growing weed outdoors in michigan

Can I Grow Marijuana Outdoors in Michigan?

With the recreational marijuana law in Michigan, individual growers often wonder “Can I Grow Marijuana Outdoors“?

The short answer is yes, but with some strict rules.

As a guide, we can look to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. Due to the MMMA, we have a good understanding of the rules for growing marijuana outdoors for recreational purposes.

Please note, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act is not the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act. For the purposes of this post, the MMMA criteria is used as a guide.

Based on the MMMA, here are some of the rules to keep in mind if you want to grow marijuana outdoors in Michigan:

  • Marijuana plants can not be visible to the unaided eye from an adjacent property at ground level or from a permanent structure.
  • Marijuana must be in a stationary structure. Enclosed on all sides except the base. The structure must prevent access by the general public.
  • The marijuana grow area must have functioning locks or other security devices to prevent access by minors.

In short, you can grow marijuana outdoors in Michigan, but it needs to be in a secured area. Think greenhouse.

Personally, I do not consider growing marijuana in a greenhouse to be truly “growing marijuana outdoors”. A structure that encloses a space on all sides is not outdoors in my opinion.

Ultimately, the dream of fields of marijuana growing outdoors freely is not a reality in Michigan.

In the end, it is really up to the needs, desires and situation of the individual grower if growing marijuana outdoors is the right choice.

For the average Michigander that wants to grow marijuana, growing marijuana indoors is likely the better option.

Because of the risk and uncertainty of growing marijuana outdoors, focuses on indoor growing.

In a controlled environment, it is all around more secure for the individual marijuana grower and allows for more precise control over the marijuana growing process.

Individual marijuana growers often ask, can I grow marijuana outdoors in Michigan? The answer might surprise you! ]]>