how to use cbd isolate crystals

7 Effective Ways To Use CBD Crystals

Historically, using cannabis concentrates was a complicated endeavour, requiring a dab rig (which looked like a bong) and some know-how on how to get the most out of the equipment.

With innovations in technology, along with experimentation on the uses of cannabinoids in general, there is no longer a need for bulky glassware.

People are becoming wise to the fact a pure CBD concentrate can fast deliver a rapid and potent dose…Finding your inner zen has never been easier!

So, what are CBD crystals and how can we use them?

What are CBD crystals

In a nutshell, they are a purified form of CBD which often consists of 97-99% cannabidiol, with all terpenes, flavonoids and other plant matter removed. All that’s left is crystals (also known as shatter), which are THC free, tasteless and odourless.

The only difference between the crystals and powder is the consistency of the end product.

CBD shatter looks like glass, and when it breaks, it turns into a crystalline powder, which is better known as CBD Isolate.

However, all three are the same thing, just in different physical forms, often attributed to the extraction method used.

97% Broad Spectrum CBD


Unfortunately, when CBD is isolated it contains none of the other compounds found in cannabis which work synergistically with cannabinoids.

However, as CBD crystals are naturally tasteless, they easily infuse with terpenes for added flavour and effect.

Terpsolate is a nickname for terpene infused CBD Isolate. Made from CBD crystals and often food grade terpenes, extracted from natural sources.

How to use CBD crystals

CBD crystals are already decarboxylated via the manufacturing process, meaning they don’t need heat to become activated. As a result, there are several ways to use them outside of a dab rig!

Either way, you need a precise set of scales. Given an average dose is in the low milligram range, eyeballing it can be difficult and scales make things much simpler.

In the worst case, you will use more than you need to and end up much more relaxed than you might have hoped for!

Let’s dive into the 7 most common ways to use them.

Mellow out the effects of THC

If you already use cannabis, you probably know THC levels have increased exponentially across the last 20 years. This has come at the expense of CBD, with the broader availability of super-high THC cannabis, nicknamed skunk weed, for its pungent smell and aroma.

Recent UK data suggests the average cannabis buds exceed 14% THC, and in the US the numbers are often significantly higher, due to the availability of legal and high THC cannabis.

In legal cannabis states, the availability of legal THC concentrates has created a new set niche of products which exceed 90% THC and 0% CBD. These are extremely potent forms of THC, and those uninitiated with them can easily feel out of their depth using them.

Fortunately, research suggests CBD can counteract the adverse effects associated with THC, and overall mellow out the high. Sprinkling CBD powder onto a joint, or combining CBD crystals with a THC concentrate could help make the high less intense.


It sounds like you might need to wave your hands in the air and cue some music for the dabbing dance, but dabbing CBD doesn’t involve a dance!

In short, it refers to heating a concentrate to a temperature where it (usually) vapourizes and is inhaled using either a dab pen or a dab rig.

The only real difference between vaping and dabbing is that vaping uses conduction or convection heating. Vaping has more accurate temperature control, so you never reach a point of combustion.

Dabbing, however, has been a long much longer than vaping.

Old school dab rigs include glassware which would look fitting in a weed accessories shop. They require a high heat blow torch to turn a quartz heating element red hot, onto which the ‘dab’ is placed and then inhaled, often via a pipe.

These devices can easily overheat, leading to combustion and potential carcinogens released into the inhaled vapour.

Fortunately, dabbing has come a long way, and you can now buy electronic dab rigs or pens which have temperature control. Check out our post about the best dab pens available today to find the right device for you or check out our top reccomendation below.

We dive into CBD crystals and 7 ways to use them. If you want to learn more about CBD, and why concentrates are so verstatile then this is for you! ]]>