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What’s Up With CBD Oil Infused Beauty Products?

The CBD oil industry is booming and the number of ways CBD can be consumed is ever increasing. For a long time, full spectrum extract drops, like the ones from many of our clients, were the most popular way of consuming CBD. Now the industry is becoming saturated with CBD infused soaps, topicals, and all types of cosmetic products.

Thanks to local brands like Laura’s Homestead Alternatives, Green Remedy, PHARM, LLC, and Nature’s Rhythm, CBD has a reputation of luxury wellness and beauty compared to the mostly negative reputation of its relative, marijuana. CBD oil is not a boutique-only product either. Companies like CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger are also following suit by creating their own versions of CBD oil infused health and wellness products.

CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins, and essential fatty acids are a few of the health benefits it may provide. Until recently, the Endocannabinoid System, a biochemical communication system throughout the entire human body, was unknown. This system “plays a crucial role in regulating our physiology, mood, and everyday experience” according to Project CBD. It’s no wonder then that companies worldwide are jumping on the CBD bandwagon.

CBD Infused Health and Beauty Products

When taken orally, CBD oil is absorbed sublingually (applied under the tongue) and starts working once it enters your bloodstream. Topical treatments only provide relief to the area where directly applied and may provide anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties just as products you can take orally. Lotions with CBD oil added may even be able to help clear acne-prone skin. The reason for the popularity of the oil is because it provides the same positive impacts that marijuana does without the high, meaning you can use CBD products without fear of losing your judgment.

While there still needs to be much more research done on the possible benefits, it’s expected that the American CBD oil industry will reach 16 billion by 2025. When it comes to clinical results, however, the only clinically proven CBD treatment is for two forms of childhood epilepsy, although there is a lot of research on the effects of CBD for a variety of chronic illnesses. Despite the lack of clinical results, CBD oil and the clean beauty industry is gaining more and more popularity.

If you’re looking to create your own line of CBD oil beauty products in Kentucky, labels are probably the last thing you’re concerned with. While there are vital considerations that need to be accounted for, product labels can make or break your business. Click here to read our blog about how you can create a product label that makes a lasting impression.

Kentucky CBD Oils and Products

We are proud to print labels for many of Kentucky’s successful CBD oil companies. Below, we highlight three of them and how they have found a niche to serve the state.

Nature’s Rhythm

This family owned and operated business sells edibles, extracts, and topicals from their location in Paris, Kentucky. All of their products use Kentucky hemp that is grown, processed, and packaged by the Garey Family. This way they can ensure the highest quality products are made from seed to seal.

Based in Trimble County, KY and a family owned and operated business, Pharm CBD, LLC has a wide variety of products with different strengths and ways to consume. They have uniquely combined their collective skills and experience in agriculture, pharmacy, chemistry, quality, and engineering to provide a superior product.

Laura’s Homestead Alternatives

You’ve probably heard of this brand as they’re quickly growing into a national brand that has been seen on the Today Show and featured in The Washington Post. Laura’s Homestead Alternatives is located in Winchester, Kentucky and while they are most known for their CBD infused chocolates, their products include topicals and capsules. They are one of the biggest organic farms in the state and their industrial hemp is organically grown and only used in their products.

With the growing popularity of CBD oil infused products, it’s important to know what the requirements are for labeling them so that they remain on shelves and further your business. Read our blog, CBD Products: Label Requirements in Kentucky, for comprehensive information that needs to be included.

The CBD oil industry is booming and the number of ways CBD can be consumed is ever increasing. Learn more about CBD oil infused beauty products and what they can do for you! ]]>