green haze weed

Green haze weed

I have to say that this is one of the strongest strains ive had in a while. Be careful on your first use because green haze hits hard. Not necessarily a creeper but it takes a few seconds to kick in. Makes me extremely creative and gives me a kick of energy but no anxiety, and I suffer from agoraphobia. Great daytime strain. Would recomend for anyone for daytime use, just dont use too much. It can couch you.

The green haze is very strong you need to be careful on how much you smoke buts it’s high is really up lifting it also makes you glued to wherever ur sitting I love the bud the bugs are amazing it smells amazing it’s very strong it’s good for sex to

Green Haze is primarily a sativa strain and it is one of the few that have been used time and time again to create some of the most potent hybrid strains known to man. It has a THC content which falls anywhere between 24 and 28% and its buds are generally quite attractive. Even though the buds ar… ]]>