prime my body nano enhanced hemp oil


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PrimeMyBody’s Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil boasts an abundance of features that make it effective in supporting the immune system, aiding detoxification, and restoring and balancing overall health and states of calm. From the oil’s efficient liposomal delivery and rapid uptake into the body to its dialogue and receptive association with the body’s Endocannabinoid system and promotion of optimal homeostasis, the testimonials and reviews from scientific authorities in the field of natural health and medicine provide clear evidence why PrimeMyBody’s Nano-Emulsified Hemp Oil is a top selling hemp oil product in the U.S. and will soon be released to countries worldwide.

Recently, we talked with Dr. Ruan Cheng about his professional review and testimonial of PrimeMyBody’s Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil. Trained in Internal Medicine, Dr. Cheng specializes in a broad spectrum of chronic ailments and emergent care of adults and adolescents.

A proponent and supporter of the Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil, Dr. Cheng believes the hemp oil is a powerful tool for a number of complex reasons. First, noting from a scientific and biological standpoint, the hemp oil is able to modulate different receptors in the body. That influence on receptors to Dr. Cheng is crucial because, “when we want to alter the body in any way for the better it requires that signal, that’s how the body talks through hormones, signaling pathways, and different chemical signaling molecules,” says Dr. Cheng—who points out the body’s signal molecules can become highly effected by daily exposure to toxins in the environment.

When PrimeMyBody’s Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil, which utilizes the purest compounds of the hemp plant, modifies varying cannabinoid receptors—those in our organs and tissues—good things are a resulting outcome. Specifically, that modulation of receptors by the Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil has positive effects on neurotransmitters—such as Serotonin and GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid).

When talking about PrimeMyBody’s Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil, Dr. Cheng points out his excitement about how the hemp oil is formulated and transported intravenously into the body’s cell membranes via a rapid liposomal delivery process. PMB’s Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil is composed of nano-particle lipid bilayers that are wrapped around the phytocannabinoid diol nutrients. Because these lipid bilayers are constructed similarly to our body’s natural cell membranes, the hemp oil liposomes are fused into cell membranes and the nutrients are delivered directly.

“These tiny liposomes are made up of phospholipids and these phospholipids are basically what makes the membrane of all our cells throughout our body, including the brain, neurotransmitters, hormone glands, things like that. Phospholipids permeate into the brain and vessels and into the organs. The cannabinoid receptors then get hit quickly and the result is a cascade of good things happening when the cannabinoid receptors get affected positively.”

Using PrimeMyBody’s Hemp Oil in his own practice, Dr. Cheng says he’s been able to track results fairly quickly.

“There are a lot of supplements, herbs, and neutraceuticals that we use in Integrative and Functional Medicine and it can take months to start acting. This hemp oil starts acting right away.”

Putting to rest any misconception that PrimeMyBody’s Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil would get someone high, Dr. Cheng says, “A THC component would get you high, which this has none of. There may be a placebo effect people will feel. They might get sleepy, namely because they need sleep. Some people might feel calm, but that calm is not a high and should not be confused as a high.”

If you may be on the fence about whether our Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil is something you want to try Dr. Cheng stresses that hemp oil is nothing to be afraid of. “Try it in your body and see how it responds. It doesn’t treat any specific conditions, per se, but the quality of life someone can experience can be dramatically improved.”

PrimeMyBody’s Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil boasts an abundance of features that make it effective in supporting the immune system, aiding detoxification, and… ]]>