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Hemp Clones and Transplants

CBD Hemp Clone Strains

  • Special Sauce

Orders will be taken in a first come first serve basis. Those cuttings will be rooted and ready for pick up or delivery 3-4 weeks after the order is confirmed (6 weeks for 6” pots). We will provide all third-party test results concerning the potency profile of each strain and our current state licenses. Only quality rooted clones that are hardened off before delivery. Book a farm visit today!

CBD HEMP CLONES – 50 Plug Trays (Minimum 20 Trays)
20-40 Trays: $4.00 per plug
40+ Trays: $3.50 per plug
6″ Potted Clones Per Unit
Starting at $10.00 each
  • Rapid Strong Roots
  • Self Supportive Plant Structure
  • High Yielding Phenotypes
  • Large distributer Network guarantees clone freshness

Central Greens offers guidance not only on genetic selection, transplanting, fertilization, lab testing, but also in field visits for problem consultations and pest management. We are farmers, we want to help our fellow farmers find ways to manage their crops without expensive cannabis marketed products or unnecessary expenses targeted by product manufacturers.

Central Greens provides more than just clones, lab testing and genetics research, we provide what we learn to our farmers. With help from the genetics company your farm can make more accurate projections on yields, and Cannabinoid content. With consistently higher CBD content than comparable varieties.

We also offer individual farmer consulting meetings to help educate farmers what processes or products they can produce, and how to legally. Appointments for consulting are booked a few weeks in advance unless there is available cancellation dates. Please determine what you would like to focus on first, and then design your appointment around that topic. The industry is so wide, the number one mistake we see clients make is that they budget for one hour and lose track of the main objective of the meeting.

We provide all third-party test results concerning the potency profile of each hemp clone strain and our current licenses. Call today at 414-313-6448. ]]>