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Fort Collins Marijuana News & Events

Opioids versus medical marijuana debate begins in Arkansas

September 18 marks the deadline for accepting license applications for medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivators in Arizona, meaning now is the time for those chosen to finally prepare to open their doors to patients. A representative for t.

Study: Marijuana Use Among Soldiers In Colorado, Washington Is Down

Studies show that although being legalized in Colorado and Washington, marijuana use among soldiers has gone down, contrary to many predictions. Though it has been shown to treat symptoms of PTSD and other conditions, the military still regularly dru.

Fort Collins to Shut Down Marijuana Dispensaries

A voter approved ban is going in effect in about two weeks in the city of Fort Collins. All medical marijuana dispensaries will be forced to shut their doors. Some businesses have already closed down while others are making the move to nearby cit.

Fort Collins to have a Bitter Valentines Day

Fort Collins Dispensaries forced to close their door by Valentines day due to a ban based by voters. Business owners will likely try to sell their medicine under the pretenses of a caregiver after the shut down. Valentine&#39.

Fort Collins Weed Delivery Reviews

After 4 visits I will not EVER make it back for the 5th. The first time they were annoyed that I had questions. The second visit a girl cave out to my bf and I in our vehicle and what was supposed to be 30 dollars was something like $45 after the tax and a fee to use our cc then they round up and give us a couple dollars cash back without explanation to what they were doing. Then she asked for a tip! We gave her a few bucks. agreed we wouldn’t tip again because really? On the way home we realized they did not give us the military discount we had discussed with them. We called and she said she updated our profile and we would get the discount starting with our next visit and moving forward. So next visit comes. It’s the same girl and she says no to the veterans discount because I forgot to ask until the end! She said it was in the profile and would automatically apply! Whatever. We figure we will try one more time. Call . place order. the guy on the phone says can yo

Log onto the website three times and couldn’t get through to order anything. This is the order only site. We’re just gonna go somewhere else.

Find marijuana delivery services in Fort Collins, CO and buy marijuana from the comfort of your home .

Ft. Collins Marijuana Delivery

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Ft. Collins Marijuana News & Events

Recreational marijuana in Utah? No, but legal weed will soon be an hour and a half away from SLC.

West Wendover, NV, a city close to Salt Lake City, Utah, approved an ordinance this summer allowing for a marijuana dispensary. When applications were taken for the city’s new dispensary only 1 business was qualified and prepared, gaining th.

With marijuana going legit, marketing blitz takes a hit

‘I’m lovin’ it’, ‘Have it your way’, ‘King of Beers’, all slogans that most Americans are familiar with, but if several states vote to legalize marijuana next month then marijuana branding could become much more mainst.

Santa Rosa approves marijuana farms in parts of city

Santa Rosa has just joined many cities in Florida passing new marijuana laws. The City Council unanimously approved of the initiative, but marijuana businesses will be limited to certain parts of the city. Dispensaries will be not be allowed to open .

Rules for marijuana shops debated at Detroit hearing

The city of Detroit held a public hearing this week attended by concerned residents and medical marijuana patients alike. The subject of discussion being the newest proposal for the cities’ 150 medical marijuana shops. New regulations would prohi.

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Find marijuana delivery services in Ft. Collins, CO and buy marijuana from the comfort of your home . ]]>