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What is Hempwood and can I buy it.

This is revolutionary and it’s happening in Kentucky, a Maryland company in the USA. Their plan is to produce a hemp wood product that will look like regular wood and with all the benefits of being able to use it for flooring and to make furniture.

This eco-friendly and sustainable hemp wood will be made from low THC cannabis plants grown in Kentucky. From what I have read it is made from the hemp fibres and will have the realistic wood look of oak.

The company is called Fibonacci LLC and if that term sounds familiar as it did for me you might like this have a look at what I found out about Fibonacci.

Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician born in Pisa in 1170 and popularized the use of the Hindu-Arabic numeral system in Europe the same numbers we use today.

The company will be based in Kentucky at an 11000 sq.ft.facility in western Kentucky with production due to start sometime in the summer.

The first consignment of hemp fibre will be 800 tons of hemp stalks from growers in Kentucky, the company Owner Greg Wilson has said.

What will Hempwood look like?

Not only will this new and sustainable wood substitute look like Oak the company is using an algorithm to help mimic the growth cycle and other natural characteristics of the oak tree like the hardness, density and stability.Making it a stable and long-lasting and sustainable building product.

Some of the applications could be making furniture and for use in flooring and even though the company is yet to have a full range of products that could be used on all types of construction research is being done and will depend on future demand and the increased use of sustainable building products.

Does Hempwood have advantages over wood?

The many advantages of using this quick growing and Eco-friendly material add to its Eco-friendly properties, for instance, Hemp grows a lot quicker than wood and has a greater density than wood and can be used in the same way as wood.

A wide range of applications is envisaged and will be driven by demand and supply. The company says that it will be producing Hempwood in the form of blocks, pre-cut and sized boards, flooring, cutting boards, and skateboards. The company has also said that these products can be produced and priced cheaper than similar products made from Oak timber and save a lot of trees.

Making Hempwood creates jobs and gets tax incentives

The company Fibonacci will receive some tax incentives from the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority. This tax incentive is $300,000 and will be used by the company to create extra employment and help them invest in new and more diverse products.

The company will employ 25 people and will get the benefits from the Kentucky Skills Network. These benefits will include free job recruitment and job placement services.

The governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin is very enthusiastic about this new startup in the sustainable materials industry claiming it will open up new and possibilities in the construction and woodworking industries and put a spotlight on the fledgling hemp fibre industry.

The company plans to invest 5.8 million in this new factory in Kentucky to produce this sustainable building product made from hemp fibre

Why use hempwood and not the real thing?

There are lots of reasons to use this new technology over real wood and here are a few that I have found.

First and foremost is that it is environmentally friendly and growing the hemp takes carbon from the atmosphere and that’s got to be a good thing.

Its a 100% renewable resource that takes a short six months to grow and process compared to Oak trees that can take many decades to mature before they are harvested.

Its a hip and cool new product with real environmental and economic advantages for farmers and consumers.

The price of producing this sustainable building product will be cheaper than growing and processing traditional wood products.

Instead of importing products from other countries hempwood will be manufactured in the USA creating jobs and a much-needed opportunity for the farmers of America.

Test have been done on Hempwood and the results are that it is harder than Oak.

A more stable product than Oak with less likelihood of warping and twisting and no knots to contend with which means less waste.

The ability to make larger and custom size lumber than Oak or other timber species.

Support for struggling Farmers and Sawmills by growing an extra crop and the processing of hempwood

How the hempwood story came about

It all started with the algorithm of a tree is the companies view on making this incredible sustainable product that comes from the fibres of the hemp plant.

The company has used reverse engineering of the natural way a tree grows and a process call biomimicry, with the bonding agent made from a protein-based glue or bonding agent to make this sustainable and eco-friendly wood substitute.

Greg the owner of the company says that he derived the Idea for his hempwood from his experience with the process of making bamboo flooring, Greg and his dedicated team have spent a decade or more adapting this process to other plant species that include Eucalyptus species, Hemp and he has a patent pending for that product and Tasmanian Oak another eucalyptus species.

Greg’s mission for a sustainable building product

The deforestation of our planet is of major concern to Greg and his team and their aim is to benefit all of mankind (a noble cause to pursue) by removing the devastating effects that forest clearing can cause. On the other hand, the growing of hemp will have a great benefit for the farmers of Kentucky and other parts of the USA and other countries.

The wood industry is valued at $ 60 billion-plus and that take a lot of forest and trees cut down every year.

In simple terms, Greg says “It’s pretty cool to turn hemp into wood.”

The Kentucky Pilot Plant and the legality of using Hemp.

In the United States the Federal and states made hemp and illegal plant to grow for decades until 2014 when an amendment to the farm bill allowed it to be grown by state Universities and research programs and the Federal Government has recently changed the federal farm bill that will allow farmers to grow a low THC hemp plant to be cultivated.

The majority of hemp fibre has been imported to the US leaving American farmers unable to grow and produce hemp fibre and losing out on a valuable income crop.

This new facility in Kentucky and the new farm bill laws will address those problems.

The company is taking pre-orders now so if you want to keep this project in the control of its US owners and keep this product made in the USA.

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