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Miracle Smoke: A CBD Brand To Try In 2019

Are you aware of the laws governing CBD? Quite simply, as long as a product has .3 percent or less of THC, it is completely legal. And if you are brand new to the world of cannabis and hemp products, THC is an acronym for tetrahydrocannabinol. Also known as the stuff that gets you high.

According to the National Institutes of Health, heavy use of THC–AKA marijuana–can lead to dependency, behavioral disturbances and an elevated risk for psychotic disorders. But the bad news pretty much stops there.

Products that contain high CBD content with the .3 percent maximum THC amount do not come with said risk factors. In fact, these products are quite the contrary.

They are utilized to treat the body both physically, mentally and emotionally when all else has failed. And that’s where the Miracle Smoke company comes to the table.

They are one of now many companies that offer a slew of products that contain a high amount of CBD with little to no THC. Read along to get a more thorough lowdown of what this company has to offer.

About Miracle Smoke

The actual business name of this company is Miracle Nutritional Products (MNP) and they are located in Hernando Beach, FL. Miracle Smoke is actually one of their inaugural and signature products.

Aside from being their own entity, they also offer a private label service where you as a company, can get them to manufacture the product and send it to you, and you can then slap your label on it.

This is often fancied with businesses that like to create brand identity with their customers. Having said all of this, be aware that there is no solid “About” information on Miracle Smoke either on their website or elsewhere. Nothing is mentioned about third party testing or how they came into being or who the founders are.

But they do claim to use all-natural hemp and CO2 extraction, which means their products contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids. Purity is always something you should look out for.

Miracle Smoke Products

The world of vaping has gained a substantial amount of momentum over the past few years. According to the American Vaping Association, electronic cigarettes, also known as vaping products, give you the ability to have pure nicotine without the thousands of contaminants you would get from smoking actual cigarettes.

Fast forward to vaping CBD, and you get the same effect. With an “e-cigarette” or “e-cig” as it’s sometimes called, you can use nicotine or a CBD oil.

Miracle Nutritional Products offers the e-cig, plus a host of other products that can be equipped with a solid dose of CBD to satisfy your needs. Here is a list of these with more extensive details on each.

Miracle Smoke Tinctures

A tincture is a small bottle filled with liquid that comes with an eyedropper mechanism. MNP has an array of tinctures available with different mg ranges of CBD oil. They come in 300, 500, 750, 1,500 and 2,500-mg doses.

The 300-mg dose costs $39.99 while the 2,500-mg dose costs $299.99.

CBD Oral Syringe

MNP also offers you convenient syringes for your CBD needs. It’s pretty self-explanatory how to use these. You just squirt the contents into your mouth, let the oil reside under your tongue for 30 seconds or so, and then swallow. You may find this product more convenient than a tincture, so it would be worth your while to get one.

They come in 250, 500 and 1,000-mg options. They cost $36, $48 and $72, respectively.

CBD Dab Wax

CBD dab wax is a powerful clump of CBD that can also be found in the form of THC. You can either melt it down and smoke it or add it to foods and beverages. MNP offers a 1,000-mg package that costs $71.99.

CBD Crystal Isolate

The CBD crystal isolate product that Miracle Nutritional Products offers is more or less a carbon copy of the dab wax, except it comes in solid chunks. These too can be melted down and smoked or added to foods and beverages. A package contains 1,000 mg and costs $71.99.

Hangover Recovery

Unless you are dead set against alcohol consumption, you’ve probably dealt with a dreaded hangover at one point in your life. If not, have you ever felt a cold coming on, or felt jet lagged or just completely worn out? Well, MNP’s Hangover Recovery can come to the rescue in all of these scenarios.

It comes in fruit punch, lemon lime, blue raspberry and orange, and contains 200 mg of CBD per packet. It costs $13.99 and you can easily mix it in with water.

CBD Gummies

Gummies are fun edibles that you can conveniently take with you on the road or when in a time constraint. Miracle Nutritional Products has fruit-flavored gummies that contain 20 mg of CBD each and come in 30 and 60-packs. The cost is $33.99 for the 30-pack and $53.99 for the 60-pack.

CBD Coffee

Here’s an interesting fact that you might not be aware of. According to the Mayo Clinic, coffee has been linked to many health benefits, such as a reduced risk for Parkinson’s disease, depression, liver disease, and type 2 diabetes.

It also gives you a jolt of physical and mental energy, while promoting more fat loss. This is in stark contrast to the negative hype it has received in the past.

Now focus your attention on Miracle Nutritional Products. They offer a coffee blend that is infused with CBD called Wake’n Bake. It comes in dark, medium, espresso and decaf, and they all cost $35.99. Each 8-ounce bag contains 300 mg of CBD.

CBD Snacks

Canna crunch CBD snacks are little gluten-free treats that are infused with CBD. The amount per serving and actual ingredients are not listed, but each package costs $13.99. Since this information is not available, be cautious about buying these if you happen to have any allergies to nuts, seeds or dairy.

CBD Lollipop

Who doesn’t like a good lollipop from time to time? Well MNP does too, and that’s why they’ve made a host of CBD-laced lollipops available to you. Each costs $13.99 and they contain 300 mg of CBD.

They come in blue raspberry, cotton candy, wild cherry, orange creamsicle, root beer, and grape soda flavor.

CBD E-Liquid

Here’s where the e-cig comes back into the game. MNP has 45 and 200-mg bottles of e-liquid to use in an e-cigarette. And they come in tasty flavors to make your experience more enjoyable. Both doses come in blueberry, watermelon, vanilla, and strawberry.

The 45-mg vials cost $29.99 each, while the 200-mg vials cost $47.99.

Skin Care

Miracle Nutritional Products offers you two items that help your exterior. One is called Chiro Cream and the other is lip balm. The cream costs $59.99 for a 4-ounce jar and it does not say how much CBD is present.

The lip balm, however, contains 20 mg of CBD and it comes in blue raspberry, cherry, peppermint, vanilla and herbal. Each stick costs $5.99.

CBD Pills

Pills are the quickest and easiest products to take when it comes to CBD intake. Miracle Nutritional Products have them in 750 and 1,500 mg doses. They contain 30 capsules and they cost $41.99 and $59.99, respectively.

CBD Softgels

For some, softgels are a little easier on the stomach than capsules. MNP offers two options of softgels–30 and 60 per bottle. Each softgel contains 50 mg of CBD and the smaller bottle costs $59.99, while the larger one costs $95.99.

CBD For Pets

Regardless, if you have a dog, cat or horse, Miracle Nutritional Products has something for you. Not only do they have tinctures, but they also have sugar cubes, gel caps, rawhide chews, jerky treats, dog biscuits, pepperoni and syringes that are all infused with CBD.

This gives your pets the ability to recover from the same ailments that humans go through.

All of these products have varying prices. For example, the tinctures cost $53.99 for the 300-mg option, while the 6,000-mg dose costs $238.99. A 144-count bottle of equine sugar cubes costs $214.99 and a 1,000-mg peanut butter-flavored syringe costs $58.99.

The Benefits of Miracle Smoke

Regardless if you refer to it as Miracle Smoke or Miracle Nutritional Products, you definitely have a lot of options to think about. This makes them a good company to buy from to satisfy all of your needs. Just be aware that the use of CBD products can be costly over time.

It might be in your best interest to buy $80 worth of goods at a time because this will give you free shipping. Any savings can go a long way if you are planning on being a returning customer.

The actual business name of this company is Miracle Nutritional Products (MNP). Miracle Smoke is one of their inaugural and signature products. ]]>