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Hemp Hats

Hemp has been used by sailors for hundreds of years and thanks to a manufacturing breakthrough in the 1980s, it is now creeping into more and more products. Hemp is extremely durable while being very lightweight, which make hemp hats a very versatile accessory. With the expertise that Conner hats brings to the table, they are a very stylish one too. If you’re not yet finding what you’re looking for, please check back soon, as this is a collection that will most certainly be expanding.

For this collection, it’s all about the material. Hemp hats are extremely durable and their light weight allows for maximum comfort. With well thought out touches from Conner, this collection has a lot to offer and will offer even more as it expands. Some hats are UPF 50+, others have a mesh crown for more breathability, and they feature an organic cotton sweatband for a relaxed and cozy fit.

Hemp has been used by sailors for hundreds of years but it wasn’t until the 80’s that a new process was created to make hemp into material for textiles. ]]>