international cannabis and hemp standards fair market certification

Big Tree Launches Cannabis and Hemp Grading Service to Bring Fair Market Pricing to the Wholesale Supply Chain

Wholesale cannabis and hemp suppliers experience 95% faster inventory turns by utilizing Big Tree’s International Cannabis and Hemp Standard’s authorized material certification

SEATTLE–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Big Tree, industry’s first and leading cannabis and hemp wholesale material grading, appraisal and certification service provider, today announced Big Tree Cannabis and Hemp Grading Service to create fair market pricing for Washington and California cannabis and hemp supply chain buyers and suppliers. Big Tree, an authorized provider of International Cannabis and Hemp Standards (ICHS) inspects, verifies, grades, certifies and appraises cannabis and hemp material. Once this process is completed, suppliers receive an ICHS Fair Market Cannabis and Hemp Certificate of Grade for each lot quality verified.

The grading system is based on a 100-point scale and includes an appraised value and range, material profile data as well as applicable testing and potency data. In addition to the certificate, suppliers receive tips on how to increase the value of their cannabis and hemp and a listing option free-of-charge of their material on Tamerlane Trading’s cannabis listing service, accessed by hundreds of buyers and brokers to help suppliers sell material quickly and at a fair market rate.

The Tamerlane Network gives buyers access to 100,000’s of pounds of quality-verified cannabis and hemp material and consistently sells suppliers’ products through a sales channel of vetted buyers at fair market pricing. In addition to connecting buyers through its partner network, Tamerlane offers co-packaging and toll processing services for manufacturers and producers/processors to deliver the best product efficiently, saving both time and money for suppliers and service providers.

“Due to new and evolving local policies and conflicting federal and local laws, cannabis and hemp markets are volatile. The lack of material grading and standardization in the supply chain has led to a lack of trust between buyers and sellers,” says Eric Cozens, CEO of Big Tree. “We have developed and evolved a standardized grading system utilizing ICHS for cannabis over the last four years. This process has led to inspecting, verifying, grading, certifying and appraising over a quarter-million pounds of cannabis with operators experiencing 95% faster inventory turns and a 90% reduction in returns. We are proud to support west coast suppliers and buyers and look forward to expanding our services across the North American markets.”

On-site grading inspection is led by Big Tree Grading Specialists using ICHS Fair Market Certification. Post inspection, the supplier receives a digital, traceable certificate of grading score and current market valuation.

“Big Tree’s Grading Service builds trust between the supplier and buyer with each transaction, which has reduced price negotiations and allowed me to establish solid long-term and sustaining business relationships,” says Tim Humiston, Founder of Canna Organix, a leading producer/processor in Sequim, Washington.

“Our mission at Tamerlane Trading is simple: provide services that allow wholesale buyers and suppliers to rapidly scale their business by making cannabis and hemp transactions consistent, reliable and easy,” said Jhavid Mohseni, CEO of Tamerlane Trading. “Our services reward quality and drive sustainability for our clients. Not only do we help larger operators to streamline their businesses, we enable legacy growers to carve out territory in volatile and rapidly-changing markets.”

For more information on the Big Tree Grading Service or to schedule a grading service, visit and learn more about Tamerlane Trading here:

About Big Tree

Big Tree is the industry’s first and largest cannabis and hemp wholesale material grading service provider. Their grading process is based on using International Cannabis and Hemp Standards (ICHS) and inspects, verifies, grades, certifies and appraises cannabis and hemp material to ensure that west coast cannabis and hemp producers receive the highest and fairest price for their products. Big Tree’s services promote wholesale trade and increase efficiencies by providing market pricing transparency and establishing trust via third party quality verification. Big Tree currently works with Washington and California buyers and suppliers with plans to expand their service availability across the United States.

About Tamerlane Trading

Tamerlane Trading offers unmatched value to their customers through comprehensive brokerage and supply chain services. They launched their company in Washington state in 2016 and quickly grew to become the region’s leading provider of wholesale cannabis and hemp brokerage services. They currently serve operators in Washington and California, and are expanding nationally.

Big Tree Cannabis and Hemp Grading Service launches to create fair market pricing for cannabis and hemp supply chain buyers and suppliers.

International cannabis and hemp standards fair market certification

How do I get started? To get started contact us at [email protected] or call us at 206-679-4996 if you are an operator in Washington and 530-631-2889 for California, or visit .

What do I receive as part of the grading, certification and appraisal service? Once grading, appraisal and certification is completed you will receive an ICHS Fair Market Cannabis and Hemp Certificate of Grade for each lot we process which includes a score on a 100 point scale, an appraised value and a range, material profile data and applicable testing and potency data. The certificate includes an expiration date and tips on how to increase the value of your cannabis. Additionally, suppliers have the option to list their material on a free cannabis listing service accessed by thousands of buyers and brokers to help sell material quickly at a fair market rate.

How much does it cost? Cost are based on customer profile, material type and volume of material and type of relationship. Big Tree is committed to insuring our grading and appraisal services are a nominal fee that provides buyers and suppliers with direct value in increased transparency, fair market pricing, increased trust in buyer network all of which typically scales business.

Can I just get your grading services or do I have to pay for certification, appraisal and other services too? Our services are all inclusive and we don’t charge separately for each. If you want us to grade and appraise your material without certification, we can offer that service but there is no discount.

How long does it take to grade my inventory? In many cases, Big Tree can grade, value and certify your inventory within one day of your request. This is dependent on your lot size and number of lots needing grading as well as your location and hours of operation.

How do I know I can trust your grading process? We have graded over 250,000 pounds of Washington and California cannabis for over 250 suppliers since 2016. In order to provide our customers peace of mind and to experience our process and service, first time customers get one free grading, appraisal and certification.

What if I am not happy with your services? In the case that our services don’t live up to your expectations, if you contact us within 72 hours we will cancel the certificate and provide a 100% refund guarantee for our services.

Are you ISO Certified? Big Tree Grading is in the process of pursuing ISO 17021 certification.

You mention a standard. Where is this standard published and how ‘standard’ is it? Big Tree utilizes the International Cannabis and Hemp Standards (ICHS) specifications to grade and certify material along with Fair Market Cannabis and Hemp’s Certification process. Our grading specialists are trained, certified and kept up to date on ICHS’s standards, processes and procedures.

Do I have to send my inventory to a lab in order to get it graded? No. Lab testing is not required for the initial grading process, however 3rd party laboratory testing is a metric that can affect the market value of your product. We integrate each lot’s specific lab data into the Certificate of Grade.

Does your grading process require any samples and will it damage my material? In most cases our grading is non-invasive and does not result in the destruction of material.

What if I don’t agree with your grading standard or appraisal? Big Tree utilizes a global cannabis and hemp standard put out by the International Cannabis and Hemp Standards organization. As such, we are unbiased and defer to the ICHS organization for any questions or feedback about the standards. Regarding appraisal, the market dictates the range and estimated value of your material. The range takes into account the variability of the market. In some cases the market changes swiftly so the range and estimated value may fall outside of the appraised bounds.

Can I use this on my own? Big Tree grading specialists have to go through a rigorous and extensive training and receive ongoing education in order to stay up to date and knowledgeable. In addition, Big Tree utilizes our own services, standard operating procedures and technology to ensure a highly consistent, repeatable process for each and every lot. Due to this, we do not currently offer the ability for non-Big Tree Grading entities nor suppliers to grade and certify.

I’m located outside of Washington or California, can I use this service? Big Tree is constantly expanding our operations into new markets. If you are outside of those markets, please let us know where you’re located so we can prioritize your needs.

Who audits Big Tree? ICHS and the market. Big Tree’s services are continuously confirmed through tens of thousands of transactions happening everyday in the marketplace along with regular audits by the ICHS organization to ensure compliance and consistency. The open market dictates the valuation of the grade which validates if it is correct. Based on this, Big Tree refines and adjusts our grading, appraisal and certification processes using this data and market feedback.

International cannabis and hemp standards fair market certification How do I get started? To get started contact us at [email protected] or call us at 206-679-4996 if you are an