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What Does CBD Smell Like?

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Taste. Color. Feeling.

What about the smell?

What does CBD smell like?

Don’t you love that answer?

It really does depend on the kinds of the CBD you’re smelling.

There are other important attributes that go along with that difference in smell!

We’ll get into that later.

Many people are using CBD before stressful situations since research is showing benefits in those situations.

  • A first date
  • A business meeting
  • A public speaking engagement (yes, please!)
  • Your mother-in-law

Just check out the research on CBD and Social Anxiety here.

Anyway, the last thing you want before social interaction is to smell weird!

That basically cancels out the benefits of the CBD.

So, let’s look at what to expect with CBD smell.

We’ll go through these different elements.

  • What does CBD smell like
  • Should CBD smell like weed
  • Do drug dogs smell CBD
  • What’s the best CBD to have no scent
  • What if CBD smells fishy

    By the way, CBD has been shown to grow brain neurons in two areas. the Hippocampus (memory, learning, spatial navigation, and more) and the olfactory bulb.

    Um. that’s the part of your brain in charge of sense of smell!

    ..what is CBD’s “smell”?

    What does CBD smell like

    This depends on the type of CBD and quality.

    First, there are two main types of CBD:

    • Full-spectrum (more of the plant material in the oil)
    • CBD Isolate

    CBD Isolate is usually just CBD and a base oil.

    With CBD Isolate, there’s very little if any scent.

    If anything, you’re likely to smell the base oil depending on what they use.

    The three most common base oils:

    • Hemp oil – strong “weedy” smell
    • Olive oil – strong and heavy smelling scent
    • MCT oil – extract from coconut oil – little smell and if any, sweet.

    The MCT oil option is very popular and will have a light, sweet smell if anything at all.

    We focus on CBD Isolate in MCT oil for many reasons including its smell.

    It’s also friendlier to people with allergy and histamine issues.

    Umm. that’s about 40-60% of the US population!

    This brings up the other much-touted CBD product.


    It’s pushed hard at almost every other brand and website.

    What does full spectrum CBD smell like?

    Strong. Much stronger than CBD Isolate.

    Depending on the brand (and how long you’ve had it), it can smell weedy or like wheatgrass.

    In fact, it can be very strong smelling.

    We’ve tested dozens of the biggest brands.

    One of the most popular smells very strong indeed.

    In fact, when I would put it on my skin, my husband would complain when I approached him.

    To make matters worse, women have a better sense of smell.

    The full spectrum CBD has a wheatgrass or weedy smell.

    After you’ve opened the bottle, the smell gets stronger over time which makes sense.

    There’s literally organic plant material in there!

    Check out our Does CBD Expire article.

    While you’re at it, if you have any issues with allergies, check out the CBD and Allergies page on why there’s a bigger difference than just the wheatgrass smell you’ll be rocking at the dinner party.

    Let’s dig into some questions we get often.

    Should CBD smell like weed?

    If it’s full-spectrum or in hemp oil, yes.

    Let’s face it. the scent of weed comes from the different components in the original plant.

    It’s primarily terpenes that give plant matter different smells.

    Cannabis is no different with powerful and very distinct terpenes and scents.

    Full-spectrum and/or hemp oil will have these same terpenes.

    Therefore, they will have a smell.

    It’s a bit different from the classic skunk smell of cannabis.

    More of a wheat grassy vibe.

    It can be quite strong and some people have difficulties with the smell and taste.

    CBD Isolate will not have a weedy smell.

    There’s very little scent at all.

    CBD by itself has no smell.

    So it’s just the base oil that might have a scent.

    MCT is actually an extract of medium-chain fats so it has even less smell than coconut oil which is pretty hard to detect.

    Which brings up a good question.

    We’re at the airport.

    We have CBD oil in our carry on.

    Do drug dogs smell CBD

    Please reference the topics above.

    CBD isolate should not be detected (unless in hemp oil or hemp seed oil).

    Dogs just have a much more sensitive ability to pick up on the terpenes that give cannabis it’s distinctive scent.

    CBD Isolate by itself is a white, crystalline substance with no smell.

    Think of salt or sugar.

    CBD isolate has no real taste either.

    We just want to use MCT oil as the base.

    Olive oil will also not have a problem with drug dogs but who wants to smell like an Olive Garden menu?

    Hemp oil may be picked up by drug dogs since the terpenes will be present.

    Many sites sell the benefits of terpenes and flavonoids but there in such small amounts and with very little research.

    CBD is heavily researched (see List of CBD benefits here).

    If you’re traveling, CBD Isolate with MCT oil.

    Also, if you have allergy or histamine issues.

    The best CBD to have is no scent.

    All the sections above lead to this.

    For the best CBD with no smell, it’s CBD Isolate in MCT oil.

    A popular option with 3rd party safety testing and the best cost per mg of CBD is below.

    This is also the easiest for people’s immune response to allergens.

    Another question comes up from people who probably not using CBD Isolate.

    What if CBD smells fishy

    Maybe don’t take it.

    Most likely, it’s full-spectrum CBD or hemp oil.

    The hemp oil could have gone bad or is just getting long in the tooth.

    We’ve tested some of the biggest brands and some of them will get pretty goopy and smelly after a few weeks unless refrigerated.

    Even then, full-spectrum has a lot of plant material in the oil.

    What happens to lettuce when you leave it out.

    Even if refrigerated, that lettuce isn’t going to last forever.

    That fishy smell may just be the full-spectrum hemp oil smell.

    We’ve spoken to many people where it’s a deal-breaker.

    Keep in mind that most of our what we taste comes from the smell.

    If CBD smells bad, it’s going to taste even worst!

    We have to able to take this to get the benefits of CBD.

    CBD Isolate in MCT oil.

    We designed our CBD to be clean and smell likewise:

    The safest bet for no smell CBD.

    Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement!

    The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider.

    The type of CBD can smell like weed, wheat grass, or worse. Or it can be pretty unscented. What Does CBD Smell Like?

    Should CBD Smell Like Weed?

    Should CBD Smell Like Weed?

    Particularly if you’re likely to go to a small business conference or fulfill your mother-in-law when it comes to very first time.

    Let us maybe not log off on a poor base!

    The type of CBD oil you purchase really can impact this concern.

    There is an entire course of CBD oil which have a hemp smell that is strong.

    Another subset has very scent that is little all.

    We’ll give an explanation for huge difference and just why it is more crucial than simply the weed scent.

    SO, in order to avoid scaring the moms and dads when you are directly into show their kiddies, let us see if the weed can be avoided by us scent with CBD.

    The two primary forms of CBD oil and weedy scents

    First, there are two main main forms of CBD in the marketplace:

    • CBD Isolate
    • Comprehensive Spectrum CBD and/or hemp oil

    The CBD Isolate need to have almost no odor at all with no weed smell that is discernable.

    It’s essentially the crystalline CBD substance it self (doesn’t have fragrance. like sodium or sugar) put into a base oil.

    Now, we must be only a little careful utilizing the base oil inside our calculation.

    You will find three common choices:

    • Hemp oil
    • Coconut oil
    • MCT oil (from coconut)

    Hemp oil may have a weedy smell according to just how concentrated it’s and just just what areas of the plant they normally use.

    The better the oil, the less it smells like weed but there may continually be a number of the fragrance here.

    It’s the cannabis plant after all.

    Having said that, hemp generally possesses milder odor than cannabis which can be simply a purpose of the standard of THC and terpenes into the plant.

    Essential olive oil has its own distinctive scent and you most likely never wish to take a primary date smelling like Olive Garden either.

    MCT (extracted fats from coconut oil) may be the minimum scent that is noticeable.

    This has a smell that is slightly sweet style but scarcely discernible.

    Again, it is an extract from coconut oil. not coconut oil itself.

    Really small odor and if put into CBD Isolate, no weed odor at all.

    Which is one reason we concentrate on CBD Isolate and MCT oil at IndigoNaturals.

    Finally, the type that is second of. Complete Spectrum CBD.

    The weedy scent of Full Spectrum CBD

    This kind of CBD is pushed every where because of the slick advertising term “the entourage impact”.

    Essentially, there is a complete lot a lot more of the hemp plant into the bottle.

    This might provide it a weedy scent, flavor, and color!

    It is not uncommon for this to be goopy and green.

    The taste that is weedy odor could be a dealbreaker for a lot of.

    Take into account that a lot of your style arises from the scent of everything we’re eating.

    Scientists simply discovered scent detectors on our tongues!!

    There is another problem with complete Spectrum.

    A percentage that is good of US population has allergy and histamine problems.

    Approximately 40% or over to 60% for females (perhaps greater if over the age of 40).

    They’ve been more likely to have reactions that are negative all of that plant material.

    The things that are very numerous brands can sell will make individuals feel bad!

    We have seen where unwanted effects from complete range disappear with CBD Isolate.

    We are not amazed!

    Also, the extensive research is primarily for CBD it self.

    There is no genuine scientific backing for the effect that is entourage.

    Till we come across research, it is simply marketing that is great push a product that easier and cheaper in order to make (larger margins).

    You could get more information on this from a source that is reputable:

    Additionally, it may have a distinctive smell that is weedy.

    It may also degrade faster because there is natural plant material when you look at the container.

    It isn’t uncommon because of it to get darker, more smelly, and thicker after the bottle is exposed.

    The MCT oil and CBD isolate keeps its basic viscosity, color, flavor, and lack of fragrance for extended than you’ll likely have left in the container.

    You can examine our Does CBD out expire web page for lots more information.

    Whenever we cbd oil info site tested the major brands, approximately 90percent of those had full range CBD & most had a definite weed odor.

    This brings up an added problem.

    Are you able to travel with CBD?

    I happened to be in Las Las Vegas simply one other for a trade-show week.

    Going right through safety during the airport, the medication dogs we’re winding their method through the social individuals waiting in line.

    The dogs are taught to recognize the marijuana that is distinctive in bags as well as on individuals.

    They are not trained for the scent of CBD (which generally speaking doesn’t have fragrance).

    Final we checked, coconut oil was not on the radar aswell.

    The complete spectrum CBD and/or hemp oil base might be a concern here.

    Now, in certain States, cannabis is legal.

    It really is nevertheless a relevant questions mark in several other areas, particularly internationally (Asia pops into the mind).

    For this reason, CBD Isolate with MCT oil may be the bet that is safest for airport protection.

    there is no THC or cannabis plant product to provide off a fragrance!

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    Well if cbd or hemp doesnt have actually cannabis inside it then it shouldnt smell enjoy it after all.

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    Should CBD Smell Like Weed? Should CBD Smell Like Weed? Particularly if you’re likely to go to a small business conference or fulfill your mother-in-law when it comes to very first time.