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Mix and match cannabinoids for a customized dose.

About Us

The Hemp Farmacy was first established in 2016 in Wilmington, NC. We serve to promote hemp education, advocacy, and outreach. Since 2016, we have grown to have 7 storefront locations statewide. We are here to serve you and answer any questions you might have about hemp or our products.


Came in curious, left educated and with good vibes. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and we felt very welcome, even with no prior CBD experience.

Nate, Wilmington-Midtown Store Google Reviews

Most knowledgeable staff on the east coast. Definitely the pioneers of the industry.

Joe A, Wilmington-Midtown Store Google Reviews

My doctor turned me on to this place, extremely professional staff. Staff was knowledgeable and helped with understanding the difference in products.

Renee M, Raleigh Store Google Reviews

I love the customer service at The Hemp Farmacy. You can really tell they know what they’re talking about. This place is way better than any other CBD store because they have lab tests to show what everything contains and I feel so much more comfortable buying from them rather than buying from someone who doesn’t know what they’re selling.

Skylar, Jacksonville Store Google Reviews

Hemp Farmacy is just absolutely amazing. My husband and I come here all the time and have loads of health problems. They always know what will help the best and always try to help give us the best price. Everyone is so friendly and I can’t explain how grateful I am of everyone who works here!

Ocean, Jacksonville Store Google Reviews

Welcome to The Hemp Farmacy! We carry a wide variety of quality hemp-derived products. Visit one of our 8 stores across North Carolina or order online today!

Planting for the Future

Justin E. Hamilton

from the founder

As the cannabis industry matures, companies will need a clear vision of what their path looks like, and how they can continue to expand. Hempleton is excited about it’s vision as part of the future of the industry, and our continued growth rate.

About hempleton investment group

Who we are

“December 2015, we began a mission of developing an Ecosystem of investments that worked together for the common goal of a vertical supply chain, Farm to Farmacy. We obtained that vertical alignment in 2018. In 2019 we positioned ourselves to take our first strategic financial partner, to complete infrastructure expansions, and to complete the rebranding of the Hemp Farmacy for a franchise release.

Now in 2020, we are positioned to once again redefine the cannabis space around individual formulated products, medical hemp product lines, and future pharma expansion projects. 2020 will bring the next round of funding opportunities, not only for these mentioned projects and expansions, but also for exciting new acquisition opportunities to widen Hempleton’s vertical alignment. During a time when so many early companies in this space are failing, Hempleton continues to expand as a debt-free powerhouse with strong revenue and development teams.

Hempleton prepares for 2nd round funding event

Hempleton Investment Group, Inc. is preparing for its second fund raising round. This post pandemic fundraising round is set to expand the ecosystem and widen its vertical alignment. With Cannabis based businesses seeing a 30% jump during the pandemic economy, Hempleton is excited to be creating jobs, and expanding opportunities during a time when it is needed most. Contact us for more information and disclosures. [email protected]

In the recent news.


Hempleton decided early during quarantine that it would pause its Franchise sales, and concentrate on the implementation of new bolt on diversification models that enhance and diversify the franchise revenue. Being considered essential businesses during the pandemic, the existing franchise stores operated continually. The release of the new Franchise will take place in December 2020 – January 2021 and will include a new Wellness Collective service provider suite, a new Prohibition Spa model, and a Dankery coffee shop. These new bolt ons change the vibe in the dispensary.


Hempleton is excited to be working with Skin Tight Essentials throughout October 2020 as they onboard into the Ecosystem. East Coast Farmacies will be the distributer of the brand, The Hemp Farmacy will also begin carrying the brand, as well as the Skin tight Essentials lineup being timed perfectly with the release of the new Prohibition Spa and Wellness Collective Models in the corporate model franchise in Wilmington NC. We are excited to be entering the skin care marketplace with proven formulations and infusions.

Hempleton's network includes investors, farmers, and retailers in the Industrial Hemp industry. We serve to bring hemp into mainstream consumer availability through brick and mortar and e-commerce investments and operations. ]]>