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CBD Oil Review rates HempleBox CBD with two stars because it qualifies for the Innovation & Mission Badges.

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HempleBox: 60-Second Summary

The subscription box industry has exploded since 2011 when some of the now heavy-hitters came on the scene. And it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t want a box of mini-surprises at their doorstep every month? HempleBox curates personalized boxes featuring a variety of CBD brands, including their proprietary CBD e-liquid, delivered to the cannabis enthusiasts every month. We genuinely like the premise, but a closer look at HempleBox’s featured CBD products makes us hesitant to join the party.

** Updated Review 3/28/2019

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HempleBox Brand Review

Hemplebox offers a monthly CBD subscription service at four levels: Lite at $49.99/month, Standard at $99.99/month, Premium at $149.99/month, and Deluxe at a whopping $249.99/month. While each delivery is meant to surprise (the emotional bread and butter of the box subscription business), customers can select the types of products they want to receive. Users select one or more of the following categories to be included in their personalized boxes: CBD e-liquids, tinctures, concentrates, topicals, edibles, capsules, and pens. Changes can be made to these preferences and take effect the following month.

HempleBox has a proprietary brand of CBD vape e-liquid featured in various subscription models, and they use a variety of other brands to complete their packages in the other categories.

The issue we take with HempleBox is that some of their products are quality while some are not. For example, Koi CBD e-liquid we know is responsibly sourced, and independent lab testing is available online. At the same time, HempleBox uses Chill Plus Gummy Bears which contain high fructose corn syrup plus artificial colors and flavors. The HempleBox e-liquid also includes artificial flavoring. And don’t get us started on the strawberry jam from Jam Monster: artificial flavors and lack of testing.

In the same vein, some brands featured by HempleBox are charitable, like Green Roads, while many others are not.

Because we cannot verify safety and quality for all the products in a HempleBox, we cannot award them these badges. The same goes for the charity badge. Though the box subscription industry has been growing for some time, monthly CBD boxes are relatively new. Therefore, we have awarded HempleBox the innovation badge.

Bottom Line – HempleBox offers a cool service: monthly CBD products delivered to the doorstep, giving customers the opportunity to try different delivery methods and brands. However, we are critical of some of their product choices that do not contain quality ingredients and/or are not backed by adequate safety tests.

This HempleBox Review reveals the truth about this CBD Oil Company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this first before you buy HempleBox CBD Products.

Hemplebox CBD Vape Juice and CBD Tincture

Sorry, there are no products in this collection

HempleBox CBD

HempleBox is one of our featured brands of CBD e-liquids or what is also called CBD vape juice. Hemplebox just has some amazing flavors to pick from. If you are a fan of the full spectrum CBD Genesis products- Hemplebox is their line of CBD isolate products. CBD as a tincture (drops under the tongue) or if you enjoy vaping, try this out in your favorite vape pen.

HempleBox CBD Vape Juice

This awesome e-liquid is sold in some great vaping flavors and strengths and you can purchase alone or with a CBD Starter Kit or Variety Pack.

Hemplebox Flavors

CBD Genesis provides an awesome description of their flavors to help you choose your favorite. The flavors are so good, may want them all and just choose the variety pack with comes in which comes in a variety of strengths.

  • Crispy – A creamy blend of cinnamon and vanilla
  • Jolly – Mouth-watering strawberry and watermelon bubbleicious!
  • Loopy – The only cereal flavored CBD you’ll ever need!
  • Simply – Flavorless additive
  • Slushy – Merging a perfect amount of pink lemonade and raspberry slushy to satisfy your thirst.
  • Smoothy – A creamy blend of strawberries and bananas that’ll have your mouth watering.

Hemplebox Strengths

  • 100mg CBD per bottle
  • 250mg CBD per bottle
  • 500mg CBD per bottle
  • 1000mg CBD per bottle

HempleBox CBD Starter Kit

If you are new to vaping CBD or just want to pair this awesome CBD vape juice with a great vaporizer, The CBD starter kit is a popular choice. If you are new to vaping, or an experienced user, you will appreciate the quality of this kit. SmokTech Stick V8 Baby is a rechargeable and reusable vaporizer. The SmokTech Stick can hold up to 3ml of e-liquid at once, and comes with a USB cable for easy charging. The warehouse may substitute with another SmokTech vape pen depending on inventory in stock and new models that may come out.

Hemplebox Variety Pack

Why choose when you can order them all with one click? All 6 great flavors of CBD oil in whatever strength you want! 100mg, 250mg, 500mg and 1,000mg CBD per bottle.

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Hemplebox CBD Vape Juice and CBD Tincture Sorry, there are no products in this collection HempleBox CBD HempleBox is one of our featured brands of CBD e-liquids or what is also called CBD ]]>