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Coffeeshops & Cannabis Guide

UPDATE 16-10-2020

According to the latest covid-19 measures , coffee shops may only be open for take-awayt. All Coffeeshops will also have to close at 8 p.m.

To enter a coffee shop in the Netherlands you need to be 18+ and show any time your pasport or ID card. (don’t be surprised they also ask for it when you are 65+) Tourists or foreigners are welcome in most cities, except some cities around the border with Belgium or Germany.

Maastricht, Breda for exemple refuse tourists to avoid drug tourism. There you only can enter if you are a dutch citizen or live in Holland temporarely for work or study.

Coffeeshops by City:

Just click on your favorit place in The Netherlands to see wich coffeeshops there are and read the comments about cannabis strains prices and more. If you have been in one of these coffeeshops, please help us and share your opinion, thanks!

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