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SISTERS N CBD is our own brand of CBD and CBD products. They are compounded with the highest quality and care. This ensures you get a high quality product and it allows for us to be able to compound the strength that is right for your needs.

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A little bit about SISTERS N CBD

SISTERS N CBD was founded by a group of friends from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. Many months were spent researching and formulating our wonderful products. We strive to use all organic products whenever possible. The CBD used in our products is from one of the top processing labs in the US, and compounded by hand in OUR lab. Because we compound our own products, this helps us to customize them for your specific needs. We are able to further customize our products by adding essential oils, flavoring our Full Spectrum products and we are even able to increase the strength. So, if you don’t see it on this website, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we can see what we can do! Our top quality products are very affordable and we pride ourselves in customer service. If you are looking for an all natural alternative for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, blood pressure or blood sugar issues, etc., SISTERS N CBD is the way to go.


CBD can be a wonderful alternative to conventional prescription medications. That being said, please use with caution. AGAIN, we encourage and STRONGLY recommend that you speak with all of your healthcare providers before beginning CBD products. While CBD can help with several health conditions, it can cause issues with the metabolism (breakdown) of some medications in the body. This responsibility falls on YOU the consumer, NOT on SISTERS N CBD. Please be an advocate for your own health. We only get one body in this lifetime, please treat it with care.

Full Spectrum vs THC Free

One of the first questions we ask in our retail location is, “Are you subject to drug testing for any reason? This includes for employment or pain management”? I think it’s important for our customers to be informed. If you are subject to drug testing, our “THC FREE” products are for you. All of the THC has been removed, therefore you should not fail a drug test. The “Full Spectrum “ products contain up to 0.3% (or less) of THC. The 0.3% THC is NOT ENOUGH TO CAUSE ANY PSYCHOACTIVE EFFECTS (you will not get “high” or “stoned”), but you will test positive on a drug test. We not only recommend, we strongly encourage you to talk with your healthcare providers as well as your Human Resources professionals to find out their policies for the use of CBD. While CBD IS LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES, some employers and healthcare providers may not be on board. The responsibility to research this falls on you, the customer, NOT on Sisters N CBD.


Let me start by saying I fully support proper medical attention based on your individual needs. My experience with CBD oil use is that it’s a lifesaver. I have chronic migraines (migraines for over 30+ years which turned chronic – every day/roughly 8 years ago). I also suffer from severe neck pain (had a disc replaced 6 mos ago). I was taking several migraine meds daily (every few hours/every day) and was still in major pain, as well as having to take opioid and muscle relaxer (every few hours/every day), as well as daily wearing lidocaine patches for the neck pain and was still had tremendous neck pain even with all the meds. Now with the help of CBD oil I rarely take any migraine med, opioid or muscle relaxer and have only had to use the lidocaine patch on rare occasions. I had 3 migraine related surgeries (in the past 3 yrs). They had to customize my CBD dosage due to the severity of my pain. I am so thankful for the awesome people at SISTERS N CBD. They listened carefully listen to hear about my situation, in an effort to help determine what will best help my pain needs. I believe with the most recent dosage change, I will likely be able to say I only take migraine, opioid or muscle relaxers as needed and with little frequency. They are knowledgeable, professional and truly helpful people. I full heartedly trust them and their products. This is the first time I have felt like myself in so many years due to living in constant pain and taking to much medication. My mind is no longer dulled from the pain and all the daily pain meds I had to take just to get by – I am no longer surviving just minute to minute, I am now living my life again. I am seeing a neurologist still as I feel even tho my pain had been helped tremendously, it’s prudent to have a neurologist monitor my condition as ‘something’ has caused me to have the migraines for 30+ years and then becoming chronic, so it’s necessary (for me) to make sure nothing unhealthy develops. As good as I now feel – I am no longer seeing the pain specialists, as I don’t need all those hard meds nor do I need them overseeing me and my life. I am choosing a healthier form of pain relief/anti-inflammatory and CBD works 100,000,000 x better (for me) than all the meds I’ve taken over the years, or the many failed procedures and not even the 3 migraine related surgeries I had in an attempt to help the chronic migraines. And now, I don’t have to worry about the health of my liver and/or kidneys. My husband also has experienced years of tremendous pain and has gotten a great deal of relief from taking CBD oil (different dosage than mine). We also have our 3 dogs on PAWS daily and it’s helped them with their pain (1 is over 14 and used to moan and groan whenever she moved) – now her vocal pain is very minimal (yes we’ve had her examined to make sure nothing is wrong other than age), another is our youngest but has 2 bad rear knees (already had 1 knee replaced a year ago) so his back-end mobility was compromised from deteriorating joints and pain and inflammation caused by that, and the other is taking it just to help with any daily aches and pains he may have from age and amount of daily activity. We are so thankful we found Sisters N CBD, and I’m so glad that I never stopped believing that we’d find something to help relieve the unrelenting pain we endured on a daily basis. Thank you SISTERS N CBD- you’ve given me my life back, as well as helping our entire family. THANK YOU.

Samantha Stott / Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

I am the most cynical person on the planet when it comes to quick fixes. the “Soothe” lotion is the real deal. My shoulder has been jacked since before my last boxing match. This gave me relief so fast it was scary.

Rick Cook / Soddy Daisy, Tennessee

I have been using the “Soothe” lotion for my diabetic neuropathy in my feet and legs, and it’s working wonders! Works great on my arthritis in my joints, and my shoulder injury! Would definitely recommend it!

ELlen Pearcy / Indianapolis, IN

I wanted to let you know how great your products are. I have R.A and restless leg syndrome. I bought your CBD oil and the Soothe lotion, looking for an alternate way to get relief from my pain other than pills. At night I would go into fits with my legs, so that night I used the Soothe lotion all over my legs and I slept through the night with no issues, it was great. I also have arthritis in my back from a back injury from years ago. I was on narcotic pain meds for years and with the laws getting strict with the doctors giving them out to patients I knew I had to get off them. I succeeded getting off the pain meds with your CBD oils. I also have my mother using the CBD and Soothe lotion. She also has R.A and has had this awful disease for over 40 yrs. She is so greatful that she finally tried your products .So thank you for taking the time to talk to me about all your products and I’ve alway been treated very well by Sisters N CBD. Thank you!

Connie F. Bakewell, Tennessee

We sell high quality CBD and CBD products online and retail. We work with an independent lab to compound our own Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD and hemp products. We have a line of products that do not contain THC as well as a line of products that contain the legal amount (0.3% or less) of THC. ]]>