cbd synergy

Cbd synergy

The centrepiece of the CBD Synergies – AX Calming Formula is a CBD-rich, THC-free broad-spectrum hemp extract. This extract is renowned for its calming, balancing effects on the mind and body and has also been enhanced with amino acids. It is further supported by beta-caryophyllene which is a unique hemp-based compound that can amplify the soothing effects of CBD (cannabidiol) and promote full-body wellbeing.

Why it Works:

In today’s day and age, we often find ourselves in stressful situations. Frequent exposure to stress can push the body into being in a near-constant “fight or flight” mode. Once you are in this mode, it can be quite hard for the body to calm down again. Luckily, certain natural ingredients can help enhance calmness in both body and mind.

The CBD Synergies-AX Calming Formula is a calming blend of premium botanicals, amino acids and CBD (cannabidiol) from broad-spectrum hemp extract. All of these ingredients can help calm your body down and support your body’s highly important “rest and repair” mode.

They do so by targeting key neurotransmitter or signalling molecules, in the brain that promotes calmness or wellbeing in one way or another. These are GABA and serotonin.

GABA is your brain’s premier “calm and connect” neurotransmitter- it slows nerve impulses and quiets a busy mind.

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. L-Theanine also supports GABA activity and a calm, relaxed state of mind.

5HTP is a neurotransmitter precursor which enhances the production of your body’s primary feel-good neurotransmitter, serotonin.

Our one of a kind formula combines these premium botanicals, amino acids, and essential oils in our proprietary nano-liposomal shell to allow rapid uptake into your bloodstream. The time-honoured botanicals skullcap and rose flower oil round out the formula, easing tension and melting stress away.

Hence, we like to say that the CBD Synergies-AX Calming Formula is ‘zen’ in a bottle; one dose of this alchemical medley can instantly ease tension, relax both your body your and mind and help calm you when you need it.

The Science Behind the Product:

However, Quicksilver Scientific®’s patented nanoparticle delivery system protects both water and fat-soluble elements, ensuring rapid uptake in the body. These nanoparticles are also called liposomes.

Quicksilver Scientific®’s liposomes have been designed for a dramatic boost in nutrient absorption. Liposomes are microscopic vesicles that contain and carry nutrients directly into your cells.

When herbal nutrients are delivered with Quicksilver Scientific®’s liposomal technology, they can bypass the digestive process that normally degrades or limits the absorption of the compounds you consume. This allows for the nutrients to cross the cell membrane and deliver nutrients directly inside the cell. In turn, this helps increase the bioavailability of nutrients considerably.

CBD Synergies-AX Calming Formula is a THC-free broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract. This formula contains a blend of CBD, botanicals and amino acids. The formula has been specifically designed to promote a sense of calm or “zen” in both body and mind. Can tar ]]>