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Goldline CBD is dedicated to furthering the educational benefits of CBD while providing the benefits of CBD for opioid addiction, other diseases and medical issues.The delivery components are state of the art technology. Sleek stainless-steel body, Pyrex glass tank and mouthpiece with a ceramic heater to give the perfect flavor and performance that no other CBD company can measure up to.


Sour CBD Gummy Bears

Sour gummy bear candy is the favorite of almost every kid out there. In fact, grown-ups also like to enjoy the old memories by eating a couple of gummy bears at times. To be precise, gummy bears are a part of all our lives for decades. In this CBD era, several intake methods offer the benefits of CBD in a varied manner. Starting from CBD oils to the CBD vaping, different people choose different intake methods as per their liking and interest. Distinctively, CBD gummies are a great option that offers the impact quicker when compared with other CBD edibles.

Reserve Full Spectrum

Looking for a full-spectrum CBD extract that is highly concentrated and effective? Our 1200 MG full spectrum CBD oil is one of our most concentrated extracts that is known to provide relief from pain, stress and anxiety very quickly and effectively. This type of oil is known as a sub-lingual oil extract which is meant to be ingested by adding a few drops under your tongue and allowing it to sit there under your tongue for about 30 to 60 seconds. After you’ve waited about 20 to 30 seconds you can swallow the CBD and that it, the CBD should find its way into your blood stream from there.

CBD Crumble 500mg

CBD crumble is Full Spectrum extract that is CBD rich and has the most potent delivery and activation among CBD vape products. This Crumble is extracted from the highest grade of CBD flower and is in a solid format to be placed and vaped on an open coil vaporizer. The crumble is so potent it can even be broken down, liquidized, and vaped as such and still have its great effects. From Crumble kits that come with an entry level Dab/wax vaporizer to just selling refills of our gold line CBD crumble / CBD Wax, one small piece can contain more active CBD than full bottles of most tinctures.

Goldline Cbd is dedicated to furthering the educational benefits of cbd while providing the benefits of cbd for opioid addiction, other diseases and medical issues. Shop with confidence . ]]>