how to get weed resin out of clothes

Anyone know how to get marijuana resin out of clothes??

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Use mineral spirits, the same stuff you clean paintbrushes with.

I use an odorless mineral spirit to clean up my paintbrushes but it works great for removing tar like substances.

It’s clear in color and found in the paint section of your hardware store.

got an old toothbrush and some dish soap. let the material soak in some hot water to loosen the resin up, put some dish soap on it and use the tooth brush to (nail brush works just as well) scrub it out. dont scrub too hard or u will make a hole in it. I have had plenty of these kinds of accidents. u may have to do it a couple times. it should either go away or fade out pretty well. good lucK!!

Not from experience, but the resin is like a tar. Since it is close to a gum composition I would recommend freezing it to make it solid and then chipping it off.

I’d use a degreaser like Greased Lightening or Mean Green and spray both sides of the fabric and scrub. Or get some Goo Gone, it’s good for sticky stuff.

Try dabbing the resin with Eucalyptus Oil till it starts to break down. Do it gently tho otherwise you’ll have a hole in your clothes from scrubbing too hard.

This works! I did this for my jeans, and it works for any cotton fabric that can be thrown in the wash afterward!

Rub some lotion into the stain. It won’t look like it is doing any good. Rub it in, and then wash the item. It will come out. It’s crazy! Good luck! (do it before you dry it. it’s pretty set at that point)

don’t use marijuana and don’t be around those that do use it. ITS ILLEGAL. but if you must i would get a should remove any resin, Oder and stains from your clothes.

Burn it out! Lol!

Don’t smoke marijuana and do hang around with people who do. Then you won’t have the problem 🙂

Anyone know how to get marijuana resin out of clothes??