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What is Dro Weed?

They Benefits of Hydroponic Cannabis Growing Systems

What Is Dro Weed?

Hydroponically grown weed and its benefits

Dro weed is the nickname given to hydroponically grown weed. Hydroponics is a cultivation method that uses an aquatic-based environment as opposed to soil. Some discerning smokers prefer hydroponically grown weed, because there are those who see it as superior weed in terms of quality and potency.

Benefits of Growing Hydroponic Weed

Many growers prefer using hydroponic systems to grow cannabis. Here’s why:

Control: For growers, the biggest benefit to going hydro is that it offers much more control than traditional growing mediums. You can closely monitor everything about your cannabis grow from the oxygen to the nutrients and even lighting and temperature.

Bigger, quicker yields: When you do a hydroponic system right, it helps you achieve much bigger and quicker yields. This is because hydroponic systems enable you to give your plants exactly what they need, when they need it. A well-designed hydroponic system also gives your roots more oxygen and maintains the ideal pH levels, contributing to the perfect growing environment for cannabis.

Reduced pests: Hydroponic systems lets you reduce the risk for pets and insects because you have more control over the growing environment, especially if you grow indoors. Outdoor hydroponic setups still face the risk of pests. You can clearly see areas that are normally difficult to see when using a traditional grow, allowing you to easily identify sick plants, or those that have been infested by pests, and have the opportunity to save your crops.

Year-round grows: Efficient hydroponic systems allow you to grow pot all year round. Even better, if you use a hydro system indoors, you can keep it going every single month of the year. However, if you use an outdoor setup, all you need to do is move your hydroponic system indoors as soon as it starts to get dark and cold in the winter.

Efficient water consumption: Hydroponic systems consume less water compared to plants that are grown in soil. In fact, studies show that hydroponic plants use 35% less water than growing plants in soil. This is because when you water plants in soil, most of the water runs off into other parts of the soil which do not nourish the roots of your plants. Likewise, when you water cannabis that has been planted in a pot, the water trickles out and gets drained in the bottom. A hydroponic setup allows you to deliver water directly to your plant.

Space: Hydroponics provides a more accurate growing environment, which saves the grower space. All you need is the space needed to deliver the oxygen, nutrients, and water to your plants. You can even use vertical hydroponic systems if you lack space.

No need to repot: One of the most tedious aspects of cannabis growing is repotting. Many growers also find this to be the most difficult parts of cultivating cannabis. But once you go hydro, this problem is completely eliminated!

No drowning: When you use a hydroponic system, you will never need to worry about drowning your roots. This is because a hydro set up allows you to have complete control over water, making sure that it reaches all parts of the cannabis plant without submerging them, thus preventing drowning.

Therapeutic Value of Hydroponically Grown Weed

Hydroponic systems involve a significantly reduced risk for disease and infestation. Because there is reduced need for pesticides, dro weed produces medicine that is superior in terms of therapeutic benefits. Medical patients can benefit from using hydroponically grown weed because it’s much safer. This is especially valuable for patients with life-threatening conditions such as cancer and AIDS. Introducing more chemical contaminants into your body from traditionally grown weed if you already have a serious condition can lead to serious side effects.

What Grow Medium Is Best?

Although hydroponics is a new way to grow your medicine, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best grow medium out there. Many growers still truly believe that cannabis grows best when it’s placed outdoors where it has soil, sand, and air. There’s no right or wrong answer; the correct answer lies in what you want to get out of growing cannabis. Having said that, hydroponics presents valuable benefits that can’t be overlooked because no other growing medium can compare when it comes to the control hydroponics offers growers.

Hydroponic systems involve a significantly reduced risk for disease and infestation. Because there is reduced need for pesticides, dro weed produces… ]]>