cbd flower shops schenectady ny

Cbd flower shops schenectady ny

Green Leaf Wellness Co. is on the cutting edge of the CBD Industry and we only sell the Highest Quality, Medical Grade, 3rd Party Laboratory Tested, American Grown, Organic, and Safely Extracted CBD on the planet. You can visit us in Schenectady N.Y. today or shop online to purchase our industry leading CBD products.

All of our CBD products are legal, safe, effective and in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill in regard to Delta-9 THC percentages being

Safe, Natural, and Reliable.

We only work with industry leaders that have proven track records.

Whether you are interested in Charlotte’s Web CBD which just made history as the first Hemp Plant to ever be issued a US Patent, Green Roads CBD which ever single product is formulated by a Pharmacist with no less than 20 years experience, or Desert Azee CBD which is our flagship brand that all of our rapid growth is built on and is owned by Pamela Donner who was just named the 12th most powerful woman in the cannabis industry, every single CBD product that we offer is:

  • Safely Extracted without the use of dangerous chemicals
  • Third-party lab tested to ensure quality and consistency
  • American grown with pride
  • Highly rated by our loyal customers
  • Organic Quality, Integrity, and Knowledge continue to set us apart from the competition. Visit our CBD Clinic in Schenectady, New York for an experience to be had, in an environment like none other.

Green Leaf Wellness Co. carries high quality CBD products including CBD oil, tinctures, dog treats, flower & more! (518) 372-5829

The Highest Quality American Grown CBD Flower on the Planet

Call for Pricing and availability, as we are in and out of harvest strains are subject to change.

We only work with the best Hemp Farmers in the USA. We have 2 Grows in Oregon which is known world wide for its amazing vitamin rich soil and they produce some amazing Hemp Buds that will amaze you with quality and potency never before seen out of Hemp Flower. Our California Grow is family owned by 3rd Generation Farmers that have a passion for growing amazing flower. The dad and grand-dad are still involved in the day to day operation and they grow their Hemp Flower with the same perfectionist mentality and strict standards that has kept them in business for generations. Our Colorado Grow is also outstanding, a husband and wife team that have been in the industry for decades and are known nationwide for their potent Hemp Flower. This isn’t your daddy’s old rope making Hemp, we guarantee that you have never seen Hemp like this before so frosty and covered in trichomes that pack a CBD punch! We are grateful to the U.S. Government for loosing up their laws on Cannabis Products such as CBD. It is a great time to be alive and millions of people now have another viable option for relief instead of turning to Opioids and NSAID’s, and for that we are eternally grateful!

Hemp Nirvana Produced by breeding ACDC with Early Resin Berry.

ACDC is the famous Carnatopic phenotype that helped revolutionize west coast CBD production. She is the backbone of many high CBD crosses due to her availability, high resin content, and strong terpenes.

Early Resin Berry (ERB):

This plant has been under development for several years and was inbred repeatedly to lock – in three very specific, true breeding traits that are always passed on to progeny. (1) early flower initiation, (2) complex sweet berry flavor nectar, and (3) high resin and terpene content.

ERB flowers and fan leaves are coated in large, extremely sticky tricones that are tacky to the touch. Capynes are large with purple tingen regardless of temperature, and are complicated by fire-orange pistils.

The terpene profile is a complex sweet, citrus – berry smell that leaves your mouth watering, the CBD to THC ratios above 20:1.

Final Product:
This is a very powerful strain that will easily be on of our most popular, a must try for any hemp flower fan. This strain is from a sister-farm according to our strict quality standards. Get some while it lasts.

This strain is FIRE and a note of caution, a little goes a long way.

This flower was bred for an extremely high oil content hemp plant with dense, weghty flowers. after the initial cross (Special Sauce mom to a very high content, new world Maze line), the target was hit after 3 additional generations of inbreeding and careful selection to remove unwanted chemotypes and phenotypes.

The resulting mom carries a farnesene dominant terpene profile, has incredible vegetable vigor and grows like a bush with rock-hard flowers. The resulting cross of SH5O and ERB (Early resin Berry) gives us Lifter (in homage to the famous heirloom tomato, Mortgage Lifter).

The flavor is sweet funk, with some hints of fuel! This is a very flavorful strain and will go down as one of our best sellers. Get some while it lasts. Lifter is a perfect name for more reasons than one. Whenever you need a lift, make sure you have some heavy lifter at hand.

This strain is extremely dense in terpenes and was one of our first greenhouse strain of 2018-2019 Harvest. The 2019 -2020 Harvest was just as powerful and It is hard to put into words how pungent, flavorful, and beautiful this flower is. It has an extremely powerful smell as well as some of the most powerful effects of any hemp flower we have ever tried. Simply put, this will change your perception regarding hemp flower.

Terpene Profile:
This strain has an intoxicating terpene profile. It has a complex profile with a mix of complex sweet berry and pine flavor notes. Hoppy and piney notes with hints of citrus.
(Suver #8 x ERB)
This strain has similar genetics Special Sauce and looks very similar. If you enjoyed special Sauce, you will love this stain.

SUVER: special Sauce x Neville’s Haze: The Suver #8 mom has the most unique and intoxicating terpene profile we’ve smelled in a CBD line.

Suver Haze is a very special variety. after crossing our “Special Sauce” mom with our select (THC) Neville’s Haze male in 2015, an open pollination was conducted with 40 F1 siblings. When the resulting F2 seeds were grown out and chemotyped, only plant out of 72 females in the test grow was a type III hemp plant (

25% should have been). After flowering her in greenhouses this past summer for the first time, she moved from “special” to “legend” status.

ERB: Early Resin Berry: (1) complex sweet berry flavor notes, and (2) high resin and terpene content.

Our “early series” varieties all share the same (reversed) pollen donor: we call her “ERB”, which is short for “Early Resin Berry”. ERB flowers and fan leaves are coasted in large, extremely sticky trichomes that are tacky to the touch. Calyxes are large with purple tinges regardless of temperature, and are completed by fire-orange pistils. The terpene profile is a complex sweet, citrus-berry smell that leaves your mouth watering. CBD to THC ratios above 20:1. Hand trimmed Platinum cut!

We carry the Highest Quality American Grown CBD Flower on the Planet. Visit our CBD store to see how we live up to the hype!