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Between Starting Out and having your own Outpost

I am currently playing the 0.65.3 version of the game, so there might be changes as new updates are pushed out.

For people who have trouble bridging the gap between starting out and having your own outpost somewhere, this might be something you might wanna try so as to keep things progressing while you are preparing for your outpost later on. Some others have thrown out similar ideas in the forum, which I honestly didn’t know until I search for it while writing this, so credits due to whoever wants to claim it.

You will need to have a fair bit of starting money using one of the money-making methods, and that is because you will need money to utilise the numerous empty houses within protected city walls as a starting point. The small shack costs c.6000 and would allow the construction of a Small Research Bench in it. With that built, you can then assign one of your guys to actively do research while you continue to scout out the rest of the world. However, I would advise you to target buying one of the House(s), which cost c.12,000 and is big enough for the construction of at least up to Research Bench III. While you move around earning more money, gathering up new members and such, the research clock is ticking and giving you new technology so it is important to start this as soon as possible.

The House is also big enough for the construction of a Weapon Smithing Bench at the corner of the house, so once again you can set it up and train one of your guys in crafting relatively early on by making Clubs, which are also useful for your guys to train in. In order to provide the Iron Ore required for smithing, you can safely build an Iron Ore mine at the nearest allowed location outside the town your Smithing Bench is in. I believe the mine is a low-tier construction and thus doesn’t attract the attention of any bandits (so far). You will also need to build a Storage box for your Iron Ores near your Smithing Bench for deposit of the Iron Ores so I hoped you did position the Bench at one corner of the house.

I have not experimented with the Farming side of things as yet but it seemed plausible with the building of a Well to provide water for Hemp Farm, which then provides for Fabrics to be used at least in the production of First Aid kits.

Welcome to Kenshi!

You seem to be well on your way to enjoying the finer things in the Kenshi-verse.

To share my knowledge with you, Hemp farms are used in the production of First Aid Kits, yes, both the Fabrics and the Hemp itself are needed, and all Farms require Water from any of the Well structures in order to work.
Fabrics are also used in other industry such as the Weapon Smith 2 & 3 benches and the Leather Armour Crafting Station.
The maximum efficiency I have been able to get out of the Hemp industry is by having a Hemp Farm:Fabric Loom ratio of 2:1 with some micro-management since the Hemp Farm Output is limited to 50 Hemp, and there is no autonomous storage for Hemp, yet.

Clubs are a very effective weapon when starting out since they give experience in the Sabre class, which includes the Horse Chopper (min-max Defensive Bonuses) and the Ringed Sabre (tradeoff some Defense Bonus for more damage), and they are compact (occupy secondary weapon slot), one-handed (can lose Left Arm and keep fighting) weapons that weigh enough to train your Strength at a nominal rate.

Hope this helps you and feel free to join any of the numerous discussions along your journey through the Kenshi-verse!

Thanks for the welcome!

I have had Kenshi in my sights for the longest of time and was tinkering with the demo for months. It’s only fairly recently that I decided to get it for good, and so far all the hours put into it has been rewarding enough. I have been trying out different ways to play and chanced upon the alternative way of playing, so here I am joining the forums to share this information with everyone.

The reason I support Clubs as beginner weapons is because of the defensive bonus they grant. Training Defensive Skill at the moment is harder than Attack skill because the Training Dummies doesn’t hit back, and enemies that do hit back are hitting you because you can’t defend effectively!

All weapons of the Sabre class grant Defensive Bonuses, so whenever you start expanding your smithing station to craft new weapons, you will definitely enjoy the Horse Choppers and Ringer Sabres.

Whenever Blunt Weapons and Martial Arts are implemented in the future, you and I will likely enjoy those far more than we should.

Also with the # of requests for duelling, there will likely be a way to train Defensive Skill to a certain level in the future without the necessity for lethal combat.

Also location is important. If you start your first build in the south east you are better off. You can place your first base inbetween Eyesocket and Port South and Telbooze and Traders Edge. You will be in an area were the bandits are pretty low attack wise. Also the bases are not that far from one another like Clownsteady. An if you build it near like Port South or Eyesocket. You can always run to the base for safty if need be. These 2 bases have the flatest land near them out of the 4 in the area. After I built up my mens attack abilities by using a fighting pit. That is filled with cages and the bandits I got in them. I moved my group and made a base north of Clownsteady in eyesight of the canabel base in the area for bigger and stronger bandits and canabels to put in the fighting pit.

As for weapons and all that I have 9 that I call my attackers. One of them been my medic he is the only one in that group that has a horse chopper for the defence ability and he is even set on block only. Then I have 4 heavies 2 use the ring saber one has the long cleaver and one uses the plank. These weapons do a lot of damage but not as much bleeding damage. But will and can do instant kills as well as disable the enemy in one hit. The other 4 are in leather armor so they are my light solders one has a ninja blade one has a topper and two with light katanas. Besides for the topper which does not cause as much bleeding the other 3 most the guys that are attacked with them bleed out before they are knocked out.

Then I have 4 men two light and 2 heavy samari armor that us the notochi. Once trained up not only does it do alot of bleeding damage but it does slice them up good. These 4 are my home gaurd.

As for starting out I like using the hard/easy option. You get I think 5 guys and enough starting goods to build your first mine and small shack. You also get one guy that is called Old Soldier. Out of your 5 he is the man. About 20 in attack good strength and every thing. All except for the science and crafting skills that is. The only problem with when you start out with this group you can start out around Clownsteady. So it is a long slow and dangers march to get down past Traders Edge. But if you can keep your men alive until you get there you can start off fast building a base and getting your group off and running.

If you start off with one of the other options of one man. Do not worry about buying armor just recruit a friend. Get armor and weapons from those you take down or draw into a town and let the soldiers take them out. But if you are going to stay at one town and wait well there are some towns that are attacked often some that are not. When I had one man I roamed from town to town. Keeping my squad light and finding bandits to pull to the next town to loot and make me some money. Then once I had enough I went down south and built.

Sand ninjas and Canabels when starting out you want to stay as far as you can from. They are not weak like the hungry or starving or dust bandits. What make those three strong is there numbers.

Were the boss is the strongest in the bandits groups and he is usualy attack skill of in the 20s. I have found Canabels with attack sills in the 60s and Sand ninjas with attack skills up in the 30s to high 20s.

So starting out location is the key and down south I have never ran into a sand ninja or canabels. It is what I call the starting or easy area.

Lo-Fi Games Between Starting Out and having your own Outpost I am currently playing the 0.65.3 version of the game, so there might be changes as new updates are pushed out. For people who