magic usses of hemp

Hemp and witchcraft!

*please be aware when reading this article, I am in no way shape or form talking about cannabis. Hemp is a very different plant in and of itself than cannabis but I’m not going to go into that. It can be broken down and turned into fibers, yarn, twine, wick, paper, I could go on but no one wants to really read that list. These are the types of things I am speaking of when I say hemp, I am not talking about the illegal part of this.

**‎I will be calling it an herb just to make this article easier to read.

Hemp has been around for centuries, far before anyone really understands because of the stigma attached to cannabis. I live in California and I have found a lot of hemp things at my local farmers market and it sparked a great curiosity in me. What can you use hemp for in Magick?

After getting home and going to work I began to write this for all my witches here because hemp fibers, yarn, wick, fabric and paper are all completely legal and magickal!

For centuries hemp has been used by many different religions, it is widely known for its healing properties and is very powerful as an herb seeing as it carries the same properties as clear quartz. From almost the beginning of time archeologist have found hemp fiber being used for clothing, twine or rope, tack for horses, yarn for weaving, the seeds are pressed for oil.

You can do almost anything with hemp, there are so many ways to use it that if I begin to list them here you will get bored.

Many witches of old burned hemp incense while scrying Magick because of its emotional clarity, meditation and protection properties. It helps with physic vision and amplification of magickal works. Meditating with hemp incense is known to help with vision, helping out when you are looking to get deeper in touch with spirit guidance.

Making a hemp fabric bag helps protect the things inside and wards them from any negative influences that may find it’s way towards Tarot cards, Runes or Crystal’s being carried around in public. Hemp fabric is also soft and durable, it was widely used as clothing before the prohibition of hemp. Hemp paper has been found to be used in magickal books, I personally use it for drawing protection sigils before burning them. The paper is thin and light weight and doesn’t produce a lot of smoke and it barely smells of smoke.

Hemp’s second most used property is love, it is more often than not used in love spells to amplify it. Not only is the herb known for its influences towards love but because it amplifies any magical works.

Elements: Earth, Water

Magical Uses: Has all the qualities of quartz crystal, including magnification or amplification of any magical work, manifestation, filling with positive energy , remove negative influence , healing , love, protection, psychic vision, peace, meditation, beauty, harm-none binding, emotional clarity.

How You can use Hemp (safety and legally) in Magick.

☽ Wrap your wand in hemp yarn, twine or chord to bind the same magickal amplification as quartz.

✫ Use hemp fibers in handmade incense cones for protection and peace.

☽ Use hemp wick when making candles to amplify your candles, to bring protection, love or to remove negative energy by burning the wick.

✫ Use hemp yarn to knit or crochet a rune bag or tarot case to protect your most important magical tools from negative influences.

☽ Make a necklace from hemp chord for healing that you can carry with you.

✫ Hemp can be used to weave a witches ladder and bring the same aspects as crystal quarts to your ladder.

☽ Write or draw your sigil or wish on hemp paper for manifestation.

✫ Use hemp fibers in handmade handfasting chord for your wedding for harm-nonebindings.

☽ Braid together hemp twine to create a protective bookmark for your Book of Shadows.

✫ Use hemp fibers in a jar spell for love or peace.

☽ Make your Wand from a hemp branch, for magnification of your Magick.

✫ You can use hemp chord to weave a necklace for protection

*please be aware when reading this article, I am in no way shape or form talking about cannabis. He ]]>