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Hemp Belt

What is a hemp belt?

No different to the standard belt you might use to hold up your pants or outfit, a hemp belt is a classic item. The belt is made from natural materials that will stand the test of time.

Stylish and organic, a belt made with hemp fiber offers plenty of versatile styling options. The fibers are hardwearing and are built to remain a staple in your wardrobe.

Made from renewable materials, a hemp belt is hard wearing and can be used in a range of outfits.

If you love wearing ethically sourced and natural clothing, hemp accessories are the way to go.

How do they make them?

You can make a hemp belt yourself. To do this, all you need is hemp cord or hemp yarn. Simply find a pattern for a belt and knit it together.

You can make these accessories with a knot style, too. Furthermore, there are plenty of patterns to give you inspiration online.

Now, a knit belt like this might not be anything more than fashionable. However, if you want a durable and useable hemp belt, you can also purchase one from a retailer.

Manufacturers produce these eco-friendly accessories with the fibers of the plant. They spin and weave these fibers into a durable cloth. Then they cut patterns for various items from that fabric, including belts.

After that, they might dye the belt. Or, they may incorporate a dyed color of fabric into the weave beforehand.

Hemp belts use naturally grown hemp fiber that is woven and braided to create a sustainable and ethical belt. These style of belts are ideal for those looking for a sweatshop-free option.

Manufacturers make the belts with animal-friendly standards. Also, many producers make these belts individually. That means you can get a belt which is completely unique.

Are there any benefits of wearing one?

There are many benefits to owning this eco-friendly accessory. First of all, the crop is natural and organic, so there aren’t any chemicals in the final product.

Hemp is actually an easy crop to grow organically. That’s because it has natural anti-microbial properties. This means it resists mold and pests on its own.

That’s not only good for the crop in the field but also good for your belt. Once you own the product, it won’t succumb to mold or bacteria like other fabrics.

Renewable and elegant, hemp belts and stylish and offer a natural look for your outfit. That means they pack a one-two punch of fashion and sustainability.

Also, the fibers that make up the belt are very strong. Hemp fibers can actually be as long as the plant itself. That means it will take a long time for these belts to wear out.

They’ll resist tears better than other fabric belts, and can even last as long as leather. Furthermore, hemp fabric lasts about three times longer than cotton.

The durability of the belt also means it will hold its shape for longer. That means it won’t stretch out over time, which is a good thing.

Why are hemp belts popular?

Belts made from hemp are popular thanks to individuals who are looking for a sustainable and ethically sourced material that isn’t mass-produced.

Made from hemp, the material uses a lot less water. For example, it takes about 1/10th of the water that cotton requires for a comparable size of the crop. Also, it produces three times more useable fibers than cotton.

Hemp is increasingly popular for its antibacterial benefits, natural look, and chemical-free qualities. Individuals with skin conditions react well to hemp since it is hypoallergenic. Also, it is an all-around strong material that is very durable and will last a very long time. It just works great.

Where can I get one?

If you are looking for a hemp belt you can source the material yourself and create something. Or, have a search online for the many designers and stylists that have hemp in their fashion range.

A couple of suppliers online include Hemp Authority and Eco Choices. You can find belts to fit any size and any choice of fashion.

With all the benefits of hemp, you really can’t go wrong when enjoying this versatile material.

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Stylish and organic, a belt made with hemp fiber offers plenty of versatile styling options. Hardwearing, it will surely become a staple in your wardrobe.

Hempiness Organic Webbing D-Ring Belt

A classic style webbing belt with double loop buckle clasp.

All of us here at THS love these belts – especially the fact that they are exactly size adjustable. No need for holes here, ideal if you have over indulged a bit! This belt is a design classic standing the test of time. It’s made from a quality & sturdy Hemp organic webbing, 3cms wide and each belt has a double ring buckle, with a nifty adjustable buckle for that perfect fit. All stamped with the words – ECO HEMP. Quite right.

This Hempiness Organic D-Ring Belt will fit most sizes of belt loops on trousers/skirts etc and has an easy removable clasp so you can install your own belt buckle! You can also trim off any excess webbing for the perfect fit, nice and easy.
There are many customers who want to be able to use their own buckles and also removing it before washing, it looks after your washing machine as a heavy buckle can damage the drum during the washing cycle. Tailor it to your own style!

You can also have the belt in any colour you choose for only £8 extra. Simply select this option from the drop down list below, tick the Bespoke Dye Option and let us know your colour choice in the comments box during check out.

Colours: Passion Pink, Turquoise, Velvet Black, Deep Purple, Rosewood Red, Burgundy, Dark Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Earth Brown, Natural, Gun-Metal Grey or your own colour. The belt is 1.4″ wide.

The total length of the belt is your waist size plus 6 inches.

Well we practice we preach here at THS, and we love these belts – especially the fact that they are adjustable – ideal if you have over indulged a bit! A classic style made from a quality and sturdy Hemp webbing which is 3cms wide.