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Hemp/CBD Business Plan Sample

We have completed business plans for a wide variety of hemp and CBD businesses, including Cultivation, Processing, Manufacturing, Retail and Vertically Integrated Hemp/CBD businesses.

We offer “70% ready to go” professional business plan templates, including pro forma financials and projections to help you know how much money it’ll cost to start your business and how much money you can make by starting and operating your 100% legally compliant hemp/CBD business.

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Business Plan

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Problem Summary

To Do: Briefly describe the problem(s) your CBD business is going to solve. How are you going to help your customers?

Solution Summary

To Do: Summarize what your CBD company is going to do. The executive summary should be brief.


To Do: Give a brief description of your target customer and/or market segments.


To Do: Briefly describe your competition and list a few other CBD brands your target customers might already be using: oil, gummies, vapes, etc.

Expert Team

To Do: Brief outline of you and your team members. What skills/experience in the CBD industry do you have that helps you build this business?



To Do: Brief description of your sales targets and how much revenue you plan to generate over the next 12 months. Long term sales goals? Financial Snapshot

To Do: Include a chart of your sales projections and expenses.

Financing Requirements

To Do: If you are writing a business plan with the intention of eventually seeking investment for your CBD business, include a short summary of how much capital you are looking to raise. If you are not going to be raising capital you can delete this section.


Problem & Solution

The Problem

To Do: Go into detail about what problem your CBD business will solve and what it is your customers need. Do they need a strong dose? Are the prices currently too high for CBD oil? Are you solving an availability issue with your website? Why are consumers going to want to buy from you?

The Solution

To Do: Expand on the information you provided in the Executive Summary and provide details about your CBD brand and products. What is your unique selling advantage that is going to set your CBD brand apart from the rest?

Target Market

Market Share

To Do: Give a detailed description of who your target customers are. If your CBD company is targeting multiple niches or segments, describe them each here. Try to include as much data as possible about your customers and segments. Definitely include data on how large the overall CBD market is as a whole.


Current Competitors

To Do: Who is your current competition? Where are they located? What are their prices? What are people currently using instead of your CBD products?

Unique Selling Advantage

To Do: What makes your CBD brand and your products different than your competitors? What advantages do you have over other CBD brands in your niche? Patents? Trademarks? Relationships? Prices? Anything you can do to differentiate yourself from the rest is usually a good thing.


Sales & Marketing

Sales Plan

To Do: Every CBD company needs a solid sales plan. Selling direct to consumers online is highly recommended but it’s not the only way to operate a CBD company. How are you converting leads that your marketing campaigns generate into sales? If you’re using a sales funnel describe your funnel.

Marketing Plan

To Do: How do you plan on letting consumers know your CBD brand exists? What is your plan for generating website traffic? Will you use social media? Maybe you’re considering setting up an affiliate program to support your CBD brand. Describe all of your marketing ideas here.



To Do: Where is your CBD company physically located? How much space is available for expansion if needed? Will you need to move/acquire more space?


To Do: Explain how you are setting up your website and what social media platforms you are going to use to support your CBD brand. How are you processing credit card transactions? Are you using a crm program to manage your leads? Specialty Equipment

To Do: List any production equipment you currently own/lease as well as any equipment you plan on needing in the future. Try to include lead time for production, price, vendor info, etc.


Key Metrics

To Do: Which data points are most important for understanding and determining the overall health of your CBD company? What are your early and long term goals?



Legal Structure

To Do: How has your CBD company been legally formed? Sole Prop? LLC? C-Corp?


To Do: Provide details on who owns your CBD company. If there is more than one owner, describe each person’s ownership stake in the business.


To Do: Provide details on the members of your management team (if necessary). Describe each persons title, skill set, experience, and exactly what they do for your CBD company. If your management team has not yet been fully assembled, list the positions that you need to fill.


To Do: Provide details on any/all investors, mentors, subject matter experts, or fellow business owners that you consider a part of your team or inner circle.

Financial Plan

Charts and Graphs

Revenue by Month

To Do: Include a chart that breaks down current and/or projected sales revenue by month.

Expenses by Month

To Do: Include a detailed report of current and/or projected monthly expenses.


Source of Capital

To Do: Describe how you financed the startup of your CBD business. Did you invest your own money 100%? Did you take out a loan? Did a partner invest? Did friends & family invest? Do you have lines of credit? If all the financing details are not worked out yet, describe what you do have done. How much total debt does the company currently have?

Use of Capital

To Do: How are you going to spend your startup capital? Inventory? Labor? Equipment? Advertising? Try your best to detail how you are going to best spend the money invested in your CBD company.


Profit and Loss

To Do: Provide details of your financial forecast here.

Employees Related Expenses

Total Operating Expenses

Depreciation and Amortizations

Net Profit / Sales

Balance Sheet

To Do: Include your balance sheet here.

Other Current Assets

Total Current Assets

Total Long-Term Assets

Income Taxes Payable

Sales Taxes Payable

Total Current Liabilities

Total Owners Equity

Total Liabilities and Equity

Cash Flow Statement

To Do: Include your cash flow statement here.

Net Cash Flow From Operations

Depreciation and Amortization

Change in Accounts Receivable

Change in Inventory

Change in Accounts Payable

Change in Income Tax Payable

Change in Sales Tax Payable

Change in Prepaid Revenue

Net Cash Flow From Operations

Assets Purchased or Sold

Change in Long-term Debt

Change in Short-Term Debt

Net Cash Flow From Investing & Financing

Cash at Beginning of Period

Net Change in Cash

Cash at End of Period

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