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How CBD tampons could help you get through a painful period

Hey, it’s Menstrual Hygiene Day. So we’re delving into the exotic world of CBD tampons to find out how they provide all-natural pain relief for period cramps

Are you one of the nine in ten women in the UK who experiences period cramps, or in the 40 to 50% of women suffering from primary dysmenorrhea, the medical term for painful periods? If you have days where the age-old hybrid of paracetamol, dairy milk, and a hot water bottle simply won’t cut it (and who hasn’t?) then it might be time to explore other avenues.

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Now, you may have heard about the effects of CBD as a natural remedy for pain relief – having been approved in several countries to treat pain related to multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Although there are no published research studies on using CBD for period relief, the theory remains that when it comes to menstruation, CBD can alleviate the pain created as the uterus contracts to expel its lining.

Enter CBD tampons. Heralded as the UK’s first clinically validated CBD tampons when launched by Daye earlier this year, they’re basically your average tampon – just a more sustainable, natural, and cramp-fighting version.

The CBD tampons were the first foray into consumer products from Daye, a female health research company. After almost three years of research, trials and testing, they’re available to buy on the Daye website. Prices range from £7 to £16 for a box (FYI, they’re priced depending on the choice of tampons).

Wondering what’s so special about a CBD tampon, anyway? Well, the Daye tampons promise to offer a natural alternative to medication for women who frequently experience painful periods, thanks to the CBD. Plus, they’re both dye and pesticide-free, built from absorbent fibres and lab-tested to hold them to the highest standard.

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For those of you who are wondering what CBD is, CBD stands for ‘cannabidiol’, a type of cannabinoid chemical which is found naturally in the cannabis plant. FYI, CBD won’t get you high or intoxicate you (another cannabinoid, THC, does that).

Daye’s products contain a concentrated 30% whole plant hemp extract, plus a naturally occurring 100mg of cannabidiol per tampon. They say that yes, this is enough to offer pain relief, but no, not anything that could to get you high or show up on a drug test. Fun fact: although Daye’s tampons are yet to be tested by outside labs or non-affiliated scientists as far as Marie Claire is aware, their own clinical trials show the products to be as effective as anti-inflammatories.

According to the company, pre-launch they had 20,000 people on the waitlist.

When asked about the motivation behind creating the company and product, Valentina Milanova, Daye’s founder, said: ‘The vision is to create a world where every woman with a smartphone can understand, monitor and improve her menstrual, sexual and reproductive health.’

‘The first gender gap that we want to close is the gender pain-gap. Over-the-counter painkillers have never been tested on the female physiology and carry a plethora of side-effects (like gastrointestinal inflammation), so at Daye we have spent time researching and developing the patented CBD tampon to provide a safe and effective alternative.’

According to their website, Daye works closely with doctors and researchers to carry out research, but more information and details on the specifics of this can be found on their website.

If you’re worried about ordering new products in light of the COVID-19 situation, Daye has that covered too – as it recently detailed the lengths it is taking to ensure its tampons are safe from contamination. These include ensuring that production workers wear full-body cleanroom suits and have their temperature taken before the beginning of each shift.

Are you one of the nine in ten women in the UK who experiences period cramps, or in the 40 to 50% of women suffering from primary dysmenorrhea, the

CBD Tampons

Have you ever heard of CBD suppositories? If you have, you might have heard users talk about how they are good for menstrual pain relief. From these, a new and intriguing product has emerged: CBD tampons. Like suppositories, CBD tampons are designed to deliver healing CBD oil to a targeted area of the body.

CBD vs. THC—and CBD Tampons

Cannabis-based tampons and suppositories for pain relief usually contain high amounts of cannabidiol (CBD). However, they may or may not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is because CBD is the major pain-controlling molecule found in cannabis plants (Cannabis sativa). THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis, responsible for giving people a high when they use marijuana. CBD does not cause psychoactive effects.

The differences between CBD and THC come from the ways they interact with your body. Each binds and activates different kinds of receptors within your cells. Those that THC binds are mostly found in your brain, where THC causes changes in the activity of your neurons.

The receptors that CBD binds to are largely found in the cells of your immune system and not as much in your brain. Taking CBD helps control inflammation, pain, and stress but doesn’t affect your neurons nearly as much.

Menstrual Cramps and Pain

Most women are quite familiar with the phenomenon of menstrual cramps. These cramps are caused by the uterus losing its inner lining of tissue (endometrium). As this lining falls off each month and a woman has her period, many cells and their components break off and are released into nearby body parts.

Some of these components are enzymes that trigger certain inflammatory and pain molecules. These molecules provoke contractions of the uterus and surrounding muscles. These contractions cause cramping and the pain that goes with it.

The most common therapy for period pain relief is nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen. These painkillers work by blocking the production and release of inflammatory and pain molecules.

Other menstrual pain-relieving options include heating pads, oral contraceptive pills (birth control), and CBD-infused products. Though taking CBD oil or edibles can help relieve pain throughout the body, suppositories and tampons deliver CBD directly to affected areas.

The skin of the vagina and rectum absorb some substances very rapidly, avoiding breakdown by the stomach or liver. This enables almost immediate action of whatever substance is in the suppository. A CBD suppository could then lead to quick relief of period pain and inflammation.

FORIA Wellness

Foria is a California-based company that develops THC and CBD-infused products. Their items range from vape pens to suppositories.

Examples of the THC products they offer are:

  • Arousal lube
  • Suppositories
  • Lubricating suppositories
  • Micro-dose vape pen
  • THC oil

Examples of their CBD products include:

  • Natural arousal oil (massage therapy)
  • Menstrual vaginal suppositories (or rectal)
  • Oral CBD capsules
  • CBD oil (to add in beverages)
  • Vape pen

The menstrual CBD suppositories can be inserted vaginally or rectally. Each suppository contains 100mg of CBD.

A UK “femcare” start-up company is currently in the midst of developing CBD tampons named Daye. This novel feminine care product, enhanced with 30% CBD, is due out this fall (2019).


The thought process behind developing CBD tampons stems from CBD’s therapeutic effect on menstrual pain and inflammation. Absorption through the vaginal wall would provide quick and direct pelvic pain relief.

With this method of absorption, it is important to consider dosages, concentrations, and side effects. The vaginal canal wall is thin absorbs substances much faster and with higher concentrations than if we ingest them orally. While this may not necessarily be a bad thing, we need more information from studies and clinical trials before we find definitive answers regarding how effective CBD tampons may be.

One of the latest CBD products on the market is the CBD tampon, which delivers CBD directly to quickly alleviate menstrual cramps and other female issues. ]]>