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Ultimate CBD store guide UK

One of the biggest trends that we can observe in recent years is the strive to reunite with nature. It is especially relevant for those of us who live in fast-paced, busy, cosmopolitan cities like London. We spend long hours in offices, we walk with our kids and dogs in the nearest parks, we go to the gym or yoga studios, we go to birthday parties on weekends, but what we all often lack is the connection with nature. An overwhelming and hyperactive lifestyle of many people is not the only reason for longing to be closer to greenery. We are also becoming a lot more knowledgeable thanks to the latest technology, Google and Wikipedia. Those of us that care about health and wellness take our time reading the ingredients lists in supermarkets before choosing on what bread to buy. We often spend a lot of time online before an iHerb purchase to analyse what is the most natural sleeping remedy on the market. The new tendency to be drawn to more natural remedies, when the shorter the ingredient list, the better, paired with knowledge and scientific research led to the boom of CBD products.

Nowadays, CBD is taking over the health and wellness market worldwide. It floods grocery stores, drug stores, and online marketplaces. For those of you who have been living under a rock (just kidding, we don’t blame you – the information flow we receive on a daily basis is a lot to take in), CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in Cannabis sativa plans. Marijuana and hemp that both belong to the same Cannabaceae plant family can be used for extracting CBD with one big distinction. Marijuana is rich in THC, the psychoactive compound that induces a “high”, which is why it is often used for recreational purposes. Hemp, on the other hand, is rich in CBD, hence why it is so widely used for health and wellness products such as CBD food supplements.

You can try or buy CBD infused products literally everywhere. There are many cafes (legal, ordinary ones – shouldn’t be confused with coffeeshops in the Netherlands) that can serve coffee and tea with a few drops of CBD or offer delicious CBD infused desserts. It can also be seen in yoga or SPA centres where they offer using CBD for additional relaxation. It managed to also sink into the cosmetics industry, where consumers are able to buy CBD infused creams, lip balms, shampoos and other beauty products to nourish and enhance the quality of skin and hair. You can buy CBD oils and tinctures at gas stations, grocery stores, drug stores, and the list goes on. It is becoming as popular as vitamin C shots, drinks, capsules and edibles that are not extraordinary in any shape or form when we see them on the shelves and in juice bar menus.

While we as consumers are getting more spoiled with the choice of such products every day, and more players are entering the market, it is very important to stick to reliable brands. Even though CBD is widely available, as we’ve mentioned above, it should still be treated with caution as any wellness supplement. Think about vitamins, protein powders – the fact that they are sold everywhere doesn’t mean that you will buy them at a kiosk on the street when picking up gum and newspaper. You will most likely research what are the best brands and consult with an expert at a store, a medical specialist, nutritionist or a fitness trainer, and buy your vitamins and proteins in a specialised store. The same approach should be used when you decide to try CBD. It is always best to seek advice from a medical specialist and buy CBD from a brand that has not only substantial expertise in creating CBD products but also uses only natural ingredients. The consultants at offline stores can also provide you with some guidance and information on their range of products. Alternatively, Alphagreen is always at your disposal if you choose to do your homework online and educate yourself about what CBD is and how it should be used.

CBD is a very well-tolerated compound, and won’t cause any harm to one’s health even when consumed in large doses. However, some manufacturers that aren’t as dedicated to producing high-quality products and want to cut costs by adding cheaper synthetic ingredients put their customers at risk of adverse effects. Not only do these manufacturers rob their clients of a CBD experience, but also their money. In the best-case scenario, you might end up feeling disappointed if the product doesn’t provide effects advertised by the brand, essentially having mild to no effect at all. Worst case you might have an allergic or otherwise adverse reaction to some of the additional ingredients that have been added to the product you didn’t even know were there.

We at Alphagreen take the subject of high quality very seriously, hence why our marketplace is a strictly curated platform that only works with reputable brands. We are also very keen on educating our audience about CBD and other food supplements in order to save you time on additional research. Not only do we have a Medium blog and Academy for you to dive into some in-depth long reads, but we also provide detailed information about ingredients, clear instructions about how to use products, lab tests and certifications about every single position. The brands we feature have all been tested by third-party laboratories which ensures a high standard and complete transparency of the products’ content. High quality and responsible approach are the key elements to having a positive experience with CBD products that will enable you to get a full range of benefits cannabidiols have to offer.

While we do understand that rarely anyone has a lot of free time on hands in this fast-paced lifestyle, we have decided to create a map of the best places to buy CBD products in the United Kingdom. Our goal was to create an ultimate CBD map that will help you navigate your way through London and soon all of Great Britain, and allow you to visualise where go-to stores are located in one map. It will allow you to see if there are great places to buy or try CBD next to your office, or maybe you might find them to be in another town where you will be travelling in the nearest future. View Alphagreen as your guide, where our marketplace covers the online market, and our ultimate CBD UK map pinpoints all the best offline stores where you are guaranteed to find high-quality CBD products. If you want to go an extra mile, you can do your research online, note down the products you are most interested in and pop in the shops where they are sold on site. That way, you can chat with the consultants and perhaps even try some of the products before making a purchase.

There is a stigma that capitals have the best of everything when it comes to commerce. They surely do have the most variety of goods and services, but it does not mean that there are no stores of any lesser quality in other cities. While many reputable brands have flagship stores in London, being the most populated city in the UK, there are also many niche brands or branches or established companies in Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield or Liverpool.

Whether you are completely new to the CBD world or an experienced user, we got your back. Here, at Alphagreen will always be something new for you to learn. Make sure to explore the CBD stores in your area, educate yourself further, try out new products, and we will be happy to be of help to facilitate your experience.

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