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Relief to patients in New Zealand
and around the world

We’re here for good.

MedGreen Pharmaceutical is a New Zealand-based phytopharmaceutical company dedicated to establishing new standards for medicinal Cannabis.

As a vertically-integrated business, we are developing clinically-proven medicines that bring relief, enhance everyday health, provide preventative strategies, and address many conditions of our modern world.

Our commitment is long term – built on the strongest foundations as we proudly aim on becoming the leading New Zealand medical Cannabis organisation in the world.

Why choose MedGreen Pharmaceutical?

Patients, Doctors & the environment – we’re all about wellbeing for every stakeholder


From our farm to your pharmacy – make a real connection with the place and the plant


We’ve built strong foundations to become the leading New Zealand medicinal Cannabis company

Trust New Zealand Quality

There’s no better place to grow Cannabis than in New Zealand

Medicinal Cannabis products are in high demand in global markets. We believe it won’t take long for New Zealand medical Cannabis to become internationally recognised for its premium quality due to our conditions being conducive to the perfect growing environment for the plant.

New Zealand is a proven global leader in primary industry, in particular agriculture, and we are innovators by our very nature. We are known and loved around the world for our exceptionally high standards and are widely recognised for our clean, green environmental credentials. You can trust that all MedGreen medical Cannabis products will continue to build on this rich Kiwi pedigree.

Best People.
Better Practices.

We have assembled a high-calibre team of industry professionals who are all passionate about shaping the medicinal Cannabis industry in New Zealand and around the world.

All MedGreen products are developed, cultivated and manufactured in our state-of-the-art GMP certified facilities, with all care taken at every stage of the supply chain. This guarantees your patients receive nothing but the very highest standards in medicinal Cannabis products.

Our team will undertake continuous scientific research to produce market-leading pharmaceutical grade products that allow for precise dosage controlled application, and reliable efficacy. These products will include Cannabis flower, capsules, sublingual sprays, tinctures, topical applications, vaporiser pens and suppositories.

MedGreen Pharmaceutical is a New Zealand-based phytopharmaceutical company dedicated to establishing new standards for Medical Cannabis.