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Best Weed for Anxiety: All the strains to help you relax, tune out and get your chill on

What’s the best strain for anxiety?В For as long as humans have known about weed, they’ve been smoking it to unwind. But with the rapidly multiplying strains and hybridsВ of marijuanaВ out there, it’s best to know which can alleviate your anxiety — and which could actually make it worse.

Anecdotally, it’s obvious that regular pot users can be relaxed to a fault — but it’s important to note that the jury’s still out on scientific evidence concerning weed’s efficacy in treating anxiety disorders. So get informed:В If you want to take the edge off without sinking all the way into your couch, here are some popularВ types of weed to try.

Best weed for anxiety: Why it works

Here’s the science behind why weed relaxes us — or, at least, whatВ we know so far.В

Throughout the human body, there are cannabinoid receptors that help to regulate everything from our appetites to our moods to ourВ sense of pain. Marijuana’s mainВ pair of cannabinoidВ chemicals,В tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol (THC and CBD), exert significant influence on this network, also called theВ endocannabinoid system.

We’re still figuring out how these receptors respond to the active ingredients in weed, and where they can be found.В But aВ studyВ published inВ 2014В byВ Vanderbilt UniversityВ researchers looking at miceВ brainsВ confirmed their presence in the amygdala, aВ part of the brain that helps regulate anxiety and that fight-or-flight feeling.

Previous studies, the authors said, have hinted that stress or anxiety causes a reduction in the body’sВ naturalВ endocannabinoidsВ and dampens theВ receptors, which can lead to panic. Presumably, marijuana floods the amygdala with its ownВ cannabinoids, thereby keeping us calm. Of course, the long-term effect may be to make us more dependent on these outside chemicals because we’re not producing as much of our own anymore. And it’s possible that some people become more anxious under the influence because their natural cannabinoids are being suppressed by the drug’s.

Best weed for anxiety: What to shop for

What does all this mean for you when you’re shopping at aВ dispensary? Well, things get a little oversimplified there. If you’re looking to relax and take the edge off, budtenders willВ tend toВ describeВ theВ generalВ differences between sativa and indica,В theВ two major speciesВ of cannabis plants,В noting that the former instillsВ a high-energy buzzВ ideal for daytime activities,В while the latter may leave you lethargicВ and rather sleepy.

In truth, these terms tell you more about a plant’s genetic ancestry than what effect they’ll have.В What you should really look for is aВ strain’sВ THC-to-CBD ratio.В

While THCВ is responsible for marijuana’s most familiar mind-alteringВ effects,В CBD, according toВ Project CBD,В “has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel ‘stoned’В and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC.”В

So while you may think that the “sleepy” indica your budtender recommends is ideal for treating anxiety, it could turn out to be way too high in THC, causing your mind to race a mile a minute even as you struggle to get off the couch. A highВ CBD sativa, meanwhile, could calm you mentally without making you feel stuck in slo-mo. В

Best weed for anxiety:В Cannatonic

Here’s a classic example of how the sativa/indica language can be misleading:В While Cannatonic is a 50/50 blend of the two, it’s the lopsidedВ ratio of THC to CBDВ that makes it an excellent pick for anxiety. With levels of THCВ as low as 7% and CBD as high as 17%, Cannatonic is considered an ideal medical strain for those who want more of weed’sВ therapeutic benefits of weed and less of the psychoactive buzz. In that sense, it’s definitely not “recreational” weed — and its uplifting, relaxingВ effect can be rather short-lived — but for anyone prone to sudden bouts ofВ panic, it’s a no-brainer.В В В В В В

Best weed for anxiety: Blue Dream

This is a go-to strain for many marijuana enthusiasts, not least because of its spicy-yet-fruity taste and surprisingly smooth smoke, which is unlikely to leave you coughing. As a sativa-dominant hybrid (80% Haze, 20% Blueberry), Blue DreamВ delivers a potent high without the sleepy feelingВ indicas are often known for, which makes it a perfect daytime choice. Fans report an easy slide into gentle euphoria — the perfect antitode to whatever’s stressing you out.В В

Best weed for anxiety:В 303 OG

Experienced stoners with a high tolerance will love 303 OG, theoretically another 50/50В hybrid but one that usually leansВ toward its indica parent Pre-98 Bubba Kush. Earthy and occasionally a bit harsh, it’sВ absolutely bursting with THC, and is thought to promote socialization and creativity — although, again, only for those who can handle the strong stuff. It’s a noted favorite for the treatment of seizures, so expect your muscles to relax along with your brain.В В В

Best weed for anxiety:В Northern Lights

For some people suffering from anxiety, sativas and sativa-dominant hybrids can be a bit much, putting the mind into overdrive instead of cooling it down. (Certainly we’ve all known a socially paranoid smoker in our day.) Northern Lights, a strong and pureВ indica, provides a mellow alternative. In its cultivated state, it’s sticky and resinous, dense with crystalline trichomes, the frost-like coating of glands on the surface of the plant that actually produce cannabinoids like THC. Perhaps better for a night home watching NetflixВ than going out on the town, it’s also sure to move up bedtime in your schedule.

Best weed for anxiety:В KingВ Louis XIII

A Southern California legend for decades, the sometimes elusiveВ KingВ Louis XIII is indeed fit for a monarch. Its dominant notes are of a pine forest, and even at over 20% THC, reviewers say it providesВ balance between dreamy chill and basicВ functionality. Others describe a combination head rush and body high that causes any pent-up worries to simply melt away.В But whatever your reason for smoking this strain, it’s certainly meant to be savored.

Of course, this list is just a starting point for your anxiety needs — more strains are being developed every day to treat a wide variety of symptoms.В And everyone’s anxiety is different, so don’t be discouraged if one of these doesn’t quite assuage the problem. Often the best way to find what you’re after to ask the budtender behind the counter what they’d recommend. Odds are, they’re using marijuana for the same reasons you are.В

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What’s the best strain for anxiety?В For as long as humans have known about weed, they’ve been smoking it to unwind. But with the rapidly multiplying strains and hybridsВ of marijuanaВ out there, it’s best to know which can alleviate your anxiety — and…