future cannabis project

Future cannabis project

A Research Vault on Vaping-Associated Pulmonary Injury

Join the Future Cannabis Project, California Cannabis Manufacturers Association (CCMA), Cannabis Distribution Association (CDA), Fiddler’s Greens, Green Bits, BDS Analytics, Sonoma Lab Works, CannAlign, and Sonoma County Growers Alliance for a Hall of Flowers after party. Wednesday, September 18th, from 6pm – 9pm. We locked in the outdoor space at the Whiskey Tip, a favorite […]

The Oakland-based biotech company is making its work available to the public with no strings attached.

Open Cannabis Project genetic data analyzed and made public.

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3 cannabis podcasts you should listen to pt 2

Cannabis and podcasting go together like cannabis and coffee or cannabis and music or cannabis and well, what I’m implying is cannabis goes well with a lot of things.

Podcasting is a remarkable platform for sharing information in great detail. Given the structure of podcasting, the information presented can be done in the long-form without interruption. Impromptu questions can arise and even questions from the audience can be sent in. Podcasts, unlike most platforms, allow for the host to dig deep into the information extracting information often left to dense books. This blog is a continuation of Three cannabis podcasts you should check out.

Shaping fire with Shango Los

Shaping fire was the first cannabis podcast I’ve stumbled upon and thank goodness, Shango Los is an inquisitive and experienced interviewer who adds his own experience and commentary to each episode. The Shaping Fire Podcast is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in cannabis. Shango covers a wide array of topics from Genetics, to breeding, cultivation, pest management and so much more. Unlike many podcasts, there is no linear progression so you can pick and choose episodes that pique your interest.

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The Future Cannabis Project

The future cannabis project is a gift to the cannabis community. The idea behind this channel is to share the talks given at some of the world’s biggest cannabis conferences. The Future Cannabis Project is the go-to podcast for everything cannabis-related. I contribute this channel to a lot of my knowledge about the industry. For many that are unable to travel to these events this channel is a huge asset for those looking to learn about trends about the cannabis industry and science related to cannabis cultivation, light, soil and so much more.

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The Grow From Your Heart Podcast

What can you say about Rasta Jeff? The man is a conduit of love and respect in the industry. Being a regular on the Embracing Organics Podcast as well as guests appearances on The DudeGrows Show, Growing With Fishes Podcast and many more it’s no wonder Rasta Jeff is a staple in the industry. The Grow From Your Heart Podcast is a gold standard for anyone looking to educate themselves about cannabis cultivation or simply learn about breeding or genetics. Jeff has a cadence and a wholesome attitude always reminding people to respect one another, hug their mom’s and lead with the best intentions. Don’t let his positive demeanor fool you, he’s serious about cannabis and deep dives into many topics relating to cultivating your own. Backed by years of experience in breeding and cultivating Rasta Jeff is a legend in the cannabis scene and we are all lucky that he’s willing to share his knowledge about all things cannabis. If you have a burning question he has yet to answer send him an email! He gets excited to answer questions sent by fans which to me shows how passionate he truly is for this industry and the community. Not only is Jeff knowledgeable, he’s even gone as far as to share his genetics with the world! Irie genetics is Jeff’s seed company that has bred famous cultivars such as Lemon Jeffery, Arise and Grateful Dawg Not only is he an expert cultivator, he’s willing to share his success with you!

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I cannot put enough emphasis on how beneficial these youtube channels are. We are lucky enough to be in a time where this information that was once next to impossible to find is shared freely on youtube. Please be kind and like the videos, subscribe and leave a comment of support. Many of these channels are products built from passion and from a love of cannabis as well as helping people. A little support goes a long way. We need to stand together to elevate those doing good for the cannabis industry because we are at a crossroads. Many see cannabis as nothing more than money but these channels are a perfect example of what the community is capable of.

Podcasts, unlike most platforms, allow for the host to dig deep into the information extracting information often left to dense books. This blog is a continuation of Three cannabis podcasts you should check out. ]]>