ending federal marijuana prohibition

You could Taylor any detail of the plants genetics to suit your needs. Higher thc or faster flower time, bigger buds whatever you like. You are slowly generation by generation genetically modifying cannabis.

You cross a sativa with an indica, well done you just modified the genetics of a plant. You could have taken another indica to breed with your indica and the same for the sativa. But we all know that hybrids are the way forward, because they are a tailored version of what we want. Otherwise why would you cross that short fat indica with a dank smell n fat buds, with that tall fast growing sativa that takes forever to flower, has small buds and smells vaguely of ass. Because you are hoping you can get a tall plant, with fat buds that smell dank, with a nice short flower period. Imagine if you could change that short gene for a tall one, or the gene that makes your lovely plant have low potencey and switch it out with a high potencey one. We aren't talking food crops, even though it's the same. You all rant it's super safe doin weed, so why the panic.

Don't be a sheep and follow the rest of the crowd with the hype. Your kids will be eating it if you don't, and it's idiots like you that stop the progression of future advancements in medicine. That stupid, pig headed blindness never serves anyone well. I can't wait to see, smoke and get high on a plant that only produces thc. The high is pure, the potencey is guaranteed no matter what some jumped up punk bitchis trying to sell me on the street corner, and we've all been there with bullshit ditch weed. I agree to the fullest that it should be a seperate avenue completely from the mainstream bud to eleviate problems with purity of genetics aswell as the nostalgia of it. 30 years ago, nearly every thing you ate was organic. I'm English so nearly everything my family ate would have been sourced from local farms and company's as the transport of goods wasn't what itis now back then. Humanity is by far the stupidest thing I have ever encountered. Have you all forgotten we are the product of each other's natural selection. You have the same inate fears and instincts as any other animal. Loud noises, predators and most imortantly fear of the unknown. Do us all a favour and educate yourselves to save people like me half an hour of my life typing this just to help people I will never meet. I will never even see a reply to thus post as when I hit enter and leave this page I won't be back. To all those who know what I'm on about you are gifted, please continue educating yourselves for personal gain. To all the rest , Laters ya god worshipping, dream analysers ! E cigarettes, for example, sometimes have the nicotine dose expressed as mg/mL or milligrams per ml. Crafting non-toxic lipsticks that provide long lasting color while nourishing your lips is serious business. Respecting your health and the planet, Hemp Organics lipsticks are what you’ve been looking for: non-toxic, gluten-free, paraben-free and nanoparticle-free. Our USDA Certified Organic base of castor oil, plant waxes, hemp seed oil and jojoba oil is enhanced with natural mineral pigments resulting in 37 absolutely stunning shades. And, don’t worry – we don’t use any FD&C dyes, irritating fragrances or synthetic preservatives.

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