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I have never received my order!

I have never received my order? Nobel Hemp is blaming the Post Office who knows? But I. The meantime I am out almost a $100!!

We are not blaming anyone. Sometimes mail gets lost or goes missing. We suggested in the last email that you contact the group in charge of the packages at your chosen shipping address. We do not like seeing anyone not receive our product or be out of pocket.

We will work with you and USPS to help locate your package.

I have both the oil and transdermal and…

I have both the oil and transdermal and so far the salve works best for my arthritis.

I was sent another customer’s order and…

I was sent another customer’s order and I have not received my order.

An overall good experience from their…

An overall good experience from their website & ordering to timely delivery of product


Pain relief is very fast

Pain relief is very fast! Although next time I will buy a stronger dosage than 250 mg for more relief. This is so much safer than the previous arthritis meds I took. There are no side effects I noticed.

Fast delivery

Noble Hemp

Very professional with rapid response after our order was placed on-line.

I didn’t realize I was not ordering CBD…

I didn’t realize I was not ordering CBD oil (only Hemp Oil). plus there is an additive in this oil (peppermint) I didn’t know about when I ordered it. It doesn’t work as well as previous CBD oil I have purchased plus the peppermint upsets my stomach acid. I would like to return these bottles for a full refund.
Plus, if this Hemp oil works this poorly, it shouldn’t be as expensive as the price you are charging.

Hi Jane, I am sorry that have not received the results you where looking for. I can confirm that you did in fact order CBD oil. It is listed on the label as “Aerial parts” which is where the CBD is prevalent in the Hemp plant along with the organic peppermint flavour. We have the 30-day full money back guarantee just for this type of situations. Please return your used and unused product(s) to the following address: #140 7250 Gilpin Way
Denver, Colorado 80229, USA

Thanks for your​ time.

Since my husband has just started use…

Since my husband has just started use of CBD gel tabs I figure it will take a few weeks before he notices anything. We are trying to reduce inflammation in his lungs so he can breath easier.
Reading information available on Noble Hemps website has been enlightening. Their site is easy to order on and delivery is quick.

is ok but to expensive

I never got my order

I never got my order, but unfortunately either did Mary because I received her order. I emailed Noble to report this error and got no response from them. I have Mary’s packing slip with her address. I’ll send her order at my expense, but I’m still SOL.

I just got off the phone with Noble and was told Mary got my order and they would ship mine for delivery in a week or so. They also said they would email me a confirmation. So far, NO EMAIL CONFIRMATION!
The business owner Adam reached out to me and got personally involved to resolve my problem. Thank you Adam!

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