to be on the horizon for Medical Marijuana, Inc. as a California Superior Court has struck down Project CBD’s Anti-SLAPP motion and motion to reconsider in the ongoing court case between the two companies. It was last October when Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) announced that it had filed a $100M lawsuit against the multiple companies that had published false allegations against MJNA, its portfolio companies and their CBD hemp oil brands.

Interestingly enough, other companies in the suit, including the testing lab who had initially released the false testing report, have settled with MJNA, retracting all reports as incomplete and false. Perhaps even more interesting, Project CBD was recently caught, on camera, attempting to market and sell their own line of competing CBD products at a recent cannabis conference. It’s true what they say, ‘Slander happens in a second. Integrity happens over time’.

Court Says ‘No’ to Project CBD

The California Superior Court has now ruled twice in favor of MJNA’s lawsuit, striking down Project CBD’s Anti-SLAPP motion in addition to a motion to reconsider. In filing the Anti-SLAPP motion, Project CBD had attempted to have Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s $100 million lawsuit dismissed on the grounds that it violated Project CBD’s right to free speech.

Public court documents show that Project CBD had argued, in their defense, that Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the equivalent of a public figure and the company was using the $100 million lawsuit to censor public discourse. Basically – You’re a public figure, so we can say whatever we want with no consequence because of free speech. Well, the court gave that a big stinky ‘Not So Fast’. Is there free speech in America? Sure. However, that speech is also free to come with consequences.

In his recent ruling, the California Superior Court judge disagreed with Project CBD’s argument and denied the Anti-SLAPP motion. In the ruling, the judge also found that Medical Marijuana, Inc. has grounds to proceed with their lawsuit against Project CBD on the grounds of Libel and False Light. So not only has Project CBD’s last ditch efforts to avoid responsibility come up short, but the judge has gone as far as to say MJNA’s case has all the merit it needs to pursue vindication.

“Unfortunately, integrity can take a great deal of time to prove. However, Medical Marijuana, Inc. is determined to see this fight through to the end and vindicate ourselves to the world.” – Dr. Stuart Titus – CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc.

Ulterior Motive?

Project CBD’s report halted the progress of not only Medical Marijuana Inc., but the entire CBD and Hemp movements. However, one of the more interesting pieces to the puzzle didn’t reveal itself until just recently. An anonymous source has provided us photographic evidence that Project CBD has released their own CBD product line, which are coincidentally in direct competition with RSHO, the product they sought to attack, and they are pushing this product at various cannabis conventions.

Is it possible that a company would slander their competitor right before releasing their own, directly competing product? Maybe. Especially if the ‘Our product is much safer’ angle is taken to market, riding the coattails of false scientific reports you have worked to propagate. Without being able to talk to Project CBD representatives, who would not be interviewed for this story, we are left to speculate that this unequivocally false ‘special report’ was simply a propaganda tool to be used as a pawn in the ‘long con’ of Project CBD and Martin Lee’s own product launch.

Project CBD Releases False Report

Last year, Project CBD released a ‘special report’, which since has been debunked, retracted and proven false. The allegations, though empty and backed by unqualified professionals and graphs, instilled doubt into the rise of CBD, a compound in cannabis that has been used to treat various conditions, including children with epilepsy.

Their report resulted in parents doubting the incredible healing effects they had already seen take place in their children. Hemp was put under vicious scrutiny and the progressive movement that sought to educate the larger community about the medicinal effects of cannabis nearly came to a hault.

Science Declared Results False

Stewart Environmental CEO David Stewart announced, months later, that the claims, produced by his company and published in the Project CBD report about RSHO containing heavy metals were unequivocally false. The company settled with MJNA and David Stewart issued a sworn, legal retraction and a video statement to that same effect.

“The Trial Court has now twice ruled that the case can proceed against Project CBD, Martin Lee and Aaron Cantu on the causes of action for Libel and False Light. While it’s unfortunate that it came to this, Medical Marijuana, Inc. intends to use all available resources to aggressively prosecute this case and proceed to trial.” – Dr. Stuart Titus – CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc.

The Silver Lining

Anyone who knows anything about the cannabis industry can definitively say the industry has dealt with more than its fair share of inaccurate and unjustified defamation. The saddest part of this instance is that it comes from another company within the cannabis community. However, MJNA has kept their head above water and continued down the proper path to legal vindication. Medical Marijuana Inc. could have, and perhaps would have if the industry wasn’t becoming more and more legitimized, sunk to the same level as Project CBD and hurled back false claims backed by phony research. Thankfully, for the entirety of the cannabis, CBD and hemp communities, they did not pursue this path. Instead they are acting as any other mainstream American business would, professionally and within the bounds of the American legal system. This truly shows how far the industry has come, as years ago these legal options would not have been available to this industry. We will bring you further updated coverage of this case as further legal proceedings develop.

What do you think the repercussions of this false report should be? How do you think false reporting has impacted the cannabis community as a whole? Join the conversation and comment below?

The largest lawsuit to date of the cannabis industry: Project CBD loses Ant-SLAPP motion against MJNA. Photos leaked of competing product.