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Hemp Juice

Offering so much more than simply weight loss, hemp juice is a great addition to the diet.

Hemp juice is full of nutrients with no THC—the element that gets you high. Also, people make it in an extremely way. It’s food for the future, some may say.

What is hemp juice?

Hemp juice is the juice of mainly the top part of the hemp plant, including the leaves.

This eco-friendly beverage has an abundance of proteins, amino acids, nutrients, omega fatty acids, and over 100 cannabinoids. Most of these cannabinoids come in minuscule amounts. However, CBD is one that occurs in a high amount.

People use CBD to help with pain and anxiety. However, right now, the FDA has only approved one treatment that uses CBD. And that’s Epidolex, which helps people with certain types of epilepsy.

Even so, more and more researchers are studying CBD. And many people report that it helps with different things. Because of this, there is a lot to love about drinking hemp juice.

Classed as a superfood by many dietitians and nutritionists, starting your day off with a hemp juice will get your system functioning exceptionally well.

Bright green and with umami flavor, it is often combined as part of a blend to make it more palatable.

How do they make it?

Cultivated from the hemp plant, hemp juice is created using the ‘cold press’ process. If you like a nutty and delicious drink, hemp juice is one to try.

After 90-120 days, farmers harvest the hemp plant. At that point, manufacturers can use hemp in just about anything.

From the production of wood, clothing, food, and even underwear, hemp is one of the most sustainable and versatile plants on the planet.

Not only that, it uses very little water in its growing process. That is another reason why it’s eco-friendly. Also, it can grow in many places around the globe. That’s because the plant is hardy and strong.

All of this makes hemp juice a fantastic addition to your daily nutrition.

As we said before, a 100% hemp beverage is an acquired taste. Many people prefer to enjoy it mixed into something else. In fact, it can go both ways: sweet or savory. You could even include this natural flavor in a salad dressing or in a steak sauce.

What are the benefits?

Extremely high in nutritional value, protein, nutrients, and amino acids, hemp juice—as with most superfoods—gets your digestive system humming. It’s great to take at the beginning of your day for that reason.

Hemp has inflammatory properties and is linked to a reduction in swelling. It’s dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic. That means anyone should be able to drink the juice. Now, whether or not they like the flavor is another issue.

The plant is also sustainable and ethical for your peace of mind. Grown worldwide, hemp is easy to grow and freely available.

Hemp is delicious and works to add essential fatty acids and protein to your diet. Why not try it out?

Why do we need hemp juice?

We all need a little more hemp in our diets. Not only because of the amazing health and wellbeing benefits it can offer us all, but because of its sustainability.

Hemp could offer a solution to reduce society’s environmental impact and decrease malnutrition across the globe.

Running the risk of sounding dramatic, hemp truly is the answer so many problems facing our environment and society today.

Where can I get hemp juice?

Commercially produced hemp juice products are in health food stores, juice bars and online.

Thanks to the increasing appeal and understanding of the benefits of hemp juice, you should be able to find it at a health food store near you.

Online, you can find out more at Sana Hemp or Venus Hemp.

Hemp juice is a great addition to your diet and a wonderful addition to your daily routine.

The addition of the extra nutrients is a fantastic way to ensure you are getting all the essentials in your diet.

Hemp is a wonderful product that is available across the globe. Whether you are looking for an addition to your drink or you are looking to add it to your food, hemp is a great option.

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Classed as a superfood, and loaded with proteins, amino acids & omega fatty acids, hemp juice is a great addition to a health-conscious diet.

What is Hemp Juice? What Are Its Benefits?

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While much of the hemp industry has been focusing on isolated cannabidiol and hemp fiber, few have been talking about hemp juice.

But what exactly is hemp juice? How is it used? What are its main benefits? And why is it suddenly in the spotlight?

If you’re asking these questions, this essential hemp juice guide should come in handy.

What is Hemp Juice?

Hemp juice is a non-psychoactive juice obtained from cold-pressing the upper part of the hemp plant and leaves. It shouldn’t be confused with hemp oil or hemp milk.

Hemp oil (or hemp seed oil) is the oil that has been extracted from hemp seeds and is usually rich in omega fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin E. Hemp milk, on the other hand, is made by soaking and grind hemp seeds in water. It resembles the typical milk in color, flavor, and texture.

How is Hemp Juice Used?

Hemp juice comes with many benefits. Here are some of its main uses:


While hemp juice is a beverage in itself, it can also be used in other non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. It particularly suited for relaxing soft drinks thanks to its calming effect.


For centuries, hemp has been used for traditional medicines. Today, it’s cannabinoid content has proven to be useful in treating a wide range of conditions such as PTSD, Parkinson’s Disease, fibromyalgia, and more.

Food Supplement

CBD hemp juice is rich in a range of nutrients including proteins, vitamins, cannabinoids, minerals, polyphenols, and unsaturated fatty acids – and this makes it a superfood. It’s can be a healthy alternative to various processed foods including protein powder and vitamin supplements.


Thanks to its high polyphenol, protein, and vitamin content, hemp juice can be used in skin creams. What’s more, it’s soothing effect can help manage skin conditions such as neurodermatitis.


Hemp juice can help intensify the flavor of various foods such as salads, smoothies, pastries, and more. It’s commonly used to reduce sweetness or saltiness in dishes without compromising on the flavor.

Hemp Juice vs. CBD Oil

Hemp juice is regarded as high-quality organic food. It has recently gained popularity thanks to its high CBD content and its ability to mix nicely with other drinks and foods. Since it isn’t psychoactive, it’s a safe product for all types of people. The juice is rich in zinc, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus, and iron.

With its high nutritional value, incorporating hemp juice in your diet can significantly boost your health and immune system over time. What’s more, frozen hemp juice still contains numerous nutrients, making it easy to store.

On the other hand, cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the over 100 cannabinoids (chemical compounds) found in the hemp plant. Since it’s non-psychoactive, it offers quick relief from pain and other symptoms without the mind-altering effects of THC.

To make CBD oil, CBD is usually isolated and extracted from the hemp plant and then diluted with carrier oils like castor oil, hemp oil, or coconut oil. One of the downsides of CBD oil production is that it is time- and labor-intensive. What’s more, the process doesn’t make use of about 97% of the plant, resulting in unnecessary wastage.

Have You Tried Hemp Juice?

If you’ve never had hemp juice, this would be the best time to try and enjoy its health benefits. A lot of online hemp companies produce organic hemp juice in various flavors. Enjoy some today.

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Hemp juice is a non-psychoactive juice obtained from cold-pressing the upper part of the hemp plant and leaves. Here’s all you need to know.