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Adelia is a tireless advocate for cannabis entrepreneurs, providing a presence and passion sorely needed in this industry. The entire Direct Cannabis team are wonderful people, brilliant professionals, and a joy to work with.

Very professional presentation. Sitting at the crux of entrepreneurship and the cannabis industry. Broad reach with their content for those inside and outside the industry. Highly recommend DCN.

Adelia and the DCN team have created an amazing cannabis media platform. I remember attending one of DCN’s first seed series event and being super impressed with how organized and well done it was. I couldn’t believe they were a new start up. They have been super helpful with my start up and everyone I know in this industry respects and admires what they are doing and their entire team. They are awesome.

The first time I saw DCN I thought they were an established company. The way they presented themselves initially made it seem like they’ve been doing this for years, and the advice+support they’ve given to my startup has been priceless! You guys are awesome and it’s exciting to think about DCNs future!

Adelia and the DCN team have been integral in keeping cannabis entrepreneurs and cannabis enthusiasts abreast of what is trending in the cannabis industry. Between the Coffee and Cannabis episodes that provide accurate and insightful information on different perspectives of the industry, to learning how fellow cannabis entrepreneurs are finding their niche in this growing industry.

I have enjoyed every minute working with Adelia and the DCN team. They have an unparalleled attention to detail, a strong sense of creativity and the drive to execute on their plans. This is how media companies should be run. They have my vote!

Skip Stone StashLogix start-up founder and CEO at CanopyBoulder

DCN is an up-and-comer in the cannabis media space with fun and informative content.

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