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Hemp Energy: Sounds like a joke, but it’s not!

Among the many uses of hemp: food, textiles, paper and even fuel.

We’re still a ways from a hemp-powered car, but industrial hemp has made a number of headlines in past years, especially as an alternative energy source, as people have begun to take a closer look at the low tetrahydrocannabinol strains of Cannabis sativa. Universities have studied the plant, politicians have explored the subject and at least one government has dived head on.

First, a bit of background on hemp and its biofuel qualities. In a blog post for The Guardian about alternative fuels, Giulio Sica explains the qualities that make hemp a good energy source:

Growing hemp is easier than many other plants. The plant is efficient, bred to improve quality, yield, stress tolerance and decreased cost per ton. Furthermore, hemp grows quickly while also requiring less energy and fertilizer, and doesn’t require chemicals after planting. It can even help the farm by breaking the disease cycle of other crops. Sica considers it “a perfect crop to offset the carbon currently produced by fossil fuels.”

Cannabis seeds, often discarded, contain the plant’s oils that can be turned into fuel. At the University of Connecticut, researchers found industrial hemp to contain viable qualities for producing biodiesel. Hemp biodiesel produced by graduate students at the school had a 97 percent conversion efficiency. It will be interesting to see the university’s role in this alternative fuel source, since it owns a patent on a biodiesel reactor system that can make fuel out of various inputs, including hemp.

Why aren’t we driving hemp-powered cars then? Well, sounds like they’re at least working on it. Sica explains:

How much do you know about hemp? Keep reading to learn about biofuels and hemp energy.

Hemp Energy Drink

Gone are the days when you’d have to choose between hemp oil and an energy drink. Today, you can get a hemp energy drink! Grab one to enjoy the nutrients of nature’s green plant with the energy boost of caffeine and other compounds.

What is a hemp energy drink?

Do you struggle with sluggishness? Do you also want the nutritional benefits of hemp? Then why not try and look for an energy drink that packs a punch while at the same time has hemp for that added benefit?

These eco-friendly boosters are a popular choice for consumers today. Free from the THC that marijuana is well-known for, these beverages use extracts from the seeds for that extra zap of goodness.

Rather than grabbing the standard shot of caffeine on the shelves, grabbing an energy drink with hemp extract offer plenty of benefits to your health.

These drinks differ due to the hemp seed oil extract in the drink. The oil is well known to offer vitamins and minerals to the consumer, all while providing the energy boost you’re looking for.

What is in hemp energy drinks?

While each brand differs, you can expect to see a few key ingredients in your hemp drink.

Ingredients you might find in your drink include hemp seed oil, beet sugar, pure spring water, omega fatty acids and vitamins B3, B6, and B12.

The taste is sweet as you would expect from an energy drink, yet it has the healthy benefit of hemp oil. The hemp is extracted sustainably and ethically produced. This makes it a great option for those who love the environment.

If you’re low on energy or need to get your motor running after little sleep, a hemp energy drink is a great way to get you ready for the day. Being packed with vitamins and fatty acids is a bonus for this clever little beverage.

Are there any benefits?

It goes without saying that the hemp packs in good vitamins and minerals to your drink. Adding this in lets you take advantage of all its nutritional benefits.

Hemp oil extract can help as an anti-inflammatory and can help to relax the consumer or relieve tension. If you’ve been sitting at your desk all day and need a little pick me up, it’s a great option. A hemp energy drink offers far more benefits than the sugar-packed mainstream energy drinks on the shelves.

Hemp oil is said to relieve pain and help relax the body. Plus, it is also considered to reduce anxiety and depression.

Also, hemp oil and hemp products can benefit heart health. That’s because of the fatty acids they have. Over time, these nutrients can relax your blood vessels and lower blood pressure. And that leads to a healthier heart. Who doesn’t want one of those?

However you look at it, there are plenty of benefits for drinking a hemp energy drink. Not to mention, you’ll get a nice little flavor in this beverage from the green plant.

Lastly, the crop is vital to our future society. In terms of renewability, it’s a great option. For example, the crop gives us four times more useable material than timber per acre. Also, it gives us three times more material than cotton.

And it also has anti-microbial properties. That means farmers don’t have to use pesticides to grow it. And do you know how many pesticides cotton uses? Quite a lot.

Cotton uses about 16% of the world’s pesticides, while it only accounts for 2.5% of the world’s cropland. Now, that’s a lot of chemicals.

With hemp, you can be sure that there aren’t any chemicals like this in your drink. That’s something to feel good about.

Where can I buy a can of hemp energy drink?

Where you can buy a hemp drink really depends on where you are based. Many health food stores will stock these across the U.S. You can also purchase a case or a pack online via online suppliers such as Cannabis Energy Drink and Get Hemped.

If you’re looking for a drink to get you all fired up with energy and vitamins, a hemp energy drink could be the answer. Get your vitamins and essential fatty acids and top up your energy all at once.

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Rather than grabbing the standard energy drinks on the shelves, grabbing an energy drink with hemp extract offer plenty of benefits to your health. ]]>