just chill cbd synthetic

“Just Chill CBD Vape Oil” – Definitely more than CBD


Just type “just chill products synthetic” into google and you will have several stories of people relating it to synthetic cannabinoids.

The owner of “JSP” / JSP Distribution is a ex-convince store owner who used to manufacture synthetic cannbinoid blends and sell them out of his store and wholesale.

They also have a product called “Kratom PUR3 100X or 20X” but it also have several reports of it being synthetic cannabinoids.

They blame it on “counterfeits” and even paid for a news report to publish a award for information on counterfeits. But I just think its a clever way of getting around the laws.

Lady Codone

Found this company selling their shady products on a popular auction site, so I Googled them: looks like their stuff is laced with synthetics. Reddit, Facebook, Bluelight & other forums confirm this. What kind of scum would knowingly sell a possibly lethal drug as CBD–a product people give to epileptic children? They deserve to be not just shut down but locked up if this is proven 100% true.

Sorry for bumping an old thread but this is so alarming I felt it necessary. People of all ages & levels of health use CBD for medical purposes, and these turds are adulterating it with some of the most dangerous crap available. If you’re going to add illegal ingredients, at least choose ones from the cannabis plant! Could only be worse if they were cutting it with a fentanyl analogue. SMH. This is why we can’t have nice things.

So I got one of these in my local smokeshop, not expecting much. Two or three puffs and I'm stoned proper. Anyone else tried these? Anyone have an idea of… ]]>