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Microdosing CBD For Beginners

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most active and therapeutic cannabinoids found in cannabis and industrial hemp. It’s tough to know where to begin and how to measure the effectiveness of CBD on your body if you haven’t tried it, so a great way for new users to begin a healthy CBD regiment is by microdosing.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing CBD is a technique that involves taking very small amounts of cannabidiol on a regular schedule. If you’re new to CBD, then microdosing is a great way to better understand the effects of CBD on your body and we suggest trying a microdosing schedule before beginning a full CBD regiment. This helps you find a sweet-spot dose that works best for your body. Microdosing is also great for people experienced with CBD that want to reset their system and get back into their optimal therapeutic range, as we can develop a tolerance over time.

Is Microdosing a Long term Solution?

It’s important to note that microdosing isn’t always the most effective way to ingest CBD products to gain the full therapeutic effects, but it can be! It’s a great way to discover your right amount of measurable cannabidiol dosage over the course of a couple of days. After you’ve found the amount that works for you, then you can begin to take that amount once or twice per day, and continue increasing as needed.

THCA:CBD Tincture by Papa & Barkley

Microdosing with CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are typically packaged in 15-mL or 30-mL bottles and each bottle varies in terms of concentration and effects, ranging in CBD concentration from 100mg to 5000mg per bottle.

*First thing to note, there are TWO measurements happening: the liquid ML measurement of the oil, and the MG measurement of the CBD concentration within that liquid.

The key to understanding tincture dosing is noting the serving size, which is typically 1ml of oil, or one full dropper. However, many times it is .25ml or .5ml (a quarter or half of the dropper) so it’s important to read the labels! (If you’re new to CBD and are overwhelmed already, chat with our Budtenders about finding a low concentrated product to start with.)

To find the strength per serving, divide the total mg-strength of a bottle by the total number of servings. A 1000mg strength tincture in a 30-mL bottle features 30 1-mL servings of roughly 33.3mg of CBD. Luckily, most tincture droppers feature dosage measurements that make it easy for the consumer to take the right amount so just make sure to read your labels.

To microdose a tincture, it’s important to find out how many drops are in one mL of oil to determine the strength of each drop. As an example, if your dropper has 24 drops in a 1 mL serving, and each dropper full is 33mg of CBD, then one drop comes out to just about 1.4mg of CBD per drop. So, instead of taking one full dropper of 33mg of CBD at one time, instead, you ingest 2mg of CBD every hour or two to gradually feel the effects and find out the right amount for your body.

*For beginners, we suggest starting with a dose of

Low Dose CBD Mints by Breez.


Tinctures are just one method for consuming CBD. They are a great place to start because you can tailor the dose to your personal needs. However, there are many other low-dose products on the market such as mints, capsules, tablets, and even delicious treats like chocolates and gummies! Chat with our team to learn what’s best for you and the issue you are treating.

Create a Microdosing Schedule

Below is an example of how to begin your new microdosing schedule, but remember that every body is different, so listen to your body and intuition when working with the plant.

When it comes to CBD tinctures, begin with one micro-serving of CBD in hour one. After one hour has passed, take two drops of CBD oil. After the second hour has passed, take three drops of CBD oil. Continue this process until you can begin to feel the effects of your CBD oil. After you’ve found your sweet spot, add up the totals to discover the right measurement of CBD oil that works for your body.

8 am – 1 drop of CBD oil

9 am – 2 drops of CBD oil

10 am – 3 drops of CBD oil

11 am – 4 drops of CBD oil

12 pm – 5 drop of CBD oil.

After one morning of microdosing, you’ll have taken just over one half of a full dropper of CBD tincture. If you don’t feel any therapeutic effects, then continue to add drops to your schedule every hour until you’ve established the therapeutic range that works for you.

Build a Microdosing Journal

Before you begin your new microdosing regiment, it’s important to outline a schedule and give yourself a chance to take notes on how you feel after each drop of CBD oil. After you take each microdose, answer these questions in a simple notebook:

CBD Dark Chocolate by Kiva Confections

1 – What is my pain level on a scale of 1-10?

2 – How comfortable and calm am I?

3 – Am I feeling better than before I began microdosing?

4 – Is it easy to breathe?

5 – On a scale of 1 – 10, how relaxed do I feel?

By answering these questions at different dosage intervals, you can begin to track your progress and identify the therapeutic range of CBD dosage that works for you.

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Consult Your Doctor Before Beginning a New CBD Regimen

If you’re new to using CBD, it’s always best to consult your physician before beginning a new regiment. They will be able to tell you more about the specific effects of CBD and help you figure out a dosage range that works for you.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most active and therapeutic cannabinoids found in cannabis and industrial hemp. It’s tough to know where to begin and how to measure the effectiveness of CBD on your body if you haven’t tried it before, so a great way for new users to begin a healthy CBD regiment is by microdosing.

Microdosing vs High Milligrams of THC or CBD

When you consume THC or CBD, it can be helpful to microdose. Read on to learn about the benefits of microdosing vs taking higher milligrams.

A common problem that many Hemp CBD users face is they don’t know how to properly dose CBD.

That’s because they take high milligrams of Hemp CBD. This is completely unnecessary – only a little bit of Hemp CBD will get you to where you need to be.

This is why microdosing Hemp CBD is becoming a popular option. Here’s the difference between microdosing and taking high milligrams of CBD.

Consuming High Milligrams of Cannabinoids

Every Hemp cannabis strain consists of several cannabinoids. These cannabinoids affect the way you feel when taking a Hemp CBD product.

Cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, are measured in milligrams.

The concentration depends on how much CBD you’re consuming and in what method (cream, vaporizer, or edible). All of these factors will affect the potency of the CBD.

Unfortunately, measuring the cannabinoid milligrams is near impossible unless the grower, producer, or dispensary provides specific milligram amounts.

Why is it important to monitor the cannabinoid milligram content? Here are some facts to know.

The Effects

Smoking too much Hemp CBD or marijuana has dangers. Like with all medications, there are the less-than-desired side effects of marijuana and, even when using CBD. This is shocking for first-time and occasional consumers of both types.

The most famous myth of smoking too much marijuana is becoming dependent on the substance.

While marijuana isn’t considered addictive, it’s easy to habitually smoke marijuana. This builds your tolerance and takes away everything that once made cannabis pleasurable.

What about CBD? While CBD doesn’t cause the high that THC does, CBD still comes with a range of side effects.

You have a bigger risk of developing side effects when you consume more CBD than the recommended dose.

These side effects include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Lightheadedness and dizziness
  • Tremors
  • Drowsiness and sleepiness

You can avoid these side effects by taking the correct CBD dosage.

How Many Milligrams Should You Consume?

So how many milligrams should you consume? This depends on your tolerance. Here’s a general amount you should consume, by tolerance.

  • Beginner: less than 10 mg
  • Low tolerance: 10 mg
  • Experienced: less than 30 mg
  • High tolerance: 80 mg

The amount you consume depends on the strain you consume and the consumption method. Most CBD users either vaporize their CBD oil or they ingest it.

You experience the CBD effects quicker when you inhale the cannabinoid but the effects aren’t as intense.

Ingesting CBD means more of the cannabinoid absorbs in your bloodstream, creating intense effects. But the cannabinoid needs to make it through your digestive system, which is why the effects take an hour to kick in.

Most CBD oil contains around 99% CBD content. If you’re new to CBD, use only a drop or two, whether you’re ingesting it as a tincture or vaporizing it. Most manufacturers will provide dosing instructions.


Now that we better understand the effects, tolerance, and dosing, it’s time to explain microdosing. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Microdosing?

Microdosing is what it sounds like – consuming small amounts of the product per a given time-frame. This is usually consuming the lowest dose necessary to feel your desired effects, and then taking more after those effects wear off.

This helps enjoy your high while not overdoing it.

The Benefits of Microdosing

With CBD awareness, more people are using CBD as a holistic way to treat different ailments.

While CBD doesn’t cause the high that THC does, consuming too much CBD can cause you to become drowsy and even cause the side effects mentioned previously.

This is where microdosing comes in. You’re only consuming the minimum amount of CBD needed to treat your ailment. Similar to taking an aspirin.

In addition, you’re not mass-consuming CBD. This means you save your product and save money.

Microdosing CBD is preferred for beginners but advanced CBD users will also experience benefits when microdosing.

Keep in mind, the more CBD you use, the more your tolerance will increase. Don’t be alarmed if you have to increase your CBD intake.

How to Microdose

While the chart above will help you microdose, it’s important to note that everyone is different.

That’s why most recommend you start with 5 mg of CBD and consume more if you need it. Those with a higher tolerance may need as much as 10 mg as first.

The way you consume also depends on how much to take. If you’re eating an edible, eat a small amount and wait an hour to see if you can eat more.

If you’re smoking or vaping, leave a couple of minutes in-between your hits to see how you feel.

In addition, always keep the type of CBD strain in mind. While CBD hemp oil contains high amounts of CBD, medical hemp strains contain other cannabinoids aside from CBD.

Microdosing CBD Daily

Now that you know how to microdose CBD, you’re probably wondering if you can microdose CBD daily. The answer is yes, you can!

CBD doesn’t cause the unwanted high that THC does. CBD is also safe, non-toxic, and comes with very few side effects. Microdosing ensures you consume the correct CBD dosage and have few risks of side effects.

Are You Looking for Quality CBD Products?

It’s essential to take responsibility when consuming marijuana or hemp CBD products. Too much of either can result in unwanted side effects. Microdosing helps prevent both issues.

Consuming the best cannabis products also affects your experience. You’ll want to use all-natural CBD oil and well-made CBD edibles.

We make microdosing CBD easy with mints! Take a look at our store and order your CBD mints online.

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