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Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Weed

With the movement of legalizing weed in full effect, more and more varieties of weed are becoming mainstream. There are candies, ingestible oils, and liquid weed.

Liquid weed may not be the newest form of cannabis available today but there are some distinct reasons why smokers prefer it over the traditional stuff. For starters, it’s very discreet.

When vaped, a colorless smoke is produced. The smoke is virtually odorless so it’s great for inhaling without letting everyone know you’re doing it.

It’s a convenient way to get your fix while being unobtrusive. But what is it composed of?

We’ll take you through everything from how it’s made to why it is worth it (or not). Ready to find out? Let’s get into it!

What is Liquid Weed?

Known by many other names, liquid marijuana is growing in popularity. Since its fame, there’s been a growing need for vape pens as well.

Liquid marijuana is a tincture. A tincture is a fancy word for meaning it’s dissolved in alcohol. This allows the substance to release its active ingredient.

The most common type is liquid THC. This type contains the psychoactive particles that give a person a high. For those looking to not feel the effect of one, there is liquid CBD, which is non-psychoactive.

How is it Made?

There’s a wide array of methods used to create liquid weed. Many follow the same procedures as the most traditional method, the room-temperature technique.

The room-temperature technique is comparable to brewing a pitcher of tea. But instead of using water, it’s replaced with a high proof alcohol. This ensures the potency will be strong.

Before adding the alcohol into a glass jar, you’ll want to decarboxylate the cannabis leaf. This process allows the cannabinoids located in the molecules of the leaf to be extracted. Without this process, you won’t receive the benefits of marijuana.

You don’t need any fancy equipment in order to do this, just an oven. The important thing to keep in mind is that the leaf can be damaged in the procedure if not careful. It’s more than just a burnt leaf; the THC becomes ineffective.

A good temperature is one that is kept below 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above that will compromise the leaf.

Once it’s decarbed, it’s then placed inside a jar with alcohol. It’s shaken and placed in a dark area to prevent the sun from spoiling it.

It Takes Time

This process is by far the easiest as it can be done from home but it does take at least two months and needs constant supervision. The mixture can be left alone for the duration of time but you need to make sure the area doesn’t receive even the slightest amount of sunlight.

Once it’s done, strain through a cheesecloth and preserve the rest in a bottle.

Another method is the cold technique. It’s done the exact same way except you’ll need to grind the leaf into small pieces and freeze it along with a bottle of alcohol.

Once frozen, you can transfer the cannabis particles into a glass jar along with the alcohol. It needs to be shaken every three hours for a total of two days. Once the steps are completed within that time period, it’s ready to be strained and enjoyed.

How Does it Affect The Body and Mind?

Now that you know a couple of ways to create your own liquid weed, let’s go over its effects. Since it’s liquid, it’s more concentrated.

As with anything else that’s concentrated, it means its potency is stronger. It affects the body and mind the same as normal cannabis does but the effects of it hit you harder in a shorter amount of time.

When drops of liquid weed are placed under the tongue, the effects are almost immediately. When vaped, it can take a little bit of time to become apparent. If that happens, don’t consume more.

Why? Consuming too much liquid THC can be dangerous. THC is the only ingredient left in the weed once it’s been through the decarbing and tincture process.

CBD, which decreases the feeling of nausea and confusion, is non-existent unless you get weed that has it as the primary ingredient. THC, as mentioned before, is psychoactive. With it being liquid, the psychoactive properties are more potent, giving a stronger high.

Inexperienced weed smokers should be wary when consuming it as it can result in fainting or extreme cases of paranoia. For those who are avid smokers, if you don’t feel the full effects the first time, wait until you try it again to add another drop.

The Dangers of Liquid Weed

Since it is highly concentrated, too much can be a bad thing. When misused, it can render the user unconscious or experience bad anxiety.

Other consequences are more than just a bad trip. Some users also experience psychosis, which can cause physical damage to the brain. Psychosis means you have a distorted sense of reality.

The reason for all of this is because of the high amount of THC. Cannabis that hasn’t been turned into liquid only contains 20% of THC. Liquid weed, on the other hand, contains 90% of THC.

You’re not only getting a stronger high but it can result in injury due to the effects. The psychoactive ingredient is so concentrated that it causes a slow reaction time, difficulty concentrating and a faster heartbeat.

If you’re not into smoking weed for the high but rather the medicinal properties, you’ll want to opt for a liquid weed that contains more CBD than THC. CBD doesn’t induce a high but rather gives you all the healing and relaxing benefits that marijuana has to offer.

Wrapping Up

Liquid weed is great when handled properly. Those looking for a fast and good high will certainly receive it. Those who decide to misuse it or who don’t read up on it can come across daunting results.

For those looking to experience CBD liquid marijuana, we have all you need. We supply everything from the vape pens to the liquid itself.

It can be used with regular electronic cigarettes so try our Dark Side of The Moon flavor today!

What exactly is liquid weed? How’s it made? Is it okay to consume? Click here to have all of your questions about liquid weed answered.

Cannabis liquid drops

Happy Valley’s Pure THC Tincture is made with our high quality THC distillate oil and flavorless coconut-derived MCT oil. These THC drops are discreet, easy to consume, and offer enhanced cannabinoid absorption rates. Happy Valley tinctures are always sugar-free and hypoallergenic. Our commitment to purity is a difference you can taste

Tincture Dosing

To assist with proper dosing, refer to the graphic below. Using they dropper provided, .25 mL is equal to 5MG of THC. Always start low and slow to determine how your body will react then increase dosage as needed. Be sure to check the package label and instructions for accuracy.

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