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Vape Pen Company Banking On America’s Evolving Taste For Different Marijuana Strains: Neos

Marijuana Is Going Mainstream and America’s Taste for Specific Strains Are Evolving

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Apr 14, 2015, 02:23 ET

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DENVER , April 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — As the surge of cannabis strains flood what was once an incredibly limited market, the cannabis industry is witnessing increasingly discerning consumers. This matured customer base wants to know exactly how their cannabis is grown, what strain they are consuming, and how it will affect them. One innovative Denver -based cannabis company, Neos, is addressing these emerging concerns by creating strain-specific vape pens. Vaping has facilitated the way cannabis is consumed and has almost no cannabis smell, not to mention is a better alternative to smoking flower; in fact, it was the Oxford Dictionary’s ‘2014 word of the year.’

Launched in 2014, this revolutionary vape-tech company has discovered the benefits of employing a unique extraction method to create ‘EVO’ (Electronic Vaporization Oil) and has found that the results are unparalleled in terms of appealing to consumer preferences. Guy Rocourt , co-founder of Neos and inventor of EVO, states: “Neos’ Electronic Vaporization Oil strives to mirror the strains flower profile in order to recreate that strains specific entourage effect and taste without carcinogens associated with smoking.”

While traditional vaporizer pen companies tend to extract oil from trim that has been collected from various plants, Neos is extracting oil directly from whole marijuana flower buds. This allows for unsurpassed control over strains, and ultimately their effects. When the oil is derived in this manner, the consumer will know every component of the product they are consuming; from the specific effect of that strain to the flavor and scent (or terpenes).

In describing his motive for developing this process, Guy Rocourt , co-founder of Neos, states, “When cannabis was limited to the black market, consumers did not have much of a choice in choosing what strain was best for them. Now, we see consumers’ taste evolving as they try new strains, and we think they should have that same choice whether they choose to smoke or vape.”

To ensure consumers are fully educated on the products they purchase, Neos includes an informative strain sheet exhibiting product-specific facts such as the facility it was tested in and the exact percentages of both THC and CBD compounds. Additionally, Neos selects the best flower strains possible, versus simply collecting trim. This furthers their ability to analyze as well as control the components and concentrations, creating a consistently safe and reliable product for consumers. Found in over 100 medical and recreational dispensaries throughout Colorado , Neos has become a trusted source for cannabis and vape enthusiasts appreciative of their commitment to safety and quality.

/PRNewswire/ — As the surge of cannabis strains flood what was once an incredibly limited market, the cannabis industry is witnessing increasingly discerning…

Neos cannabis

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About Neos

The Neos Brand NEOS is a next generation provider of technology, services and branding to the ever-growing cannabis industry. The NEOS brand is a high-end quality electronic vaporization oil focused on achieving “best in class” standards in the industry. The company was formed to assemble the most experienced professionals from inside and outside the industry to bring quality, transparency, and branding to an evolving industry and provide the consumer with the best medicine possible. NEOS is focused on the future, creating revolutionary technologies to bring the safest, most effective way to consume cannabis. Our unique recipe brings elements to the oil marketplace that far exceeds expectations.

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